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  1. Hi I am a naughty baby boy age 2 throwing things and having a temper tantrums needs a mommy/son roleplay
  2. Hi I am looking for someone to direct a self spanking either by email or Skype I will let you know when I available
  3. badbilly28

    Spanking in Missouri

    Starting the evening of August 4 - 11 I will be looking for a spanker that will give a spanking during the week and diaper punishment afterwards please contact me if interested
  4. badbilly28

    Are you a Top, Bottom or Switch?

    I am a bottom I play with anyone
  5. badbilly28

    Skype vs Viber vs WhatsApp Vs OooVoo

    I don't use ooVoo I do use Skype
  6. badbilly28

    Certificate problem

    Thanks hope I am having the same problem
  7. badbilly28

    Looking for a mentor

    I am looking for a mentor during the golf year online mentor is okay male or female
  8. badbilly28

    Spanking and diapering

    I am from Missouri someone that is near or in Missouri that is interested in travelling to my area weather permitting
  9. badbilly28

    Spanking and diapering

    I am available late Sunday night to Thursday January 21- 25 for a spanking and diaper punishment mommy or daddy would be okay please contact me if interested
  10. badbilly28

    Online golf coach

    I am looking for an online golf coach that will spank me for any misdeeds of misbehaving on the course and help keep me focus
  11. badbilly28

    Hello From St. Louis

    Hey if you were interested in spanking other men too I am now going to be available starting August 5 - 12
  12. badbilly28

    Spanking in Missouri

    Hi August 5 -12 I will be available for spankings and diaper punishment here in Missouri contact me if interested
  13. badbilly28

    Find local Spankers

    I am looking for a mommy like figure or daddy like figure for a spanking and diapers in Missouri
  14. badbilly28

    Age play spanking?

    I am in to age play and age regression starting with spankings then be diapers and babied
  15. badbilly28

    Spanking in Missouri

    Hi I am interested in meeting a spanker here in Missouri for a spanking March 31 - April 1 it is likely i be available please contact me if interested