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  1. hello Moderators... THANK YOU for keeping this site clean and fun and safe to use!! Please take this as an observation and suggestion and not as criticism, but I find that the Chat Room is very slow and jerky and several items I have to re-boot or refresh the page in order to get a clean slate, as many times what I type doesnt appear on the screen... is it server related? software issue? other? just pointing it out ion case something could be done thank you!!
  2. no doubt about it.. those panties need to be yanked down
  3. Cowboy, that sounds a little far-fetched, but an very interesting thought... was this pre-planned or spontaneous? were all the bridemaids spankers, or were they as surprised as you and the other guests may have been?
  4. luvs2spin78

    Peg 2020

    thank you for sharing your lovely selfie pic... a very lovely spankable bottom indeed! I am sure it would benefit from a few angry red stripes across both cheeks delivered by a thick leather belt. The frilly bon-bons on your panties are a nice touch as well
  5. No doubt the wooden spatula seared its lesson into your cheeks in a most memorable and effective way, but I would agree with Bruisedredbottom from Florida that that kind of behavior warranted a thick wide leather belt applied repeatedly to a bent-over-the-sofa bared bottom.
  6. One instance stands out very clearly in my memory. I am not sure if it was the first that I experienced but it certainly was the most exciting and memorable. When I was 12 I accidentally stumbled across a neighborhood mom giving her oldest teenage daughter a bare bottom spanking over her lap. The fact that this girl, in my mind, was hands down the prettiest girl in the neighborhood, and probably my first secret crush (and so out of my league due to age alone, if nothing else), made it extra special.
  7. A good spaghetti!! LOL too funny
  8. My suggestion would be adding one that involves a 'daring' type of situation..."risky but safe"... exhibitionist in nature... for instance, from the spanking front getting spanked in a semi-public or public area (store dressing room, in a car at a parking lot, on a 'deserted (or not)' public hiking trail, on the balcony of a beach resort hi-rise late at night), or getting a spanking in a hotel room during a window when you know the room service attendant will show up (but you dont know exactly when and if they will hear your spanking as they knock)... a more daring version of the room service attendant would be to have your spankee doing corner time during the arrival, or even in the bathroom with the door slightly ajar displaying the results of your handiwork...
  9. Whenever I come across a question like this on a forum, it seems Jennifer Anniston always makes someones list. Haha. And why not?? She would absolutely be on my list of someone who needs a good bare bottom spanking. Lot of others I could add to the list of who I'd like to spank, but will stick to a few names that I think are fully deserving of being spanked, due to reports in the media of them being arrogant and rude people in general, or in one very specific instance. They include: Hope Solo, Ellen Degenerate, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Felicity Huffman.
  10. welcome to the forum!
  11. a couple ideas that I don't believe have been mentioned yet.. 1) during an OTK spanking, pull apart your spankee's cheeks to expose their bum hole and explain that's what you are doing, or if the spankee is lying face down on a bed or bent over a desk or the back of a sofa, instruct them to pull their own cheeks apart to give you the one-eye wink, 2) have a witness present (the ultimate!), or 3) time your spanking or cornertime to coincide roughly with when you know someone's arriving during that window - it's unknown to both of you if your visitor(s) will arrive at your door (or be invited in!) while the spanking is still going on (and within earshot), or while cornertime is finishing up.... up to you to decide how to proceed after that, but it will be electrifying and royally embarrassing for your spankee to think about potentially being caught in such an embarrassing situation.... a variation on this theme can easily be done in a hotel room where the spanking/cornertime is done for a set number of minutes that coincide with when room service might arrive,
  12. I love all kinds of pizza! but certainly have some very specific favorite types. On the 'clothing for my spankee' question, a favorite would be classy business attire - knee-length skirt (even a tight fitting pencil skirt that requires her to raise it to her waist while standing in front of me), high heels, and white, frilly/lacey bikini panties that fully cover her rear end. Pantyhose or stockings are wonderful too, but skirt, heels and panties are the core. Would also say that as a sapnker, I am not a fan of my spankee wearing a thong (which is going to come down anyway)... there is something very visually pleasing, and excitingly energetic to be the one to remove/lower/yank down, that last small barrier of modesty and protection from her rear end and fully bare her glorious bottom... a thong just has too much of her cheeks already exposed and deprives me (the spanker) of that pleasure.
  13. skirt up, panties down, stern spanks, all four cheeks blushing
  14. I pretty much agree with TXSeeker and your 'sleazy online bar' description, but hey, one good experience of meeting someone there (preferable with no tats or piercings, which they all seem to have... not that there's anything wrong with that, just not my cup of tea), and I'm sure I'd be saying 'its a great site'
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