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  1. What’s the first thing you want to do after we are able to get back to more normal lives? Or what’s the first thing you are spanking with or being spanked by? Two words: Lexan Paddle
  2. Miss!!!! So next time you do sign in there will be a message from me.... message 50 of 351...

  3. I’ve been on her for a while. At some point I stopped signing in for a while. When I returned, I was two years younger. Anyone else find this to be true?
  4. They never last quite long enough do they...
  5. I find myself with a collection of implements, brushes paddles, canes, belts... everything you can imagine... Even if I tend to use the same few things I find myself wanting to collect more. what is everyone’s favorite/least favorite toys?
  6. You wait too long and someone you don’t want will be up, awake and crying. goodluck
  7. I read that any my two thoughts are: DON’T GET MY CAR, and don’t do both because if you get banned from my house the only place we’d have left would be my glittery car
  8. It’s never too soon, you never know when the opportunity will present itself, I’d hate to have not been a brat when it occurs. #glitterbomb
  9. And so it starts again, as soon as I can sit comfortably it’s time to start pressing buttons again and start pressing my luck.
  10. I’m was busy not floating away.... I shall brat to the best of my ability 


    You can always 

    Count on me



    1. Bha


      Looking forward to seeing the response 😉

    2. aust0226ap


      A picutre will be posted 🤗

  11. How did your spanking go?

    1. aust0226ap


      Pretty well if I do say so myself 🤗💜 ps jim i totally logged on here just to see if you left some bratty post to push buttons, guess I did well enough since I see no bratting ? 

    2. SpankmeOTKRon


      I'm envious. Nice to hear.

  12. I’m getting spanked Wednesday and it can’t get here fast enough.
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