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  1. too cheeky

    Male Spankee in Ohio

    I am in Dayton and very willing to paddle your bottom til you wail.
  2. too cheeky


    Mornin' Jayman. I am 71, a switch from Ohio. Welcome to a good place about spank Christy of the white paddles, your first greeter here, is a friend and excellent. Welcome.
  3. too cheeky

    Looking For A Spanker

    JP--You must have found someone because you never returned my invite. Tuesdays or Wednesdays WOULD be good for me to drive down.
  4. too cheeky

    Looking For A Spanker

    Skip. . . . Texas, nearly a thousand miles? sorry.
  5. too cheeky

    Spanking SW Ohio

    Butt, I am calm.
  6. too cheeky

    Need Disciplinarian In Grand Rapids MI

    Check out Christy here at SN, avatar is white paddles. She does exactly what you're looking for--my bottom attests to that. : )
  7. too cheeky

    looking for a female spanker in SE Michigan

    check out Christy, avatar = white paddles, here at SN. You won't be disappointed.
  8. too cheeky

    Back to the drawing board.

    This message has been up for a time. We know he wants partner but he NEEDS spanking. Until he finds that partner maybe mature married women could help him? Perhaps men out there being spanked would share.
  9. too cheeky

    Oklahoma spankos

    I was raised in OKC and occasionally visit family there. I now live in OH.
  10. too cheeky

    Looking For A Spanker

    I'll PM you here at SN.
  11. too cheeky

    Where are you from?

    Let's all get to know who lives where... comment below: First Name: Bryan Age:71 Sex:M Spanker/Spankee/Switch: Switch Country you are from: U.S.A. State/Providence: OH.
  12. too cheeky


    Looking very seroius = instant apprehension. A birch bundle?
  13. too cheeky

    Looking For A Spanker

    "some behavior" of yours that requires a spanking? What is it or are they behaviors?
  14. too cheeky

    Looking For A Spanker

    I am tied up this week so next is better--Oct. 9 or 10? As to position, OTK is nice for the spanker but difficult when both are plus sized. I have pulled up a chair to an ottoman or couch, where the 'ee presents their bottom, sort of semi OTK. YOur desired implements are fine. Do you have any of your choice? I like to spank as the 'ee wishes to be spanked with their preferred implements. Some 'ees want to feel like they have given up control completely.. That's what I meant by dominated. I usually like to talk to a person to be sure they are not just lookee loos. I'll have to think about no phone call. Let's keep on touch.
  15. too cheeky

    Looking For A Spanker

    OK, Jp, it's about 2.5 hours Dayton to Louisville. I can do that if you wish. Tuesday or Wednesday would be better for me. I'd like to get to know you a bit before driving down. I'll be in and out some but call me this afternoon--9372784742. Why do you need spanking in detail? What do you expect by way of implements and severity? My limitation is no blood. I spank bare bottom. Do you want to feel dominated? Absolutely no sexual activity involved. Where would you host? If a motel I expect you to cover the cost. Feel free to ask me anything.