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  1. AbleHanded


  2. Would you be willing to discipline a young lady from Bothell 

    1. AbleHanded


      Willing but very, very cautious with COVID-19. Let’s get to know each other well and see how it goes. I’ll respond to the email you sent over the weekend when I can. 

    2. Rachelle Payne

      Rachelle Payne

      Sounds good. I’d prefer both parties to wear a mask if we ever do meet

  3. Welcome to the community. We're good folks here, and good sounding boards on the roles people adopt. As for me, I am 99.9% top ... curiosity about the "other side" is the 0.1%. I think women who switch often have an excellent perspective on what makes this kink meaningful. And meaningful is certainly is to the true spanking kinkster ... and that includes your truly ... in spades. Ex-New Yorker here. But Seattlite for more than half my life by now. I enjoy my regular visits to NYC, though, with family still there. There is also always the New Yorker inside me... indelibly. Welcome, ag
  4. Vacation is over. Time to begin motivational discipline for the new term.

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  5. The right kind of skirt for a girl returning to college.
  6. I second much of Longtimespanking’s observations. There is no “one size fits all.” The best spanking disciplinary relationships take the full individualism of both disciplinarian and punishment receiver fully into account.
  7. The grammarian and logician in me feels compelled to point out that “unique” does not allow for comparatives. A person or thing is either unique or not. I think you mean she was one of the “most distinctive” or “most incomparable” people you’ve met, and that she was unique in how open and vocal she was about her spanking interests. I admit that I am being pedantic and didactic. But this club is about enforcing strict standards in higher education, after all.
  8. Seattle here and delighted to see local folks joining the site. Happy to share my experience on the site with newbies, whether new to spankings or just new to the community.
  9. Not at all weird. In fact, not uncommon. I have had favorable experiences and results as the spanker in non-sexual “disciplinary friendships” with younger ladies.
  10. How much road do you want to be spanked down? Make sure you don't trip on the asphalt. 😏
  11. It took me a long time to reach this point, but I consider it a gift. It’s a significant aspect of my internal makeup, and getting to the point of accepting that while also keeping it a private matter (outside a select group who share a spanking fetish or have enough grounding to understand it) has been truly rewarding. For me, the key as a spanker has been experiencing vicariously the spankee’s needs and providing her fulfillment and acceptance. There are few experiences as sweet as hearing thank-you after administering a thorough spanking.
  12. I’m so sorry that happened to you. Multiple breaches of trust, of which the worst was disregarding your safe work. That is inexcusable in my view, a zero tolerance offense. I’m glad you’ve gotten the support of people in this community. I hope that helps the psychological healing for you, and from your responses in this thread, you do seem to be recovering — learning from it and not scarred or traumatized. I am wondering where online you met this man, and what steps you can take to earn others of a predator personality. In any case, you have my warmest wishes for being able t
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