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  1. Hello everyone .I don't know if this is okay but I figure can't go to wrong by sending everyone a greeting.

  2. I have a background in software development. I would be willing to be a beta tester.
  3. 1. I do not believe in the historical Jesus. 2.) I am an only child. 3.) I have a BS degree and an MS degree in Computer Science. I also have a certificate in financial planning.
  4. Hi, My name is Bob and I am 56. I am a spanker / disciplinarian. Like you I live in NJ. Bob
  5. Which of the following punishments do you think is the most embarrassing? 1) Being spanked 2) Being put in the corner 3) Being grounded Bob
  6. Great post. I really like this: Creative punishments not only make a point to your sub, but they also add a little spice and variety to the training time I think it is very good when the spankee apologies for her/his behavior. Making the spankee thank the spanker is a good idea. I have found it helps the spankee know her/his place. However, in my book, you do not want to over do it. That is, I do not spank to tears. I also do not want to spank so hard that the spankee uses the safe word and I do not want to get too close to that limit. Safety first. Bob
  7. Well when things go wrong, I like to ask the question: Was my plan bad or did I fail to plan? I think when somebody is about to get punished, they should ask the same question. Bob
  8. Well, most spankers do not require complete nudity. There have been times when I required my spankee (who happens to be my girl friend) to be naked but those were the exception to the rule. I tend to only require it when the spankee has been particularly bad. Bob
  9. I thought we were all getting along just fine on this website.

    1. Bluepencil


      That would be a first.

  10. I have given out rewards. One reward that I gave was that I would go to church with the person if she completed a certain task by a certain time. Which she did. A couple of weeks later, I said I would take her to dinner and dancing if she completed a certain task by a certain time. She made a good faith effort to complete the task but failed. The task was probably too hard. As it turned out, I took her to dinner but not dancing. Bob
  11. Mandy, Was that an extra chapter you were given to read in addition to the chapter you had to read. If I understand the situation, and I am not sure I do, you were already punished for the offense of not doing all your assigned reading. I think you are doing okay but not good. Bob
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