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  1. On 9/6/2022 at 2:15 PM, mikeae102754 said:

    Years ago in the High Fashion industry a model I used quite often was always coming in late for photo shoots for the ads we used to include in our store charge statements. 

    After the fourth time being late, I called her agent and told her agent that this was the last time I would use her and did her agent (also a women) have a replacement. Her agent said, the model I was using was her best model and that I could go ahead and use whatever punishment I choose. She finally arrived, without an apology, and went into the dressing room. 

    I walked in a few seconds later and asked her why she was late. She never said a word. I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to a chair and spanked the daylights out of her. She was never late again. 

    no doubt that's a spanking fantasy for many spankers... certainly it is for me, but as many have said, I can't believe that one could get pulled off 'safely' and without a ton of risk involved...  (jealous!)...   so when you spanked this woman, was it on the bare? from the sounds of it, you just hauled her over your lap and started spanking, but did any of this involve flipping her skirt/dress up or pulling her pants down and pulling her panties down?   wat kind of resistance did she put up at any part of the spanking? or what was her reaction after she got spanked? 

  2. seems like I need to bump this thread to the top of the list  :)  as I find it a fun one to comment on and see others' thoughts

    so this just in (and don't confuse me with the details and facts, cause I'm sure she did nothing wrong), but Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin was caught on video at some nightclub recently, where drugs were supposedly being used, and she did some sexy dancing with a guy not her husband. Of course I'm going to argue that this very pretty, 36-year old MILF should have known better than to put herself in that situation, and therefore deserves a good, sound, skirts up, panties down, bare bottom spanking...  perhaps right there in the club.. in front of all the amused patrons...  and to be filmed of course!   

  3. sounds absolutely delightful!!!  I would love to be that lucky hiker that happens to stumble across you..  being 100% spanko, I'd easily recognize the situation as one where you, a naughty young woman, is SO richly and deservingly being spanked on her bare bottom right out here in the wide open air of our campsite...   . and even though you've given your 'consent' to this spanking (you know you deserve it and need it!), you are hating it, not enjoy it (yet) and are deeply shocked and embarrassed that I've stumbled upon you like this...   none the less, your spanker, knowingly  looks up at me, gives me an approving nod to watch, and continues to spank the naughty brattyness out of your cute blushing cheeks with re-newed vigor....   ah to dream!!




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  4. On 7/16/2022 at 5:18 AM, MarinaX said:

    I am fantasizing about being spanked outside, on the beach… with a possibility of someone seeing that. 

    oh wow!!!   a grown woman...  at your age!!!... bikini bottoms down at your ankles, laying over someones lap on what you thought was a secluded area of the beach... getting your bare bottom spanked (!!)..  who is it that might stumble upon you?  someone you know? some young men or late teenagers? another couple?   how deliciously and royally emBARE ASSing that would be  :)

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  5. 6 hours ago, GonnaGetIt said:

    I've been spanked in the car in a parking garage and spanked on the side of the road (but a very hidden area). There's a good chance someone has heard one of my hotel spankings. I would never do anything in front of people who had not consented to it - so no full public. I have been embarrassed when we bought a big wooden spoon at a market and spanking comments were made by the cashier and my partner...

    I think it would be veryyyy effective for me to get my bare butt whooped in front of witnesses/an audience/consenting friends though. My face would be as red as my behind. One day..

    yup...  I imagine so!  I had an experience of witnessing a spanking once, where the spankee was soooo embarrassed that I had somehow managed to witness it (or a part of it)... indeed all four of her cheeks were blushing furiously...   got to admit though it was nice to see, and am sure it had extra impact!

  6. 6 hours ago, Crimsonfanny17 said:

    I have always fantasized about being spanked immediately following misbehavior. Taken by the arm, pants and panties pulled down, thrown over the knee, bare bottom high in the air as hard spanks rain down on it. A harsh rebuke of the naughtiness I have just exhibited. Spanked until my bottom is cherry red and I am begging for forgiveness. It stops as abruptly as it started, taken by the arm and deposited in the corner, bare bottom burning on display, thinking about my behavior. “Don’t you dare rub, or you will be back over my knee for the hairbrush” the order comes from behind me, two hard swats to my well spanked Fanny emphasize your point. “Yes sir” I answer, knowing full well I have earned this punishment and secretly feeling happy/loved that you so willingly and effectively take me in hand. 

