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  1. What about, in an FLR relationship, whatever and whenever she says or does anything -- everything goes her way. That includes punishments.
  2. Get a room? Play music. Up TV volume. Use a cane, loopy johnny, or narrow strap [only real noise from the 'ee]. Use a rolled sock as a muffler. It's none of their business. I live in an eight unit condo. No one has ever mentioned noise or sounds. If anyone asks, offer your services. : )
  3. Hi Cyndy. I was born in Chicago, raised in Indy and OK, spent time overseas, now living in Dayton, OH, thinking about moving to New Mexico -- typical American. I have a son /daughter-in-law and grand kids near Indy plus an 'ee who occasionally calls for bottom care. What would y like to chat about? Bryan
  4. Yes, a little, daily, self spanking with a good paddle [research with your 'er] ought to do the trick.
  5. Yes, SS&C. I Found my 'er here, messaged a bit, met her in a public place for lunch, [GREAT CONVERSATION ABOUIT WANTS, NEEDS, FEARS], followed her to THE place and got just what I wanted and needed. For years she has paddled my backside 3-6 times a year. She lives 3 hours from me by car.
  6. Yes indeed, here is a good place to 'find yourself' with spanking. Great Britain is a good place to actually get what you need. Get with only those people who are safe, sane, and consensual. Meet them first BEFORE agreeing to drop your pants. Good search and welcome.
  7. What about this? "As the Head Of this Household I think I need to be disciplined occasionally just like I discipline you. Let's make a list of what YOU think will make me a better man before Christ and the consequences. " Would not an HOH wife submit to her husband's request?
  8. That's a real possibility. . . butt . . . do women also make mistakes? I think the paddle ought to swing both ways. Shared, open, agreed to consequences would certainly improve marriage statistics -- I think.
  9. This is the message I received after trying reg. email. ??? Address not found Your message wasn't delivered to bwseric@aol.com because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail.
  10. No memory of dates. If memory serves you live in a modest, old neighborhood in a house on the corner. I remember parking on the street. You were fixing it up. It had been your parents -- I think. I will try sending this message by email. I tried before but it did not work. Tell me about your weight loss plans. Bryan
  11. I will not be visiting my sis till mid April. Hence, I am home in Dayton. I am busy this weekend, going up to MI today to get my fanny warmed up. Let's do email. Weight loss? For me, success occurred when I combined calorie intake with exercise, walking. My doc says 1600 calories. I added 30 minutes to an hour walk nearly every day but Sunday. Butt, alas, after a fall, I have been doing badly the last month and have gained 30 pounds. More about that as we get to know one another. I think helping you 'be a better man' would get me back on track. We ar
  12. All you had to do was remember and ask. You are in my contacts. I will be out of town most of March, starting next week. If you can come down this weekend we can start your program. If you remember the spanking gave you a loooooooooonnnnnnng time ago, would that be sufficient? Or, was it too much? You ask for "strict/severe bare bottoms corporal punishment." Describe for me what you mean. Bryan
  13. Pretty, pink, bubbly cheeks! Welcome. I am a switch in Ohio, been here over 10 years. You ought to find people here with ideas to help you find your way. There are a lot of us men out there who need to be spanked, so, make sure you test that side of your personality as well. Most of us are trust worthy. Some of us are NOT. And test the men you might spank to stay safe, sane and consensual when you spank. Do you have a plan yet on how to stay safe? Ask some of the women spankers here for advice and follow it. Welcome again and good luck. STAY SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Well. sassylittle, maybe 'perfect' is just your way of avoiding what your bottom needs? Think you can train your spanker to perfection? If so, are you always left in tears? What's perfect spanking?
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