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  1. lol...nice... one great F/M spanking scenario I read about (am sure it wasn't true) was of a husband or bf getting pulled over for speeding by a female police officer... his wife/gf was furious that he had been speeding and told the officer she was telling him to slow down, but he wouldn't listen.. she pleaded though for the officer not to ticket him, and said she'd deal with it at home by giving him a sound spanking on his bare bottom... the intrigued female officer chuckled and said 'why wait til you get home, and not just do it here and now?'... next thing he knows, he's standing by the passenger backseat door, getting his pants pulled down by the angry wife/gf as the police officer looks on with a smile... then over her knee for a sound spanking.. LOL as I said, I doubt it happened for real, but while at it, why not have him come out and stand with his hands on the car roof while the police officer uses her belt on his rear end to sear the lesson home as well my guess is there are some counties in the US where such a thing may still fly LOL
  2. 1) office boss/employee 2) grad school/college professor/student 3) doctor/nurse/patient
  3. Same here... thank you all for sharing! and Rude Rumps, I couldn't help but laugh when reading what you wrote.. "but then suddenly there was a spanking!! In 3d!! I was riveted... then of course I got very embarrassed...I was convinced EVERYONE in the theater saw how I reacted" LOL I think we all feel (felt) that way whenever the S word was heard in public!!
  4. hmmmm... sounds like a huge lost opportunity... he should have offered to spare her modesty by spanking her in private...and then coerced her into taking it on the bare bottom .. which after all is the true definition of a real spanking
  5. ... please share with us, one (or two or all three!) of the following: 1) What types of things/people/places/words etc... did you experience that caused you the most embarrassment as you were about to be spanked, were being spanked, or in the aftermath of the spanking? 2) What scenarios or aspects (i.e. things/people/places/words..etc...) do you think would cause you the most embarrassment? and/or 3) What were the aspects of a spanking you witnessed or read about that you thought were 'cringe-worthy' or 'exciting' (depending on your perspective) that caused major embarrassment to someone or some group of people (most likely to the person(s) being spanked!)? I'll start out by answering #3. As several of you may know, I once accidentally walked in on a mom giving her very pretty daughter, a high-school senior who I had a huge crush on, a bare bottom spanking over her knee. I was several years younger than this girl, and when she looked up and saw me standing there wide-eyed watching her being spanked, the look of horror and embarrassment as she turned beet red was priceless and something I'll never forget. I credit that event with being my first spanking experience and what likely sparked my interest in the subject. So its no surprise that for #2 I would put being spanked in front of someone you know (for me someone of the opposite sex), and someone you flirt with or know in a fun-friendship (non-sexual) way. It might also be being spanked in front of someone you really dislike (like a bitchy female neighbor or co-worker who sports an evil ear-to-ear grin as she relishes what she's about to witness), and for women I can imagine that being spanked in front of a female nemesis would be super embarrassing. For you ladies who may enjoy the thought of seeing a guy embarrassed and spanked, I'm reminded of a few F/M stories where the guy was very embarrassed (and I don't blame him!).. such as 40-ish yr old male boss/business owner being surprised on his birthday with a paddle from his younger all-female staff, and ends up with his pants at his ankles getting a bare bottom birthday spanking from all of them... or a male college senior getting caught by his (platonic) female roommate's mom with a F/M spanking mag and ends up submitting to getting his first-ever spanking over the pretty mom's knee, and in the middle of it, the female roommate and her girlfriend accidentally walk in on them ("OMG Mom what are you doing?!?" giggles the shocked female roommate as she and her girlfriend suppress their giggles and laughter), and the spanking and ensuing cornertime proceeded in full view of the smiling girls. On that note, I cant imagine doing cornertime with your freshly spanked bottom on full moon display counting down the minutes (which cant pass fast enough) until you are done, and dreading that your spankers girlfriends who are due over any minute, don't suddenly open the door! And finally on a tamer note (and this has been debated on this site before, but 'bare' with me) to hear my female partner teasingly (and in good fun) tell the pretty female waitress I've been flirting with that I've earned a good 'pants down trip across her knee" when we get home. Shopping with a female friend for a leather belt or a wooden spoon and having her say something witty to the checkout salesgirl that I have a spanking coming when we get home would be right up there too. Delicious and fun.... no harm done, and would all make for wonderful memories for everyone involved in any of these scenarios.... I bet years down the road even the spankee will see it as such! Let's hear yours please!
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