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  1. I just tried to send yuo a message but found the note that you cannot receive messages.  ???

  2. wherefore art thou, Clare? Message me if you wish.
  3. Honesty is always 'fair enough.' Message me if you wish. Good luck to your backside. : )
  4. Welcome. Is OH midwest?
  5. too cheeky


    Seems there are quite a few 'ers in FL. Pay attention to Fl to Arizona's suggestion: " take your time and be safe."
  6. Which Fredericksburg may I ask? Welcome to SN, a place of good hearts and WARM bottoms.
  7. I'm willing butt a bit far in Dayton, OH. Lots of 'ers in your area. Be content and safe rather than sorry you took this step.
  8. Looks like you have plenty of possibilities. Use them safely.
  9. Hi Molly32. Like Davyd above, we hear about people being in a DD relationship. We think we know what that means butt, I'm sure, each is totally different. I am divorced and single and may be beyond DD years at 73 soon but I wonder and wish I had found one years ago. What can you tell us about yours -- with his permission of course?
  10. Hi woodworker81. I also am a switch, living in Dayton, OH. Welcome back.
  11. too cheeky


    Add a good, deep pink and your bottom will still look great. Thank you for the pic.
  12. You have a great plan, GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you find no one, I will try to help. Old, retired, with a good car. My two sons are college grads and working professionally. I am one but retired now so I see how motivation plus good habits are essential. I will be honored to help you with your plan. If you find no help in Penn. we'll continue email, talk first by phone to set a date, meet face to face and if we are both comfortable with making your bottom uncomfortable I'll spank you and we'll set future dates to keep you on track . Good luck setting your plan in motion. Be careful. If you are a person of faith, pray for help getting set up with the right person, male or female.
  13. If you are in N, central OH, Michigan is blessed with women who will light up your backside.
  14. Too bad were too distant. Do you live in a good vacation locale? I know from experience the good a good spanking can be for a person. I'm retired, time to travel. Just how far away are you? Are you using the search engine here t SN to peruse your location for spankers?
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