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  1. hello Salt Lake City!! and especially a big hello to all those living there who have a spanking interest! (my guess is that would be most SLC dwellers who are on this forum!!) I am coming out to SLC next month and wanted to introduce myself and see if anyone would like to chat ahead of my visit out there. Would be great to perhaps meet up for a coffee or a hike.... best to you all! Luvs2Spin
  2. ...something tells me you are quite adept at figuring out exactly how to best apply that paddle to her rear end.... my only suggestion (requirement) would be that since it is a spanking, no matter how you start it off, that it always ends up applied to her deliciously bared bare bottom (_i_)
  3. She's just vaulted herself to the #1 spot of someone who DESERVES A VERY SEVERE AND PUBLIC BARE BOTTOM SPANKING: Felicity Huffman Outside the courtroom, the cameras roll and stream this event live in its entirety over every major broadcast station and the Internet. She is led to a raised stage where she stands facing the public - 100's who have gathered to watch. With her hands on her head, her skirt is unzipped in the back and drops effortlessly down her legs to a heaping pile by her expensive high heel shoes. Burning in shame, she feels the garment sliding down her legs and squeezes her eyes shut, hoping to erase the view of the angry (and smirking) crowd of people in front of her. The bailiff dutifully reminds her of the rules (and repercussions) that she must keep her eyes open and continue to look her crowd in the eye. Her facial cheeks are already burning - soon to be matched (and exceeded) in color by her nether ones. After her blouse is tied and tucked around her waist, her panties are unceremonious yanked down to her ankles - eliciting a collective 'gasp' from all assembled, who instantly become aware of her preferred choice of grooming. With her panties and skirt lying helplessly in a heap by her feet, justice is about to prevail, as the world watches. Despite her panties and skirt restricting her movement, she is led shuffling over to the judge who is seated ominously in a high-backed wooden chair. A few tears of defeat and shame roll down her pretty face as she mouths a meek "I'm so sorry" as she's placed over his sturdy lap. The judge starts spanking her as the crowd cheers their approval. His heavy hand connects repeatedly on to her shameless, exposed cheeks, and somewhere around the 50th spank, he begins picking up the tempo. Her sobs and wails can be heard between each "SPANK" and all four of her cheeks are now blushing furiously. The embarrassment initially stinging as severely as the spanking itself. With split-screens in place, the entire world can witness close up the changing colors of each set of her cheeks (both facial and fanny). Undeterred by her cries of remorse, the judge continues spanking her until the appropriate amount of spanks are all doled out. Afterward she is made to stand up and face her 'crowd of fans', turning slowly, a full 360-degrees to allow everyone to inspect the judge's handiwork. With her rear-end ablaze and facing the center of the crowd, she is allowed a few moments to gather her composure and attempt to rub the sting away. Despite being embarrassed beyond belief, she can not help but take these few moments to attempt to rub, squeeze, and caress away the inferno blazing away in her rear end. After a few moments, the bailiff, sharply slaps her buttocks, jolting her back to reality and drawing a chuckle from the crowd. Phase 2 of the punishment is about to commence. Led shuffling back to the awaiting judge, her knees weaken as she eyes the menacing hairbrush he holds in his right hand. Her involuntary shrieks of "nnnoooooo" and "pleeeeeaaase" are merely met with more smiles, cheers and satisfied looks from this crowd of her former fans. "Let her have it good judge!" "Don't hold back!" "Give her what she's got coming!" For what seems like the next hour to her, but is really just a few minutes, justice sears its way into her fleshy bare bum with a resounding "THWACK" with each strike from that wicked hairbrush. Her rear end is in a fiery agony as it turns a deep red-hue. Tears waterfall and cascade down her face as her pretty long hair whips around and her scissor kicking legs eventually cause her panties and skirt to go flying off her ankles. She is now fully bawling. Blubbering. Howling and unintelligibly begging for the judge to stop. Eventually the fight in her is defeated. Her bum is thoroughly thrashed, ensuring 'she won't sit down for a week'. She is helped off the judge's lap, and while still crying, sobbing, and wailing, begins her 'spank-dance' as her spanked buttocks are again displayed for the audience and the cameras to see. Still bottomless and in her high heels, Felicity is brought back to the judge's chair. This time however he is standing next to it and merely points to the seat of the chair. The third and final Phase of her spanking awaits. She kneels on the seat of the chair and rests her body over its back. Her naughty rear end is shamelessly sticking out at the audience. Despite the near hypnotic state she is now in. with her knees placed towards the edge of the left and right side of the chair's seat, she is keenly aware that her bum cheeks are parted enough so that all her womanly charms are on display for everyone to see. She is defeated and helpless, and just waiting to get through this most shameful episode. The last of her modesty shattered. At the invitation of the judge, the crowd begins to move in single file up the stage, each member having been given the task of 'finishing her off' with a stinging application of the leather tawse to her awaiting bared cheeks. Each spanker is also given the option to pat her cheeks, and give them a rub to make it 'ready' for the next one. Selfies with her peering over her shoulder are also allowed. Peeking up from under her swollen and mascara stained eyes, she looks over her shoulder as a little voice in her head screams out to her "OMG.. there have got to be 100's of people here!!!!!!" this is of course in addition to monetary fines and jail time... and oh, by the way, this goes for the other celebrity actress implicated in this scandal too.... sorry if this got carried away... started out as a 2 sentence response!!
  4. so is your wife's idea to let her adult daughter HEAR you being spanked, or WATCH you being spanked?.. or witness your corner time?... how old is the adult daughter and any idea if she already 'knows' about your spankings?
  5. hello...   I just saw your name in the chat room and checked out your profile and saw you are from MA   yay!!!   love MA but live in CA now  (but still get back on occasion to visit friends)    how are you and hows your experience with the forum?   sounds from the screen name like you are quite into a 'painful' spanking or whipping  (maybe?)...  or how do you most enjoy being spanked?   am happy to share my interests too?




