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  1. I am going to available for a spanking July 31 - August 5 if someone is willing to come to Missouri please contact me
  2. I am a spankee in Hermann Missouri about 2 hours west of st Louis looking for a spanker/mommy or babysitter that spanks
  3. Is there any other messages apps when can use
  4. Hi Jenna i could of played golf Wednesday 

    1. Jenna1220


      I've been considering it too billy.  Almost 50 degrees here today!

    2. dmirk


      It hit over 60 today.  Went out playing Christmas music on the boardwalk.

      I have my dad's last set of clubs but haven't played for a couple of decades.  That will have to change.  

      I'm pretty bad, but it's still fun.

  5. Hey Jenna the photo of the Christmas village is up 

    1. Jenna1220


      Love it billy!  When we were in chat last week I caught The Year Without A Santa Claus and Polar Express.  Thanks for the heads up! Great classics.  

    2. badbabybilly34
  6. I played golf with a partner against over people during the virus outbreak i still work in a grocery retail store so i can't stay in doors all the time
  7. If you are into being spanked and diapered and want to chat trade photos all the above then join the kik group
  8. I have started a new kik group spanked and diapered if anyone has kik wants to join feel free
  9. Hi Jenna I am starting my off season from early now

    1. Jenna1220


      Hey billy :).  Same here...just put away my clubs.  I didn't get out nearly as much as I hoped.  

  10. Any mommies or daddies giving spankings and putting me in diapers
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