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  1. Very thoughtful and well expressed.
  2. Welcome. I hope you find this a useful community. Feel free to reach out if you have questions of which you’d like the viewpoint of an experienced spanker and member on this site.
  3. Maybe a naughty doll.
  4. Your photo prompted a memory I haven’t thought about in decades. The way you edited your eyes reminds me of a doll my sister had when she was four, whose oversized eyes would roll open and shut when she held the doll at different angles.
  5. Dominant/submissive real discipline spankings with an emphasis on accountability and mentoring for self-achievement. Domestic discipline when it’s part of a deeper relationship. The submissive I seek is one who desires to be led, disciplined, and dominated, knowing she is her best self when these desires are met. When it comes to discipline, I hold as a core principle that I spank because I care. I desire to enrich the life of my submissive by combining strictness and firm discipline within an environment of deep care and appreciation of the individual herself.
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