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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with this suggestion. I would like to know a little about the individual if I am interested from something they have written in a post.
  2. No, unfortunately. Not working at all (Uber driver) and no parties to attend whereby I get the opportunity to spank the ladies badly in need, and even more badly now. I also am unable to attend the different clubs in Cincinnati where ladies attend who need their bottoms soundly reddened and left uncomfortable when trying to sit down. How about you?
  3. Her pillow at work is an essential piece of equipment.
  4. Best of luck in your search and as others have said, basically, don't jump until you have checked the waters sufficiently. Make sure anyone you meet with has your best interests at heart and allow you the freedom to be yourself with stifling your personality. Spanking you for acts that may be harmful to your welfare is primary and protective, but nurturing and hugs are necessary as well. Have fun.
  5. Being a male who establishes a "No Panty" rule, I expect a female to wear panties at all times when we go into public. I do check if I feel that there are no panties beneath her outergarment, and will spank her prior to leaving. When I raise her skirt/dress, or lower her shorts/jeans, I expect to see full panties covering her bottom. If not, her bare bottom is given a good hand spanking with promise of more to come when we return, and she then must put panties on. This is for both health and covering of intimate areas for her own good.
  6. This happened in a club in Cincinnati, Ohio. One night a week is fetish night and lots of spanking, paddling, bondage, etc. occurs.
  7. Tis a shame that we are so far apart, Young Lady, I would more than welcome the opportunity to introduce the paddle to your bottom.
  8. I wish I were younger but, alas, unless you want an experienced disciplinarian, I am afraid that I am a tad too old for you, Young Lady. But, I do wish you the best in your search and hope that whoever you find treats you with patience, compassion, understanding as well as being stern, fair, and strict with you. He must be able to protect you, not just from others, but from your own actions, as well, that may be harmful to you and/or your welfare. Take care and stay safe, Young Lady.
  9. Fortunately he was a gentleman with a soft, yet determined tone to his voice, immediately commanding her attention and realization that he wears the pants and she had better be wearing panties. Weak in the knees and chills running through her womanly figure, she felt the warmth of the blush on her facial cheeks and her imagination had her already thinking that she would like this man to put a nice blush to her other pair of cheeks.
  10. I am sure that your spankings are completely justifiable if you have the potty mouth of which you speak, but I also think you realize that a "chat room spanking" would not do you a bit of good. In reality, you are telling us, I think, that you need to be dealt with in a very harsh manner that would curb (not cure) the loose lipped potty mouthing that you claim to be much like a "sailor" or "truck driver." Not being able to sit down for a number of days and having to sleep on your tummy during the same period of time will serve as a reminder, at least during that time period, for you to think
  11. No, it doesn't make you less likely to "re-offend" but it does give you something to think about when you do offend again. And it should make you uncomfortable.
  12. Exactly!! When a lady is going to be spanked it is a pleasure to see her go through the various indications that the thought is going through her mind. Indicators? Gnawing on lower lip, shifting weight from one foot to the other, hands placed instinctively behind her as if protecting her soon to be spanked bottom, looking away from her spanker, (if seated) squirming in her seat, legs crossing and uncrossing repeatedly at the ankles. Those are just a few of the indicators and all a joy to watch taking place.
  13. I see that there are some who like my post (s) but would like to know who they may be. Thank you ahead of time. Michael
  14. I have learned that the embarrassment of a fully grown adult lady being over the knees while being spanked helps, along with thorough scolding, to bring about tears in a woman. Many females would like to cry and think that the physicality of the spanking produces the tears, but they need someone who will look past the physicality and center on the emotional aspect. This produces the lovely tears streaming down the face of the beautiful lady, making her even more beautiful in a different way.
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