    oh my!    and would this "on the spot spanking" fantasy extend to include having your naughty rear end bared and spanked in front of whoever else might be present at the time?  I always think that's a 'powerful' motivator and enhances ALL the emotions of a spanking 

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  7. lol...nice...  one great F/M spanking scenario I read about (am sure it wasn't true) was of a husband or bf getting pulled over for speeding by a female police officer... his wife/gf was furious that he had been speeding and told the officer she was telling him to slow down, but he wouldn't listen.. she pleaded though for the officer not to ticket him, and said she'd deal with it at home by giving him a sound spanking on his bare bottom...  the intrigued female officer chuckled and said 'why wait til you get home, and not just do it here and now?'...  next thing he knows, he's standing by the passenger backseat door, getting his pants pulled down by the angry wife/gf as the police officer looks on with a smile...  then over her knee for a sound spanking..  LOL    as I said, I doubt it happened for real, but while at it, why not have him come out and stand with his hands on the car roof while the police officer uses her belt on his rear end to sear the lesson home as well  :)      my guess is there are some counties in the US where such a thing may still fly   LOL

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  8. On 4/20/2022 at 10:06 PM, Painter said:

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoy hearing the stories of experiences regarding the awakening.... and Rude Rumps I couldn't help but laugh when you wrote "

    Books, films, tv, plays, we observed when we were young and their lasting effects.

    The thrill , the confusion, the embarrassment. I have never seen Kiss Me, Kate, but now I will.

    Same here... thank you all for sharing!  and Rude Rumps, I couldn't help but laugh when reading what you wrote..  "but then suddenly there was a spanking!! In 3d!! I was riveted... then of course I got very embarrassed...I was convinced EVERYONE in the theater saw how I reacted"  LOL     I think we all feel (felt) that way whenever the S word was heard in public!!

  9. hmmmm...  sounds like a huge lost opportunity...  he should have offered to spare her modesty by spanking her in private...and then coerced her into taking it on the bare bottom   .. which after all is the true definition of a real spanking

  10. 12 hours ago, LynnMorris said:

    I hate to admit it but I know I would be a much better and efficient employee if I knew I'd be taken over my bosses knee for each and every mistake or policy violation and my bare bottom harshly spanked. It would be even more effective if I had to go stand in the corner afterward with my skirt up and panties down. 

    wow!  ...  that is a deliciously lovely image Lynn

  11. ...   please share with us, one (or two or all three!) of the following:

    1) What types of things/people/places/words etc... did you experience that caused you the most embarrassment as you were about to be spanked, were being spanked, or in the aftermath of the spanking?

    2) What scenarios or aspects (i.e. things/people/places/words..etc...) do you think would cause you the most embarrassment? and/or

    3) What were the aspects of a spanking you witnessed or read about that you thought were 'cringe-worthy' or 'exciting' (depending on your perspective) that caused major embarrassment to someone or some group of people (most likely to the person(s) being spanked!)?


    I'll start out by answering #3. As several of you may know, I once accidentally walked in on a mom giving her very pretty daughter, a high-school senior who I had a huge crush on, a bare bottom spanking over her knee. I was several years younger than this girl, and when she looked up and saw me standing there wide-eyed watching her being spanked, the look of horror and embarrassment as she turned beet red was priceless and something I'll never forget. I credit that event with being my first spanking experience and what likely sparked my interest in the subject. So its no surprise that for #2 I would put being spanked in front of someone you know (for me someone of the opposite sex), and someone you flirt with or know in a fun-friendship (non-sexual) way. It might also be being spanked in front of someone you really dislike (like a bitchy female neighbor or co-worker who sports an evil ear-to-ear grin as she relishes what she's about to witness), and for women I can imagine that being spanked in front of a female nemesis would be super embarrassing.  For you ladies who may enjoy the thought of seeing a guy embarrassed and spanked, I'm reminded of a few F/M stories where the guy was very embarrassed (and I don't blame him!).. such as 40-ish yr old male boss/business owner being surprised on his birthday with a paddle from his younger all-female staff, and ends up with his pants at his ankles getting a bare bottom birthday spanking from all of them... or a male college senior getting caught by his (platonic) female roommate's mom with a F/M spanking mag and ends up submitting to getting his first-ever spanking over the pretty mom's knee, and in the middle of it, the female roommate and her girlfriend accidentally walk in on them ("OMG Mom what are you doing?!?" giggles the shocked female roommate as she and her girlfriend suppress their giggles and laughter), and the spanking and ensuing cornertime proceeded in full view of the smiling girls.  On that note, I cant imagine doing cornertime with your freshly spanked bottom on full moon display counting down the minutes (which cant pass fast enough) until you are done, and dreading that your spankers girlfriends who are due over any minute, don't suddenly open the door!     And finally on a tamer note (and this has been debated on this site before, but 'bare' with me) to hear my female partner teasingly (and in good fun) tell the pretty female waitress I've been flirting with that I've earned a good 'pants down trip across her knee" when we get home. Shopping with a female friend for a leather belt or a wooden spoon and having her say something witty to the checkout salesgirl that I have a spanking coming when we get home would be right up there too.  Delicious and fun.... no harm done, and would all make for wonderful memories for everyone involved in any of these scenarios....   I bet years down the road even the spankee will see it as such!  Let's hear yours please!   :)


