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  1. Merry Christmas !!!

    1. AfterGeometry


      You should hang out more, stranger!   Happy New Year

  2. Well dream with a domestic discipline relationship one day . with a mommy type partner or maternal disciplinarian. Until then i love female friendships who can give nice fun and stress relief type of spankings ... just because we both love it
  3. posting some love on your page .. a few 500 kisses and a couple of 890 hugs :)   hope to hear about you soon

  4. oohhh you changed name ?

    1. Fiona


      awwww gentle uncle !!! :)

    2. Fiona



  5. ok after 3 nights dreaming about spanking ... I think is time i get a real one ! maybe if i wish upon a star ... 

  6. in china they say "bottoms up" when they are drinking and they drink the full cup at once. Also in tap class when they "spank"the floor... so everytime they do that movement they say "spank"
  7. favorite : strap least favorite : bath brush !! they scare the ..... out of me
  8. ummm i have been spanked once in a bar.... with vainilla people around, i was in a munch with people of the scene, but there were many people in the bar, they were curious about it .. lol ... also like in parties or munches but that doesn't really really count like in public, but yeah over clothes... and a few times had my skirt raised bfs thats it ..... pretty fun mix of emotions.
  9. oh yes ! suddenly you can see everything more clearly,everything makes sense, and can cope with emotions better, cope with life better. you walk around with a better mood overall.... yes is amazing !
  10. i just LOVE this warm feeling after a spanking and general soreness. absolutely adore stress relief / bedtime spankings. now I'm ready to sleep like a baby!

    1. caningabottom


      There is nothing quite like it is there Fiona.

    2. Fiona


      nothing nothing .. this is number one in my list

    3. caningabottom


      Excellent. As it helps you it should be done on a regular basis.

  11. getting a stress relief spanking today AND ice cream !!!! so so so excited.

    1. caningabottom


      Stress relief spankings certainly do work.

  12. I want to get an OTK spanking for the first time this year !!!!! scares me soon much to break the spanker but is something i really crave to try ..... need to trust someone enough for this though....
  13. omgggg they sting so so much more !!!!!!!!!! wet or cold also do the trick to add to the experience
  14. OHHHHH stress relief is like heaven for me ! just reading those words make me smile and relax a bit. ill share some of my experience with both types is my favorite type of spanking by 100%... because is the one that helps me the most. Is like a before and after completely different. When i realize i really need a stress relief spanking I'm usually overly anxious, or overly stressed, or my mind is a mess i don't know what i want and can't focus on anything, i feel frustrated, incredibly moody, I'm in verge of an anxiety attack, my heart beats are super fast. i start having weird negative thoughts , even suicidal or self harming thoughts that don't go away and urges as well. So i ask for a stress relief spanking, i start tense ... but then i start letting go, letting the pain clean my mind and get rid of the silly thoughts, and my whole body changes from extreme tension to relaxation. suddenly i start feeling light. i smile again, everything sense sense now, my heart is calm, i can finally breath. sometimes i cry others no. i feel like a new person. don't make me start with bedtime spankings, because ahhhh ... they are amazing , is like a stress relief but just before bed .. and make you sleep like a baby ... Maintenance on the other hand, is quite an experience as well I used to have a maintenance spanking every Saturday. it was just routine, it also helped with my anxiety and stuff but that was not the main reason, it was for me to let go of control, and start the next week with a clean slate and with the right mind frame to do things right. Most of the time the sessions were pretty long, but not too hard, they involved routines and helped me feel loved and cared for, and more connected with my top. they helped me a lot but in a very different way. Sometimes i enjoyed them, other times i didn't enjoy them that much ( specially one time when i had earned a punishment that same day and then i had to take the maintenance as well ... first time i get real tears form a spanking ) this was my case, others can do it once a month, other every day , other just from time to time when it is felt needed a reminder. it all depends on each parter needs and desires. sometimes is called discipline spanking or reminder spanking. it is completely different mindset than a punishment, since punishment is a consequence of a negative behavior or breaking rules, the other types of spanking, are just a decision between the spanker and spankee, an agreement, or just because they feel is needed
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