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  1. WOW!!!!!! Really? !!!!!!! She really likes to hurt you. Why is it taking you so long to learn?
  2. As an 'ee I have never used a safe word. In the beginning: "Name, I think I have had enough." Has been enough. Of course when I made the statement a bit of conversation ensues which has ended it right there or ends with a negotiated addition. After some experience 'toughening up' the end of a spanking usually occurs when my bottom begins to show damage. "I have kept the same 'er for that reason and restrict myself in the same way when I top..
  3. It it means nothing, does she do a good job? Lucky man.
  4. Hey 'kid.' I thought vanilla meant not participating at all. Getting spanked? Good for you.
  5. Greetings back to ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iS THE VA IN YOUR NAME HERE FOR VETERAN?
  6. In MI you should easily find multiple means of finding hot cheeks. Good luck.
  7. And PM me also. Please and thank you.
  8. Hi Beth. I said 'hey' last Jan 14. Are you still looking? My initiation with a new person is a few emails here first. Then a phone conversation -- if you can. Then we meet in a public place face to face. Still interested? We plan your 'session' so you are comfortable with how and what will happen. The only discomfort will be to your bottom. No sex. No humiliation [unless you as for it]. Normal recovery time for a first spanking is 24 hours. Nothing will happen that you do not ask for and agree to ahead of time. I will send you this privately.
  9. I live in Dayton and am willing to drive over if you cannot come here. My process getting to know each other: 1. meet online here , then email. 2. Talk by phone. 3. Meet face to face in public. 4. If all feels good I spank your bottom as you need.
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