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  1. This is a thin line because we are talking a friendship here that may end up being perfectly okay as a disciplinarian/spankee relationship also, or could be changed in some way once an actual spanking happens, if it does. If your friend has actually made comments that someone should spank you or told you you are pushing it and don't make him spank you, it may be as simple as throwing out a friendly challenge - "Yeah I dare you." etc. You could also start up a conversation about spanking as discipline and whether he thinks it's beneficial for young men your age. If so, then an honest approach along the lines of you consider him a good friend and mentor and if he ever thinks you need a spanking you would be okay trusting his judgement on the matter and keeping you in line. You could also just throw that last line out there some time when you are having a friendly conversation. If he's still your friend after finding out you are into it, the risk is slight he won't be your friend after a frank discussion or even permission to provide it to you, whether he follows through or not. Best of luck.
  2. California, OTKSpanker, and mr.tanyerhide really got to the crux of this one. It's important that the spanker express what is going to happen without losing his temper or control. There should be a firm, determined tone to the voice that lets the spankee know in no uncertain terms what is going to happen, yet never a personal attack or name calling. This isn't about personal demeaning, but rather about, "Let me make this perfectly clear: This is for your own good, we both know it, and I'm just the man (or woman) to do it."
  3. As a masculine guy, the only thing more embarasing than being pants down over another man's knees, knowing my backside is fully vulnerable for discipline, (and how I hate that waiting time once I'm in position and he doesn't start spanking!), would be to be walking pants down to the corner and having to stand there after a spanking, knowing his eyes were on the back of my neck and red cheeks until he says I can pull them up. I'm jes sayin'....
  4. I think people that text and drive should have to spank themselves while driving. It seems fitting. Too dangerous you say?? Okay, then they should be spanked bare bottom over someone's knees in the passenger seat while another driver drives slowly past pickup trucks and 18 wheelers....
  5. I hesitated to even add my two cents here because there are so many good replies already. I agree with the replies - even though this might be discipline, it is still consensual up to the point you agree to do whatever you are told and don't want a way to back out. You didn't do that. Nudity during a spanking is part of the agreement you have with your mentor/disciplinarian, and it should fall in line with what meets your emotional needs as well. Some spankees want to be totally nude and some spankers want them that way. Others are bottom bared only which for many of us actually makes the spanking more intense because the exposed area seems more vulnerable when the rest of of the body is clothed.
  6. My daughter is also grown and married with her own children. We were fortunate in that she didn't do serious dating until she was over 18 and met a very nice young man who is now her husband. I guess I'm just naive about what happend in the "brutal" story because it never even crossed my mind that a 27 year old would have wanted to date her at 16 - it just seems so way off base to me that my mind never went there at all. There are a lot of things out there that I just can't fathom and so don't even think about until they happen and are reported. From the story I gathered that the girl's parents knew she was dating this 27 year old because the dad and perpetrator were on a first name basis and seemed to know each other well. I could be wrong but I'm assuming it was to be dating only. Either that or she never told her parents who she was dating. Smoking Gun article also says the dad wanted to use Brian's method of an azz kicking and jail but the girl's mother talked him into doing the spanking thing. ****************************************************** Speaking of wusses...a guy met me for a spanking once and after two light smacks of his hand he stopped spanking me and said, "I just can't do this, its too violent," and left. BWWAAahhaahhhaaaa!
  7. Look at that! I successfully quoted someone! : ) Thanks for the tip on the rattan, CP. I hadn't heard about them before.
  8. I agree 100% Brian. I'm not sure where the word "brutal" got tied to the title of the video. If the step son was spanked that way and thinks it's brutal, he got off mildly with 21 slaps per spanking. By the way, isn't the point where the spankee pulls away and says, "That's enough!" to the spanker (in a real spanking) the point where further restraint (a leg clamped over the spankee's legs, or more force on the arm to hold them down) is necessary and the spanking really begins?
