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  1. We had good luck this Christmas 😂 ordered my EE a new brush and strap, and on the way home we stopped to walk my jerk dog and ended up finding a brand new riding crop on the trail 😂
  2. Fair enough, looks like I will be finding some new non spanking punishments. Hopefully this doesn’t take to long to heal because I am already going stir crazy 😂
  3. I dislocated my shoulder and possible did more damage to it yesterday and it brought up a new conundrum with me and my EE. What’s the best way to spank/discipline when your main spanking arm is out of commission 😂. My left hand works a bit for handspanking but I’m not really trusting it for strap/belt etc.
  4. Wooden bath brush would probably give you a good chance of getting them!
  5. 🤦‍♂️ I would just stick to your ISO posts dude...
  6. The service to the community has been big with me since this started. I normally do some medium/high risk volunteer work in the public safety field and it has increased since the virus kicked in. I’m also trying to do more mental health work on my paid job side of things as well. The military has had a increase in suicides and depression over the past few months.
  7. I called a wooden spoon a kitchen implement, while cooking dinner with my EE and my coworker and his wife. They have a open relationship and she said “I’ve never heard it called that before” laughing so they may know 🤷‍♂️
  8. I wasn’t here but on a much lamer spanko sure, but I met the absolute love of my life and girl I have been with for over 2 years on there. We are a awesome match both in life and spanking 😁
  9. Broad daylight at a picnic table at a public campground. (It was off season and it was just us) it was a awesome time at a cool family run campground in West Virginia.
  10. Mirrors work wonders as well as things like “punishment” panties, pullups etc that show the red bottom after the fact.
  11. It seems like people are going a little stir crazy here on Whidbey Island. I’m still working my normal hours at work and my EE is on a 2 week on 2 off schedule, but it seems a lot of people here are laid off or not working at all.
  12. The wooden spoon can always do wonders as well, and most people have them in their kitchen already.
  13. My favorite place has been a little local antique store that had a antique “grandmas” paddle. Me and my ee had found out while shopping with family and came back later that day to buy it. The little old lady took one look at the paddle and us and just said “uh oh” and laughed as she was ringing us up. 😂
  14. I have a dog that while being the biggest jerk to everyone he meets for the most part, is the biggest baby at home. He was born at a compound I worked out of on deployment and I was lucky enough to be put into contact with a charity who helped bring him back to the states from the Middle East. And now him and my fat cat from Maui are the best of friends !
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