  6. 1) over her knee.... clutching her skirt... hairbrush striking my cheeks 2) her lap and hairbrush, my bared bottom, her girlfriends smiling wow that was fun to come up with!!! only question now is where is she??
  7. hello SassyLou   still interested in finding a new SLC spanker?  message me please

  8. hello all... I came across a pretty neat (and FREE) piece of software online that turns text into voice. You don't need to download anything just go to the website and type in what you would like to hear read back to you. You can do entire documents (copy and paste into the dialogue box) or just type in a phrase or two at a time. Great features: it allows you to select any number of different voices and accents... and the speed at which it is read back to you. Missing feature: I haven't yet seen that allows you to change the 'tone' of the voice (i.e. stern or meek). But anyway, check it out... kind of fun! and if you care, share what 'voice' is your favorite and what you enjoy listening to them say! https://www.naturalreaders.com/online/
  9. if I'm to be the one getting spanked, then anything that my female spanker would say involving my pants... and the fact this article of clothing that symbolizes my masculine power and dignity is irreversibly on its way to being lowered or removed... my face blushes as the reality sinks in and my spanker's female friends begin to really relish in the scene unfolding before their shocked but excited and eager eyes... 1) (in a stern and no nonsense tone)... "PULL down your PANTS" 2) (to her smirking girlfriend whose about to witness my spanking)... "he may be the one who wears the pants in this relationship, but I'm the one that PULLS THEM DOWN" 3) (to our pretty waitress that I've been flirting with all night)... "well...looks like someone's in for a PANTS DOWN trip across my lap when we get home" 4) (to me but in earshot of a grinning 'Stacey')... "don't make me have to pull your big boy PANTS down right here and right now in front of Stacey'
  10. welcome welcome!!! and thank you for such a wonderful introductory post
  11. so wonderful see new female spankers joining our community...  welcome Celine!


  12. just as the subject line says... I have never had this happen before (and a part of me cringes with butterflies and nerves of how embarrassing it may be), but I would like to be in a situation where a woman takes me in hand, pulls down my pants and gives me a good bare bottom spanking in front of her shocked but smiling and appreciative girlfriends. No Sex - Just Spanking. No over the top whipping and humiliation, just teasing and fun.. that leaves me very emBARE ASSed, and ALL FOUR of my cheeks blushing to the delight of my female witnesses. Located in Southern CA with occasional trips to the Northeast, Las Vegas, Chicago and Washington DC. Perhaps a little fun entertainment for you before a girls night out, or at a bachelorette party, a Vegas get together, or where the birthday girl's gift is to GIVE a handsome guy a spanking, or a new divorcee gets to 'take out her frustrations' on a guy's bare behind. Age range can vary as wide as 20-60 but with a sweetspot of ~25-45 (my age or younger). No pictures please, women only, (although am open to maybe having a guy or 2 there in an adjacent room if it makes you feel more comfortable)... just be fun, flirty and respectful. (Me: fun seeking, adventurous, polite, athletic & outdoors-type, white collar professional, DDF and great sense of humor... wouldn't I have to have one in order to suggest this?!)
  13. Got to admit I'd love to have a pretty lady a little older than me (perhaps 45-59) pull my pants down, put me over her knee and give me a stern bare bottom spanking.... in front of several of her equally pretty lady friends who were my age.... and to add to my embarrassment (or excitement..or both!), the audience of women would surely include a younger housewife or 2 in their early 30's... the ladies would be giggling and in disbelief (hand over opened mouth) at what they were witnessing but clearly very very much enjoying my embarrassing predicament... and perhaps my lady spanker's very attractive 25 year old daughter would also walk into the room right as my pants were being lowered... ("noooooooooooooo").... I'd for sure have all FOUR of my cheeks blushing furiously!!!!
  14. When I was 12 years old or so, and at a neighborhood pool party, I accidentally walked in on a mom spanking her 16 or 17 year old daughter. Over the knee, bikini bottoms down at her ankles and mom raining down spank after spank on her upturned rear end. I was mesmorized and stared as the mom (who saw me) kept on spanking. At some point, the daughter also looked up and saw me. As mean as it sounds, I absolutely relished seeing the look of sheer horror and embarrassment on her face as her eyes met mine. She eeekd out a moaning "nooooooooo" when it sank in that I was witnessing this, and given that she was also the prettiest girl in the neighborhood and likely the first girl I ever had a crush on it was especially memorable.
  15. I think it best when my female spanker tells me in a very stern, non-nonsense tone to "pull down your pants". Sure I could resist and say no, or turn and run , but its because she has me totally captivated and in her control that I don't. The fact that she make me complicit in this spanking by following her instructions and pulling my pants down in front of her on her command, knowing she is about to spank me, just adds to her authority and her right to spank me. It is over the top embarrassing and a testament to her power when she tells me in that direct way to "pull down your pants" in front of another female. I'm about ready to die of embarrassment as I hear those words and I see the shocked (yet amused and excited) expressions of my female witness. I am the one pulling my own pants down on her command, and after that, it is up to my female spanker when (and if... but really "when") SHE decides to pull my underwear down and remove the last layer of my modesty. Of course my female witness(es) is(are) just beaming with excitement to witness my embarrassing predicament, and I blush a million shades of red as my underwear is lowered to the sheer delight of my pretty female audience. Yikes!!!
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