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  1. Just saying hello. I'm a top , bottom and everything in between . Looking for people that like what I like and maybe local to me.
  2. Well... This year I hope I find someone who is truely into spanking.Thats my two cents.
  3. Should your Lady friend Have a orgasim over your knee ? Should you keep on spanking ?
  4. Are you looking for cyber ? Age 46.
  5. Hello, Are you in an open marriage ? Is he ok with you meeting people and such ?
  6. Hello, Since it has been a long time spanking a female. I should say meeting anyone, or getting any solid replys. I'm gonna try some reverse psychology and say I don't want to spank anyone and I most definitely don't want any replys , at all ! Ha ha ha... Take that spanko world !
  7. Bull pucky ! LOL. Any ladies who would be interested in a over the knee spanking for things that may have happened in the past or current issues ? I'm able to travel and very open minded to individual needs. Feel free to ask any and all questions. Thank you for your time.
  8. Hello, Just a quick thank you for all your support. I'm thinking things over right now. We will see what happens ? Skidball
  9. Hello everybody, I'm a middle age spanko who has been into spanking since childhood.There would not be enough hours in the day to watch spanking videos. LOL ! I have meet some nice people and spanked about a dozen spankees. Some good times.Now things have gone south. I have not attended and parties in awhile and it seems the well has run dry to find someone. I'm thinking about just chucking my paddle collection in the trash and becoming a non spanking activist . LOL. It's a hard decision, but I just might decide to take a break from all of it. see what happens ? That's my two cents.
  10. Hello, What are some ideals for a lotion therapy for scarring ? Some from spanking. Other medical reasons.
  11. My Dad has been gone a year now. June is a bad month. His death , Fathers day and his birthday all in the month of june. Happy for everyone who's parents are still alive. Enjoy their company and the little things you do are the most important. Walt.
  12. Skidball

    Hey Hey

    Hi I'm Walt . Any female interested in an over the knee spanking in the South East Mi. area. Just let me know. Thanks.
  13. I have heard that lexan paddles will not leave any bruising ? Is this true ?
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