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  1. LOL, I know that there are plenty of spankers in your state to deal with you, Young Lady. *chuckling*
  2. I travel KY, OH and IN, primarily SW OH, northern KY, and eastern IN, but do travel further. Have friends and relatives in Akron/Canton/Cleveland area that I visit now that pandemic is over. I am retired at 79 yrs. old and am a disciplinarian of mature ladies who are acting in ways that are possibly harmful to their health/welfare/social well being. Just as I am not too old to be giving a lady the spanking she needs, you, Young Lady, are not too old to be taken over my knees while I give you the long overdue, much needed spanking that you need or want. As long as you are in good health, th
  3. Hello Young Lady, welcome to the site and a further welcome to the Cincinnati area. I am sure you will find it enjoyable as there are many sights to see and things to do. I am a member of a number of fetish clubs within the city and would welcome the opportunity to communicate further with you concerning your interest in spanking. I am a Dominant Male who spanks only females with over 60 yrs. experience. Yes, you read that correctly, I am an elder who still deals with misbehaving ladies and still enjoy doing so. If you care to chat further contact me and I will be more than happy to do so
  4. Bratspanker42


    They, like so many ladies of today need just the treatment that Bambi is receiving here from Mr. Masterson. And they will never be too old to be spanked, of which they need frequent reminding.
  5. Being a gentleman who deals with ladies who are in places of authority in their work place, I often find them defiant and rebellious when it comes to having to adhere to rules and regulations themselves. These are not ladies with whom I work, rather ladies, much like some of you here who realize that you require a male who will take charge, put you in your place, and see to it that you learn to follow the rules and regulations that we, together, agree that you need. Though this type of woman, as you well know, dislikes being spanked, she also realizes it is the only way that she will do as s
  6. In public in a club, no, Jelena, but in private they certainly did come down and her bottom matched the color of her panties when I was done. Which is what ladies need when they misbehave, as you do.
  7. I am a big fan of mature ladies being spanked, reminding them that they will never be too old to be spanked.
  8. A very attractive woman and I am sure twice as naughty.
  9. I agree wholeheartedly with this suggestion. I would like to know a little about the individual if I am interested from something they have written in a post.
  10. No, unfortunately. Not working at all (Uber driver) and no parties to attend whereby I get the opportunity to spank the ladies badly in need, and even more badly now. I also am unable to attend the different clubs in Cincinnati where ladies attend who need their bottoms soundly reddened and left uncomfortable when trying to sit down. How about you?
  11. Her pillow at work is an essential piece of equipment.
  12. Best of luck in your search and as others have said, basically, don't jump until you have checked the waters sufficiently. Make sure anyone you meet with has your best interests at heart and allow you the freedom to be yourself with stifling your personality. Spanking you for acts that may be harmful to your welfare is primary and protective, but nurturing and hugs are necessary as well. Have fun.
  13. Being a male who establishes a "No Panty" rule, I expect a female to wear panties at all times when we go into public. I do check if I feel that there are no panties beneath her outergarment, and will spank her prior to leaving. When I raise her skirt/dress, or lower her shorts/jeans, I expect to see full panties covering her bottom. If not, her bare bottom is given a good hand spanking with promise of more to come when we return, and she then must put panties on. This is for both health and covering of intimate areas for her own good.
  14. This happened in a club in Cincinnati, Ohio. One night a week is fetish night and lots of spanking, paddling, bondage, etc. occurs.
  15. Tis a shame that we are so far apart, Young Lady, I would more than welcome the opportunity to introduce the paddle to your bottom.
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