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  1. I should add, it's not just location, it's also matching/similiar wants/needs/ideas/limits. There has to be a comfort level in what both want/need, and some connection really helps too. We aren't all made for each other.
  2. It can happen. It has happened for me is the past, but unfortunately not recently. I have met and chatted with some great female spankos here. Most are not close enough to make getting together easy, but still some great chats sharing the intererest, ideas and experiences. Waiting for the right person in the right location at the right time will make fulfilling the want/need/desire that much better. Or, I'll just live with the memories of some great past experiences. Hang in there, this spanking want/need doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.
  3. There is a disco song form 1979 - "Spank" by Jimmy Bo Horne Another is a rock song - "Spank" by Kenny Wayne Shepherd
  4. Years ago, with my first spanko friend i did. We had lunch together occassionally and a little swat going out to the car or walking down the sidewalk to her office was fun. Gave us a little thrill and was fun to see if anyone around saw and reacted.
  5. For me sites like this have always been an outlet between meeting others to meet the real need occassionally. The thoughts/ideas are always in the back of my mind so finding friends to chat with online is a good thing. I used to think the want/need would go away at some point, but that doesn;t seem to be the case. I will probably need an outlet of some type for some time to come.
  6. 6 Where are all the ERs?
  7. oops.... brat scooped me. make that 30 now
  8. Hi Callie. Welcome to the site. I hope yu find some good spanko friends here.
  9. 59M in Raleigh, but in sales and travel the Carolinas. Always looking for more spanko friends.
  10. I am married to a total vanilla who knows about my spanking interests. I can't say that she approves of it or even understands it, just that she knows about it. She also knows that I chat a lot and that I have met some of my online friends. She is certainly smart enough to add it up. It has become a don't ask, don't tell situation with us. It is more and more occasional as the years pass, but still happens when connections are made. I suppose i'd have to admit that I rationalize it as ok since it is spanking only. We all know there is a level of intimacy with spanking, so it may be a weak rationalization. We also know how strong the interest/pull can be. So it happens. And as long as it is very discrete, it hasn't impacted the rest of the relationship.
  11. In my experience deep crying comes more from emotion than the pain of a spanking. If someone is willing to simply beat you till you cry, you need to find another spanker.
  12. A good spanking can certainly relieve boredom. Just need an ee/ER as appropriate.
  13. Happy Birthday. I hope you have a good one..... and maybe get a good one too?
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