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  1. RandE I've lamented on this topic to you before, but I am really surprised at how 'non-existent' the spanko scene appears to be here in So CA.. especially LA. Maybe its CV-related, or that I just may not be traversing in the right circles, but I've been on this site and others for a few years and its been almost nil in terms of finding female spankees or spankers (I'm a 'switch' with zero spankee experience!) to chat with... let alone meet for a coffee. heeeeeelllloooo out there!!!
  2. although I have spanking switch interests, I have never been spanked and hence my answers here are all about my experience as a spanker... SPANKING SURVEY 1. Have you ever gotten spanked?: Yes 2. Are you spanked bare bottomed, over panties, or over clothes?: always ends up on the bare, but can started over her dress,skirt, pants or panties. 3. What is the best thing about being spanked?: I enjoy seeing the transformation in my spankee..going from being bratty, naughty and recalcitrant to being genuinely sorry and having her slate wiped clean. 4. What position do you get spanked
  3. I think the most embarrassing spanking one can get (especially as an adult), is to be spanked bare bottomed in front of a witness (especially of the opposite sex) I dont know how that could be pulled off in a 'punishment' spanking though, as I think once the witness 'sees' the person being spanked, its rather impossible to 'unsee' and most likely would lead them (or run the risk of leading them) to think differently about the spanked person. ("Wow.. I never knew so and so was so submissive, or I cant believe they get treated like a recalcitrant child by their spouse/lover" etc...). But a 'fu
  4. that list is very very long... and its been a question posed before I believe, but I am happy to throw in a few...probably a few of which quite 'out there' LOL spanked because they deserve it: Felicity Huffman, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Michelle Obama, Clare Crawley spanked because I'd love to spank them: Blake Lively, Lara Spencer, Erin Andrews, Charissa Thompson, Elizabeth Hurley, Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Nikki Haley
  5. WOW!! Ms. Linda!! I love that story! I could only wish I was a fellow teacher at that school Kiley, and would gladly give her a proper birthday spanking (over my lap and on the bare) every year... and then some! My 6th grade teacher, was a super cute young woman ('Christine'), who I guess was in her late 20's. She wore wonderful nice skirts and tight sweaters.. something a young lad would not forget! But I was too young to know what to fantasize about, other than I knew I enjoyed looking at her shapely female figure in those skirts and probably wishing I could see her without the s
  6. I've been an active member on this site for the last 2 years, and enjoy the chats, reading posts, exchanging stories and private messaging. Unfortunately though, as wonderful as this site is in many regards, I highly highly doubt your post ("Looking for Female Spanker") will yield you any results, or even any responses from females. Just saying. I see so many posts like yours sit idly for weeks and months, and eventually end up in the graveyard of unresponded to messages. Even the "Spanking Finder" tab on the opening screen has been "currently unavailable" for months if not years. Like I sai
  7. interesting question... just saw it now...sorry you got no replies, as I thought it could have had some great answers
  8. lovely!....of course those stretchy pants need to be pulled down... (_!_)
  9. hi Tempered Brat... I tried messaging you, but it said you cant receive messages is that on-purpose, or accidental?
  10. hello Mandie! and welcome to the site!!!
  11. Bare bare bare!! I am all for giving my spankee a warm up spanking over her skirt, dress, shorts, jeans, etc... which eventually get lowered, or raised to progress to spanking her on her panties (assuming she is wearing them and isnt fully bared already)... but ultimately those panties are coming down too.. the whole process adds to the build up, the anticipation, the embarrassment, the feeling of nerves and vulnerability. I cant imagine it being any other way, and in fact feel a bit 'disappointed' when reading about a spanking (be it M/F or F/M) where the bottom wasn't fully bared.
  12. I've had a fantasy of working in a 'suit and tie' office, when I'm a 30-something year old guy, and being spanked by my very attractive, non-nonsense, female boss (35-45) for being too flirty and fresh with some of the female staff. Perhaps I patted a skirted rear end one too many times. She intends to put a stop to it. I just about die of embarrassment as she gives me the choice of being fired (which I can not afford) or to take a firm, sound, bare bottom spanking over her lap. Reluctantly I choose the spanking, and then she informs me "oh, and one other thing... because your behavior and tra
  13. I read this story on another site, and thought it was quite entertaining... certainly quite embarrassing for its author, but I got to admit I thought it was quite fun to read and am probably a bit jealous! Hahaha. I can think of a lot of pretty ladies I know I'd love to have this happen with! My birthday is on Valentine's day so my wife and I would exchange gifts. We were in our late 20's and fairly new to spanking and at that point were only into hand spanking. We both opened the last gift, and had each given each other a spanking implement. Excited to go first and get my birthda
  14. Unfortunately I have not been invloved in any, but would be very game to with so many women that I know. I would love to hear some details from those that have. (ages at the time, people involved, feelings/emotions as you won/lost) great question!!!
  15. Your inbox is full. 😉

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