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  1. I am a switch, but I will tell of this fantasy from the perspective of a woman giving me a spanking. (which sadly btw has never happened!) With my spouse being vanilla, I could only see this occurring with a woman I might know casually, distantly, and might not ever see again. Perhaps this might be an ex girlfriend (I happen to come across her in a city other than my own), or someone I meet online (also in a city far from my home that I visit very infrequently) or I'd just fantasize that this would have happened with a girlfriend from many years ago. The point is, that the spanking would
  2. Even though I list myself as having switch interests, I have never been spanked by a woman (a couple playful swats on a b-day or when getting out of the shower dont count). And although I have quite a few very attractive female friends (mostly wives of friends of ours) and would love to go over their laps for a spanking, I cant imagine how that would ever go down, and not make it weird between us, BUT..... I once read a spanking story about how two husbands went out drinking and came home too drunk, or too late or something like that, and the angry wives gave them quite an earful when they
  3. I once dated a divorced woman in her early 40's when I was in my mid-30's, and the first time I ever spanked her (she was not really a spanko) was for a 'funishment' spanking as she had complained that she had skipped work that day for not feeling well. The real story I knew though, was that she was just hung over from the prior night, and I was able to coax her into getting the spanking she deserved for doing that. It was very fun for me, and especially exciting, since even though she didn't really resist being spanked (a few words of protest... "c'mon.. you're not really going to spank me"),
  4. hiking her skirt 'down' and pulling her panties 'up' LOL
  5. hello... interesting idea! I see this thread was started in January, but has anyone actually done a cyber spanking like this? can you share the details of how it went? thanks! I have spanked many ladies in RL, but never done so via a cyberspanking... would love to try... or even switch it up and be spanked by a woman!
  6. I love it when the naughty girl instinctively tries resisting (unsuccessfully) by throwing her hand back in a vain attempt to protect her female modesty and prevent her panties from being pulled down and shamelessly exposing her rear end tsk tsk tsk.. naughty naughty those bare cheeks are going to get a good spanking now my dear!
  7. RandE I've lamented on this topic to you before, but I am really surprised at how 'non-existent' the spanko scene appears to be here in So CA.. especially LA. Maybe its CV-related, or that I just may not be traversing in the right circles, but I've been on this site and others for a few years and its been almost nil in terms of finding female spankees or spankers (I'm a 'switch' with zero spankee experience!) to chat with... let alone meet for a coffee. heeeeeelllloooo out there!!!
  8. although I have spanking switch interests, I have never been spanked and hence my answers here are all about my experience as a spanker... SPANKING SURVEY 1. Have you ever gotten spanked?: Yes 2. Are you spanked bare bottomed, over panties, or over clothes?: always ends up on the bare, but can started over her dress,skirt, pants or panties. 3. What is the best thing about being spanked?: I enjoy seeing the transformation in my spankee..going from being bratty, naughty and recalcitrant to being genuinely sorry and having her slate wiped clean. 4. What position do you get spanked
  9. I think the most embarrassing spanking one can get (especially as an adult), is to be spanked bare bottomed in front of a witness (especially of the opposite sex) I dont know how that could be pulled off in a 'punishment' spanking though, as I think once the witness 'sees' the person being spanked, its rather impossible to 'unsee' and most likely would lead them (or run the risk of leading them) to think differently about the spanked person. ("Wow.. I never knew so and so was so submissive, or I cant believe they get treated like a recalcitrant child by their spouse/lover" etc...). But a 'fu
  10. that list is very very long... and its been a question posed before I believe, but I am happy to throw in a few...probably a few of which quite 'out there' LOL spanked because they deserve it: Felicity Huffman, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Michelle Obama, Clare Crawley spanked because I'd love to spank them: Blake Lively, Lara Spencer, Erin Andrews, Charissa Thompson, Elizabeth Hurley, Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Nikki Haley
  11. WOW!! Ms. Linda!! I love that story! I could only wish I was a fellow teacher at that school Kiley, and would gladly give her a proper birthday spanking (over my lap and on the bare) every year... and then some! My 6th grade teacher, was a super cute young woman ('Christine'), who I guess was in her late 20's. She wore wonderful nice skirts and tight sweaters.. something a young lad would not forget! But I was too young to know what to fantasize about, other than I knew I enjoyed looking at her shapely female figure in those skirts and probably wishing I could see her without the s
  12. I've been an active member on this site for the last 2 years, and enjoy the chats, reading posts, exchanging stories and private messaging. Unfortunately though, as wonderful as this site is in many regards, I highly highly doubt your post ("Looking for Female Spanker") will yield you any results, or even any responses from females. Just saying. I see so many posts like yours sit idly for weeks and months, and eventually end up in the graveyard of unresponded to messages. Even the "Spanking Finder" tab on the opening screen has been "currently unavailable" for months if not years. Like I sai
  13. interesting question... just saw it now...sorry you got no replies, as I thought it could have had some great answers
  14. lovely!....of course those stretchy pants need to be pulled down... (_!_)
  15. hi Tempered Brat... I tried messaging you, but it said you cant receive messages is that on-purpose, or accidental?
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