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  1. My take is this. Forgiveness from God is a given if we are 'truly' contrite of heart. Forgiveness from the person harmed is a gift from them. Some do and some don't. Either way, punishment satisfies our need to be punished for wrong doing which can relieve our internal guilt.
  2. You are not the only ones but you are smart ones. Everyone is disciplined from their earliest memory as a kid, to working under a set of 'rules', to punishment for crimes, to adult spanking to which can benefit both 'er and 'ee. We look for and are guided by out needs and wants to fine that feedback that helps us keep improving as human beings. Being into spanking for needed discipline, guilt relief, or helping others is a good path to be on -- especially for a best friend. WAY TO GO!
  3. Drive home was fine butt getting in our out of the car my bottom reminded me "FEEL WHAT YOU HAD DONE TO ME?" Indeed I did. Pleasant reminders. This Tuesday morning I am about fully recovered with memories still very active. CHEEKY
  4. Can't sit for a week may be wishful thinking for tops. For your bottoms after a short while, post spanking, we may not 'want' to sit for a week, butt we can. Just enjoy our discomfort. The more our bravado the worse our bottoms--your bottoms--feel. Thank you very much. My bottom feels like a tenderloin today. Thank you both [you know who you are] for this weekend. My bottom cheeks are still talking to me but no longer wailing.
  5. Cartoons? I hope so. Hey cowboy. 💝
  6. Maybe try a spanking machine. Would you need to get your wife's OK? Get a 'heart attack' paddle from caneiac. It's the best for self spanking that I have found butt I know this is NOT he same as having a spanker. My wife of 31 years divorced me, for other reasons, after my kids had grown up. I am still good friends with spanking and an 'er. I switch.
  7. Were you in OH your bottom would already be 'aflame.' : )
  8. Any husbands or wives out there who, married to a vanilla spouse who just can't bring themselves to spank you, has received permission from from your spouse to get what you need outside the home and accepts it?
  9. Any husbands out there who, married to a vanilla wife who just can't bring herself to spank you, has received permission from her to get what you need outside the home and your wife accepts it?
  10. Finally free -- good for you taking action on your final choice.
  11. I am 73 now but accepted my 'need' for this in my this life style in my 40s. You have a quandary and hard decisions to make. 1. Is my wife and family more important than this need? 2. Can I be open with my wife about my need? [Seems you have been.] 3. Can she allow me spanking without harming our marriage and how open can we be about it with one another? 4. If she says "NO," not from me or anyone else then you are back to #1. You need to let go of _____________ ! My thoughts and prayers are with you. Message me if you want to talk further.
  12. Maybe only 1/3 of the British Isles. : )
  13. I usually take a well spanked 'ee and apply lotion to a burning bottom. When their underwear is up and they stand they get a hug or handshake [their preference], dress, and away we go usually after a chat.
  14. Hi Ms. Mary.  Been trying to contact youi for days butt no luck until a minute ago when I noted the [.] after the Ms.  Sneaky!!!

    My pantie boy friend, wants to contact you.  Is that OK?  Here's hopin' MI does not close up by Sept. 18 and that we all stay free of this virus.


    1. Ms.Mary


      He can cnytact me here n this site any time. I think things will be fine.

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