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  1. Hello- New Spankee

    Welcome from an Okie who lives in Ohio You and I spent years in the same boat you brought yours to shore here. I grounded mine about 1992.
  2. Never been spanked

    To Christy. Since yo cannot receive messages I will send here. "I felt bad all day yesterday that I had screwed up your schedule. I woke up this morning and felt immediately sad that my bottom wasn't a bit sore still. By days end yesterday I realized I could have brought the dog--maybe--butt did not want the hassle. I hope your schedule works out next week.
  3. Hi from Boise.

    Hey, I'm 70 and still carrying on both sides.
  4. No. Not very often it was: 'wait until we get home.'
  5. Wood paddle or belt?

    For me, I most fear the paddle that covers both cheeks. It's like my whole body taking the lick. My spanker uses the 'bee stinger, ' a pet name O how I worry about it and, O, how I appreciate it before, during and after.
  6. Never been spanked

    Travel from Baltimore? Meet me half way?
  7. knock, Knock

    I hope your cheeks are on fire by March. : )
  8. Never been spanked

    You have come to the right place --------------------- if you are serious.
  9. Spankers 5 polls, answer what interest you?

    Morning Christy, I tried to message you but 'Christy cannot receive messages' popped up? Did you know that? Weather for Friday, 2/16: Dayton = scattered thunderstorms while Flat Rock says showers. Looks like Friday is a go for me if it's still good for you? After two drizzly days our snow was gone yesterday. We'll finalize plans on Thursday for my Friday 'cherry picking.' : )
  10. How Your Spanker Can Make You Cry...

    I have never cried during or after a spanking. The last time I cried was about 2 years after I was disabled [1990ish] and I fully realized I would never fully recover--never be the same. I was shocked that I was not runny-nose crying with all that loss. So, I sat so sad, trying to deepen the sadness, by remembering all I had lost over and over until I had a tear. One tear! Since then I've lost mom, dad, and friends and never recovered any further but sadness never cried. Those of you who can release your tears--I am jealous. This is not an open invitation to my spanker. : ) Your spankings are terrific and I'd like them to continue. See you soon this winter?
  11. Anyone from Oklahoma?

    I live in OH but have a sister near OKC and plan to visit in a couple of weeks. It's been a couple of years.
  12. Central Ohio

    Hi lynn97. I'm a switch in Dayton and willing to travel if needed. I am 70, like a strict uncle, and willing to give you the spanking you desire. Nothing else! My process is to email a couple of times, talk by phone and then meet face to face. If we are both comfortable after meeting we take care of your bottom.
  13. Older Male seeking discipline

    OOps. I just read this thread and found an opening post from me a while back. If you are for real, we could have already met.
  14. Older Male seeking discipline

    Hi indspnky. I live in Dayton with a son and grand kids in Indy. I have a college aged guy I spank in Indy whenever he is in need. I am exactly the spanker you described. We should talk.
  15. Females spanking males

    There are not enough women spankers to go around. A few of us are lucky. : ) Are there any websites that promote female spankers? I am sure there are many which promote female dominance. I, for one, prefer relationships with equality between women and men. With regard to spanking, both spouses should be willing to satisfy the needs of the other in one way or another.