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  1. Dominant/submissive real discipline spankings with an emphasis on accountability and mentoring for self-achievement. Domestic discipline when it’s part of a deeper relationship. The submissive I seek is one who desires to be led, disciplined, and dominated, knowing she is her best self when these desires are met. When it comes to discipline, I hold as a core principle that I spank because I care. I desire to enrich the life of my submissive by combining strictness and firm discipline within an environment of deep care and appreciation of the individual herself.
  2. Spank me so hard and with literally anything 

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    2. dmirk


      I’m a great deal closer but still over six hours away. 

      If you really want a hard spanking, drop me a line. It could happen. 

    3. Spanknutt


      Looks like a troll to me


    4. dmirk


      Ya think?

  3. I’m glad you wrote “someone like.”Because, frankly, if there’s anyone whose behavior merits a month of twice daily punishment spankings, it’s Kari Lake.
  4. Just stopping by to say Hello and hope you are well :)

    1. AbleHanded


      Thank you, young lady. Hope to talk with you sometime soon. 

  5. I presume you mean that as a humorous comment on their minister friend calling on them and not letting on. Because there are too many who’d take you seriously and literally, and the biblical premise for domestic discipline is bullshit, in my not so humble view.
  6. Writing from the spanker’s perspective: Some years back, I was mentoring a young lady through a very demanding engineering major. She was naturally very bright and so, up until then, had gotten high marks in school without much studying. The situation changed when she started her engineering major and received her first (and only) failing grade in college. I taught her better study, class attention, writing, and exam-taking skills through regular spankings through her graduation with a solid B+ average and a competitive job offer. However, the story that pertains to this topic is that I *always* meted out a hard spanking to her the mornings she was taking exams. Her chronic problem was breezing too quickly through the questions and therefore not giving the answers that were expected. While reddening her bare bottom, I’d lecture her about slowing down, reading the questions multiple times until she was sure she understood them completely, and using all the allotted time for the exam. She always felt the sting quite consciously during her exams and it worked wonders for her GPA. My lessons were well taught by the sit spot of her bottom, and changed her habits very efficiently.
  7. Quite a well spanking bottom. Beautiful crimson.
  8. Would be quite pleased to meet you in real life, sunshine.
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