  9. I post this as a disciplinary interest item only and hope it is appropriate considering the circumstances of the spanking. Not sure if any of you have seen this. It is probably the strangest story I've seen online but it is a real spanking delivered discplinary style. The smoking gun website says this actually happened 6 years ago and the adult (32 years old) step son of the man who did the spanking posted it on youtube in memory of his step father who has now passed away. The step son is the one who filmed the spanking, unknown to the man being spanked. Seems at the time, the man's 16 year old daughter had a 27 year old boyfriend (very weird) and they had sex together so when dad found out, he went to the 27 year old's house and offered him a choice between being beaten up and sent to jail or a spanking in his yard. The man chose the spanking which is delivered bare butt in 21 rapid fire hard slaps. Only the adult males appear in this video and the spanker was 43 while the punished man was 27. Note that both men are on a first name basis here so it seems odd to me that the parents didn't know about the relationship at all. The spanking is delievered here. The video is about 1/3 of the way down the page. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2163031/Father-victim-brutal-spanking-video-YouTube-identified-Robert-Pruhs-James-Jessee.html The recent details of the story are here. http://www.thesmokinggun.com/buster/father-spanks-man-video-689432
  10. Sorry, I had read CP's posts but thought he meant an actual curtain rod and not the blind rod that opens and closes blinds. My misunderstanding. Steve mentioned thrift shops which reminded me that I found a couple of thin blue wooden paddles in an army surplus store once that the owner told me were used to direct planes onto aircraft carriers. I've moved since then and can't remember what happened to them. ****************************** Okay, ya'll know me...I'm a guy....so when I got my new electric paddle shaped bug zapper (6.98 from amazon) to use to zap bugs for real, the guy in me took over and yeah...I just had to see what it would do as a spanking implement. Holy stinging buttocks, Batman! With just a quick (that seems to be the secret to make the mesh contract and activate the spark), fairly easy smack against bare skin, it delivers a very quick stinging jolt that lasts and lasts after. It left no marks on me that I can see but it felt like I'd been hit with a belt for about 5 minutes afterward with just one jolt. Hey I've done my experiment and apparently others have too if you search bug zapper a## on youtube. If any of you decide to try it as a disciplinary implement - it wouldn't be for fun, trust me - always be careful and never use electricity near the head or heart.
  11. Cat's story of the plastic hanger reminded me of the plastic rod that you use to open and close window blinds. It is easily unhooked and can be put back in place afterward. It's very flexible and does have ridges, but no sharp edges. In the garden center you can also find a package of authentic bamboo rods intended for tying tomato vines upright. These vary in thickness from 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch. There are usually a dozen or more in a package.
  12. As a guy with an alpha personality, who is very much a control freak, having to take down my jeans for a spanking is embarassing, but it also provides me with some level of control. The times I've had to stand in front of a disciplinarian as he took them down for me as he explained what was going to happen was indeed more intensely embarassing - partially because it seemed to take forever for him to take them down. Even though I'm not into role or age play, I felt like a very naughty boy facing a male authority figure and my face felt red hot. (I'm sure it really was red.)
  13. In my thirties, I had a good friend that knew nothing of my need for discipline. He got annoyed at my teasing and taunting one evening as we were painting kitchen cabinets and he had taken a seat cross legged on the floor to rest, with his back against the wall. Motioning up and down with his hand he said, "I'll put you over my knee and set your butt on fire!" I replied, "Anytime you think you're MAN enough to do it..." thinking he was just talking his talk. It didn't take much for him to grab my leg and pull me off balance and across his legs where he locked one leg over mine securely and proved it. Even though I had jeans on, his hand still stung pretty good and had me squirming to get up. When he was finished he said, "I told you I would." "Yeah, I said, but you spank like a woman." He laughed so hard he nearly fell over. We didn't discuss the spanking after that and he eventually moved away. I submit (no pun intended) for your consideration that sometimes the spankee will be smart mouthed just to get a more realistic spanking that is not in their control.
  14. Tal, no need to apologize at all. You asked what I thought. The two words are not always clearly different - especially on a message board as opposed to actual conversation where context can be more readily expressed. You said nothing wrong. : )
  15. AssuminThePosition, on 21 July 2012 - 09:36 AM, said: ... The object would be to make the spanking very uncomfortable and embarrassing so it would not want to be repeated by the spankee - even if he/she required other spankings within set bounds of the partners. Tal replied: I must respect your opinion though I disagree. I believe that a sound spanking is punishment enough. Most of us who seek discipline (I would assume, and you know how that goes) have had enough humiliation in our lives...cpgiver added: I believe that the word humiliation and the word embarrassment have drastically different connotations... *********************************************************************************************************************************** Sorry - I don't have the quote editing thing down yet. Cpgiver is correct. I meant to imply the embarassment of being put OTK and spanked bare bottom, particulary as an adult being disciplined in a way usually thought of as for disobedient children; not an emotional humiliation and degrading (although some seek that). I grew up in a household where my mother spanked, bare bottom, OTK and yeah it was embarassing and something I didn't want to repeat as a boy. On the other hand, my father yelled and cursed at you and made you feel worthless even in public. That's humiliation and frankly hurts more than a spanking would have. There's a bigger difference - embarassment lasts a few minutes. but repeatedly being humiliated lasts a lifetime if you don't find the strength to overcome it. It was his way. I don't hold it against him and he's long been laid to rest.
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