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Status Updates posted by luvs2spin78

  1. hi there   and welcome to the forum!   I saw your post about how you asked some older female relatives (aunts, cousins, etc..) to spank you....    anyone of them ever take youup on it?  or what kind of recations did you get from them?

    thanks for sharing....  


  2. hello...   I just saw your name in the chat room and checked out your profile and saw you are from MA   yay!!!   love MA but live in CA now  (but still get back on occasion to visit friends)    how are you and hows your experience with the forum?   sounds from the screen name like you are quite into a 'painful' spanking or whipping  (maybe?)...  or how do you most enjoy being spanked?   am happy to share my interests too?




  3. hello SassyLou   still interested in finding a new SLC spanker?  message me please

  4. so wonderful see new female spankers joining our community...  welcome Celine!


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