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  1. I have always had an intense love of webcam/directed spankings going back to my highschool experiences- still interested? Let's chat

  2. AMEN!!!!!!!!!! Beautifully written. This should be its on separate page of "tips and tricks" ❤️
  3. What I would give to be that girl whose panties have just been pulled down by her mother & just about to go over her mother's lap for a well deserved, good, hard spanking. Are there any female spankers out there who spank naughty girls??? Please reach out if so!!
  4. I tried to send this in a private message and it said you cannot receive PM's... I hope this is not too forward to post publicly....

    I LOVE what you wrote on your profile.... I realize my screen name is aligned with my current desires- I created this account years ago and as I have grown and explored this realm and learned so much more about myself I have found a craving for female spankers that runs so deep.  Furthermore, a craving for being spanked by a female in the way you describe- an emotional experience and even a maternal disciplinary experience.  

    You seem like an incredibly interesting person so I would absolutely love to chat and learn more if you are interested!

    xo, Caroline

  5. I have been an active member of this lifestyle for years and am aching to an experience being spanked by a female. It has been rather difficult to find for some reason. Any tips?? (I am also female)...
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