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  1. “Bend over, young man! You need your attitude adjusted!” —Swat!
  2. Man, it's hard to find a decent guy to be a male mentor for a dude! I can use a spanking every now and then, and I prefer another guy do it. I'm not gay and it's not about sex for me, just helping to keep me in line. One day I will meet my match! I hope, ha
  3. I have been mentored and disciplined by helpinghand here on a few occassions, and let me tell you, he is awesome! He was the first guy to spank me as an adult (I have only been spanked by another one on one occassion, and it wasn't as helpful), and have been spanked by HH three times or so. We would meet regularly, but we keep moving away from ea other ha. I was wondering if spanking could help even a "big boy" lile myself work on some real issues, but thought that was weird or where would I find the right guy--one who was normal, straight, sane, and just a good guy who had a legitimate heart
  4. Yeah, I agree with the other guys here. It's probably pretty common to be aroused on some level, whether consciously or unconsciously nefore a spanking, but the realty hits pretty quickly after a few serious smacks. I have a pretty high pain tolerance on my backside, so I've been told, but I'm hating life after a while. I've bever been spanked just for fun, and unless you guys were just being playful with it, like fraternal roughousing, then if it's at all a real spanking, it's not going to be fun after a while. That's why I don't understanding how people get into it as an erotic thing unle
  5. I've only been spanked a few times as an adult (by other guys, for discipline), and I don't get erections from it, but a friend of mine who is a spanker who only spanks guys for dosciplinary reasons, all straight, including him, tells me that almost all of the five or so guys he's spanked, some several times, get an erection usually right before it. But that it goes down once it starts to hurt, ha. They aren't turned on by it, but it is a reaction to being nervous and because of the area being addressed he thinks. Makes sense to me. So I wouldn't give it too much thought, amd neither would an
  6. Yeah, it's tough finding a Christian mentor like this. I wish I lived closer to you, AGM!!
  7. Godd for you, jsmith, in recognizing that you need to get your act together with procrastinating and all, and since you are wondering if accountability w/spanking might help you, since it's even a thought in your mind that you are serious enough about to investigate, my guess is yes, with the right person, it can definitely help motivate you! I wondered the same thing for a while, and even as an adult in my 30s I found that your butt-brain connection still works well, haha. Trust me, even as a grown man, if you are spanked good, you will feel like an 8 year old on a bad report card night in no
  8. Yeah, I'm the opposite of the OP! Since my interest in spanking is as discipline for real issues, I ONLY want to be spanked by another straight guy. Like when I was a kid, my Dad was the spanker in our family, never my Mom, so I guess I don't associate spanking with a woman doing it. If you are looking to be spanked for discipline and not as erotic foreplay, then why not have a guy do it? If the guy is straight (and prolly with some gay/bi men, like badboy said), then it's not a sexual scenario, so why the apprehension? Us guys know other guys well, and we know how to get through to a guy, and
  9. Me: Straight white Christian guy in his thirties (though I look abt 10 years younger) seeks male accountability buddy to help me make some changes in my life and stay focused on my goals. I found a great mentor on this site before, met with him a few times and it really helped me, but he had to move out of state. Would love to find the right guy to take his place. Would like to talk abt my issues, develop some reasonable goals, and incorporate spanking as a way to reinforce those goals, because I found that it has helped me stay on track. Mentor: I prefer another straight guy in decent shape
  10. I don't have any experience myself being spanked yet, but your question makes sense and is a good one, and I look forward to hearing other people's responses!
  11. I am a straight guy, and would only feel fully comfortable being spanked by another straight guy. No offense, ladies, but my curiosity abt spanking is for the reinforcement of accountability--basically, getting spanked as a tool to help me reach my goals better and overcome some bad habits--and perhaps because I was only spanked by my Dad growing up, I associate receiving that kind of corrective discipline with a male authority figure. For me, it wouldn't carry the same weight if a woman did it, or it would seem too sexual or just awkward. But there is also a roughousing, male bonding aspect
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