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  1. Christy has been my Er for years. Even though this post is RIGHT ON and this last sentence: "The most important thing to always keep in mind, is that the Power is ALWAYS ultimately yours; to grant permission, or to withdraw it." is true, one minute into a session I often both regret and feel thankful for what's happening to my bottom. Trust is critical and most of the =time she stops because the looks of my bottom are almost "TOO WELL DONE." Point is: know your spanker. Ask around this site for feedback with private messages. Find out where your ER posts and read them. Never met?
  2. I am a male switch so I can talk spanking from both sides now. Welcome to OHio.
  3. Seems to me-- require him to relieve himself in the corner. Wait 2-5 minutes lecturing him. Cage him--not to prevent erection but to put him in his submissive place, then spank him hard in the position he dislikes the most.
  4. Mine stings admirably both cheeks, when in use. My er bought one and used it on me --O what a stinging session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Host a costume party. In the invite mention a few possibilities-- Soccer mom, football player, any sport, femme fatale, nun, a dad [if you are a woman], a mom if you are a man], a cone head, etc ad infinitum.
  6. What about, in an FLR relationship, whatever and whenever she says or does anything -- everything goes her way. That includes punishments.
  7. Get a room? Play music. Up TV volume. Use a cane, loopy johnny, or narrow strap [only real noise from the 'ee]. Use a rolled sock as a muffler. It's none of their business. I live in an eight unit condo. No one has ever mentioned noise or sounds. If anyone asks, offer your services. : )
  8. Hi Cyndy. I was born in Chicago, raised in Indy and OK, spent time overseas, now living in Dayton, OH, thinking about moving to New Mexico -- typical American. I have a son /daughter-in-law and grand kids near Indy plus an 'ee who occasionally calls for bottom care. What would y like to chat about? Bryan
  9. Yes, a little, daily, self spanking with a good paddle [research with your 'er] ought to do the trick.
  10. Yes, SS&C. I Found my 'er here, messaged a bit, met her in a public place for lunch, [GREAT CONVERSATION ABOUIT WANTS, NEEDS, FEARS], followed her to THE place and got just what I wanted and needed. For years she has paddled my backside 3-6 times a year. She lives 3 hours from me by car.
  11. Yes indeed, here is a good place to 'find yourself' with spanking. Great Britain is a good place to actually get what you need. Get with only those people who are safe, sane, and consensual. Meet them first BEFORE agreeing to drop your pants. Good search and welcome.
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