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  1. Not to dredge up the dead, but I was contacted by another woman last month. He's not done harming people it seems but at least he got another dmca filed. He also claims he wasn't banned, so he might still have an account here.
  2. Him posting me bottoming on stube. He was banned for this and for posting personal harassment against me.
  3. Hello, all! Been a very, very long time! I hate that I have to come back under these circumstances, but I was recently alerted to the fact that the man responsible for stealing video and photo content with me and repeatedly selling it has surfaced here under the name "Affectionfromcorrection". That is also the name of his C4S store which SEVEN WOMEN including myself have been forced to file DMCA acts against. When we did that, he made ANOTHER store and sold me and my friends under DIFFERENT NAMES. See attached pictures. This man is abusive, his recent divorce has on record that he sold videos of his wife without her consent, abused her financially and emotionally, among other things. I'm not here to start anything, but you can see by my photos the things that this man has done to me. You can see that I am a LONG time member! Please be safe. Journals about him: https://www.spankingtube.com/blog/30351/new-beginnings https://www.spankingtube.com/blog/30402/the-stores-are-mine https://www.spankingtube.com/blog/30796/stolen-content-and-fake-store
  4. Get off now, thief. I'll be posting all my screenshots as we speak. The ones of you stealing from me, selling me on multiple stores, along with SEVEN OTHER WOMEN who I see you still are trying to sell and spread pictures of WITH NO CONSENT.
  5. I've spanked multiple bottoms on several occasions, both for discipline and for fun! It's a lot of fun!
  6. Finding a straight male spanker willing to spank a man might be hard to do, but not impossible! I wish you all the luck! Ps, if it's for discipline, you might have luck with a gay or bi Spanker too! But that depends on your comfort level. Are you into it for the idea that they might spank harder than a woman? Or perhaps for the cathartic 'dad' type of spanking?
  7. A good technique I have seen is to lay on your side with your up-side knee bent. This allows you the best full swing of your arm. Best done with long handled instruments, but good enough for brushes, and best done one cheek at a time.
  8. I have a question! What do you wish to be spanked for? That's pretty important in helping you to ask him how to.
  9. I've used it as a punishment before, though with milking. It certainly made the punishment spanking after very effective. Normally, I would never mix anything sexual with discipline.
  10. As they stated above, it differs for everyone. There are things you can do to help speed up the process as well, like using lotion with arnica and behaving so you don't earn too many spankings!
  11. It depends. I've known some self spankers that really don't hold back, and can make self spanking quite painful. However just like any discipline, it won't do any good if you don't feel the remorse. So for some it just isn't possible to get that kind of feeling by ones self. Sometimes making it a directed session, your spanker telling you how many for instance, and you directly follow their rules, it might help! But it'll never be the same as having someone else do it, of course.
  12. I didn't want to give up my forum history, but I'd like to change it if I can!
  13. Me too! Moved across the state for them, and we hit it off!
  14. sjmme

    Butt Plug?

    I've used them on bottoms before, it's a very effective tool for keeping them in line!
  15. It's true that it happens, on accident or just a side effect of using certain implements. I agree with always cleaning and disinfecting thoroughly. Especially if you use them on multiple bottoms.
  16. I've spanked others at parties before. It can be kind of fun, but as others mentioned there's a lack of intimacy between the spanker and spankee. Like putting on a show, which can be fun! But not what everyone is looking for.
  17. I know who made these! The lines on the punishment spanking is a sort of 'gloom'/sweat (mostly seen in anime). Therapy spanking has tears because many of those who need stress relief or therapy spankings often need to cry, and might even need the pain or scene to help them cry. That's the thought behind it anyway!
  18. Spanking for me is not sexual at all. It IS sensual and intimate though. The feelings that it evokes for me are those of purpose and power. I have a responsibility when I am disciplining someone, and I like the confidence that I feel when I am giving a spanking, knowing I am making a difference. And for those other times, I simply like how it feels to give a spanking. To know someone is putting their butt on the line for me, literally, whether we're having fun or disciplining!
  19. Yes! An ex-spankee of mine used to even pull me aside and ask me if I needed to spank him for my own stress relief. It was the best stress relief ever. It wasn't about causing any pain, so it didn't need to be a hard spanking, it was just about focusing and regaining some control that I might have felt I lost. It makes me feel amazingly close to my spanking partner.
  20. When I was about nine, my male friend about the sane age got pulled over his mom's lap for a wooden spoon spanking. It seems to have left a lasting impression on me! Other than that I used to give my two live-in ee's a few swats in front of guests if they acted up. Of course these were guests that knew about our lifestyle and not just any vanillas!
  21. Anyone remember this? Footlocker commercial!
  22. Spiders! And being unemployed and a burden to those I live with. Going back to depending on my dad. I've been on my own since I was 18 and never looked back. Watched my siblings all cave and go home at one point or another. Maybe it's a point of pride for me, but I fear having to return.
  23. A hard one is on the knees, nose in the corner, with your feet off the ground. Even 5mins hurts, so I've been told. A strain on the muscles as well as weight on the knees. Do not try if you have joint problems!
  24. I've met more vanillas or non-spankos willing to spank than be spanked. Receiving pain for a non-spanko would be very difficult I'd think. 'Why does he/she want to harm me?' or something of the sort. Unless they're really really into 50 shades. (ugh) Giving a spanking, even half-heartedly, seems easier to accept.
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