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  12. a woman in a skirt...  especially a pencil skirt... also a woman on the beach wearing a full bikini bottom (not a thong, and not  a grandma's panties bottom), just a full on bottom strategically covering a shapely bum... and imaging if a rogue crashing wave were to yank those flimsy bottoms down to her knees...would we treated to the site of a full, lilly-white, bare moon? or one that is nicely reddened and may have some red stripes nicely kissed onto those cheeks?      also I agree with the 'belt' images... especially when catching someone at airport security pulling their belt off... or a woman holding a hairbrush or brushing her hair

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  13. I think it is hot all around...  whether giving, receiving (I imagine), or just watching... no doubt it adds an extra level of intensity to the whole episode.. watching can be done in silence, or with verbal participation as needed...  corner time done with the spanker and the witness discussing the spanking and the wonderful view on display definitely adds to the excitement imho

  14. My answer is a bit different.  I'm a spanking switch but have never been spanked. Somewhere along the way while spanking women, I started to get curious about being spanked. My curiosity grew to where it was more than just that, but it hasnt happened yet. I simultaneously really enjoy the excitement it gives me when thinking about any one of the many pretty women I know putting me over their knee, but also I 'd be absolutely mortified if that were to happen (although I fantasize that it would). No sex..just me bare bottomed over their knee and getting spanked  (birthday surprise? lost a bet? ..something like that).   Anyway, it has become quite a haunting fantasy.  In lieu of that, I have tried self-spanking with a hairbrush and a spanking leather paddle on occasion. wow! it hurts a lot more than I thought!    One time I was in my garage with the door halfway open, and a bunch of boxes placed in a way that no one could see in, but through the gap between the door panels I could see outside. I was alone in the house, and started to get a spanking urge, for some reason, and next thing I knew, I saw that a neighborhood mom, who is extremely attractive (and can spank me anytime!) was outside adjacent to my house in her yoga pants playing with her dog. I feel a bit foolish and guilty saying this, but I went inside, grabbed the leather paddle and went back to the garage. Peered through the gap out toward the park where she was about 30-40 feet away with her back to me. My heart was pounding out of fear of somehow getting caught, but also from the thrill of it all. I pulled my pants down -imaging that I was standing in front of her and following her orders to "pull down your pants" and then red-faced placed over her lap. I knew I only had about 2 'spanks' to give to myself (as I didnt want it to be obvious what the noise was), so wound up and delivered two hard spanks CRACK - CRACK in quick succession, one to each cheek. It was nerve wracking and exciting to feel the sting in my rear end and see her head snap around toward the door to see what that noise was.  I have no idea if she thought "hey, that sounds like someone getting spanked!" LOL  probably not, but it was fun to see her reaction and put myself on that edge of where I might have been caught... or at least fantasized that she did catch me... (and finish the deed herself!)

