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  1. Twisted ears I would not have done. Maybe, buy big, play ears that you had to wear for a day or ______? Once a bottom could not stop cussing till I put a big, garish binky in her mouth for a day. How about writing: 'Please spank me for not listening and losing the bill." for an hour. Then count them and get paddled one lick per line.
  2. Rounded part? Googled panties. It appears thong panties [back strap between your cheeks] with strategically placed pad or folded wash cloth held in place by pantie would work. Butt, hey, I'm a guy. Idea #2 + change implements!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Mr. Bottoms: it may be either a tease from a brat or a hidden thank you from a brat. Either way I am sure her next will be memorable. 😭
  4. No doubt about the reflection on the way home. Your warm, sore bottom will help you think to do better. Private msg coming.
  5. Amber, try the search engine her at SN. Good hunting.
  6. Well. otkspankee? You have the offers. What's next? If you are serious start a conversation with your replys. Ask ALL your questions. Decide, I want to try or I do not. Then move on with your life. I have given many one time spankings. ASs soon as the "KNEW" they wanted no more. I have some regulars, bottoms up. Asa simple, spanking bottom, you are in control of what you can accept.
  7. Have you successfully got your bottom well tanned?
  8. How close is 'close areas'? I am well taken care of in SE mi. # hours one way from Dayton. Also try the 'search box' upper right area of opening member page. I found a list with this entry: South central Ohio spanker Strictmommy posted a topic in Introductions Good luck.
  9. How close is 'close areas'? I am well taken care of in SE mi. # hours one way from Dayton.
  10. I am thinking maybe fewer cane strokes would work or maybe a paddle long enough to swat both cheeks but spread out the effects would help. Question: "How do I toughen my skin? " on the internet might net some good ideas. Ask among the Female Led Households what they use on their men's bottoms. Ask their men? Ask a dermatologist. Good luck.
  11. I would like to see responses to lotsapappa, I feel lucky to have found a great "er / friend some years ago. Weather permitting she will take good care of me on Saturday. Keep searching. Pray if you are a believer and you will find a woman to 'whip that ass' or she will find you.
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