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  15. the first time I spanked a female was when I was 20 and spanked my 19 year old girlfriend... I first witnessed a very exciting spanking of a girl several years older than me when I was 12, so from 12-20 I was fantasizing about spanking every pretty girl at school (!) but knew it would never happen   LOL     when I finally did get a chance, it was because my gf and I were laying in bed on a lazy Sat morning and suddenly she wanted to grab something on the bedside table on my side. .instead of asking me to hand it to her, she just propped up and reached across me to get it...  essentially put herself over my lap as I was sitting up in bed, and the only thing she had on was a short t-shirt which rode up from her waist leaving her laying over me, with her 2 wonderfully peachy cheeks just staring me in the face...  well about 4million years of evolution took over at that point, and whats a red-blooded horny guy going to do (!)...  I knew instantly I had no more than a second to act, so wrapped my left arm around her waist and rained down a series of quick sharp (but not too hard) spanks... she 'freaked', "omg.. what are you doing?"... but as much in shock and OMG laughter as she tried to escape, which just made me want to spank her more and harder...  which I did, but also only had it last couple seconds...   after I let go, we were both breathing heavily and it totally put us in the mood... later though she did tell me that those last spanks were WAY too hard for her, and had I not let her up, it could have gone south fast..  but in my fantasy world (and the spanking I witnessed) the girl was able to take a very good hard spanking... in reality (both with this girl and the next one I spanked), I found my eagerness took over and I was spanking too hard too soon...

  16. hi Paintbylight!   And welcome to the forum!!  I hope you find it to be a fun, safe and exciting place to visit and correspond with people who share your interests! :)

    Wow.. what an interesting fascination you bring up.  Do you have any personal experience with this yourself or is it more a fantasy? I imagine if you self-spank then you might very well have those fantasy thoughts (of someone catching you) going though your head. Do you have any people in particular you'd like to have cacth you? I don't have any stories to share, but love you bringing up this topic.  I'm a switch, but in reality have only spanked female bottoms while being spanked has long been an intriguing thought. I've not ever self-spanked either, other than a few swats to 'see what it feels' like... but maybe on one of those occasions I should be hoping for the pretty neighbor lady or one of my wife's girlfriends to catch me!  LOL 

  17. great birthday spanking pics Laura!  but I'm a traditional spanker that believes its not a real spanking unless its on the bare... (fully bare, no thongs allowed either, even though the cheeks might be bare)

    I've given a few OTK birthday spankings to a gf in bed, and occasionally have had my butt swatted a couple times too, but when I think of the real kind of birthday spanking I'd like to give and watch (and ok maybe receive too), it would involve at a party with friends IN FRONT OF everyone. And while it might start on one's clothes, eventually the pants come down, or the skirt or dress is hiked up, and the underpants or panties are pulled down to fully bare the bottom - maybe for the 2nd half of the spanking or for the last ten spanks and 'one to grow on'.  I cant imagine that even people who aren't spankos (or realize that they are) wouldn't whoop it up and cheer as the birthday boy or girl gets spanked, and the chorus of laughter and cheers picks up when the bottom gets fully bared.  Tame, harmless, super fun, and a great memory (photos should not be allowed though). It would make for a great tradition amongst a group of good friends, and everyone's modesty gets spared (bum gets bared while OTK.. and its up to you to keep your legs together!).  I remember a version of a story where the birthday guy had a stripper-dancer come to his party. Danced and stripped down to a g-string and pasties, but then used a scarf to tie him to the chair and used his belt to lightly spank him over his pants. Ultimately things got crazy and all his drunk friends and their girlfriends and wives especially started cheering and calling for her to 'pull his pants down'. She pulled his pants down, then had him over her lap for some hand spanks to his boxers, and ultimately she (or maybe a bevy of his female friends) pulled his boxers down and she spanked his bare cheeks for the last few. YA, pretty embarrassing I'm sure, but tame fun, and then you'd have all their birthday's to look forward to.



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  18. as a joke, I wish I had gotten a female friend or gf to wear a shirt that says "I like spanking my boyfriend" and gone shopping with her to a mall and hitting several women's clothing stores..   would hang out close to her the whole time, and I'm sure we'd get a kick out of all the smirks and knowing smiles we'd get from other women...    then when we got home I'd put her over my knee, bare her bottom and spank her! 

  19. Will stick to one each although the list is very very long....

    I would spank Jennifer Anniston. Something about her persona and attitude, that screams out that this woman deserves a really hard bare bottom spanking, that leaves her kicking, screaming, crying and pleading/blubbering for it to stop. I would spank her over the knee with my hand, then bent over a sofa arm with a belt, then back OTK with a Mason Pearson hairbrush. Second to the actual pulling down of her panties and spanking those naughty deserving cheeks, would be to see the look of horror and disbelief on her face as she realizes she is going to have her bottom bared and spanked right here and now (in front of anyone who happens to be there) and there is no getting out of it.

    Elizabeth Hurley can spank me anytime.

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