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  1. Another topic on burning buns quoted UCLA professor and neuroscientist Hermes Solenzol. The professor observed that the nerves that lead to specific areas in the brain is that the pain branch into "the cingulate cortex, an area that has an important role in motivation." We've often discussed whether spanking can improve behavior. This may help explain why a good paddling helps us improve, and why it likely needs to take place regularly. i've always felt that sound paddling helps me in many ways, at least for a while. As the pain and sting continue for many days, they remind me of what i should be doing and how important it is. i'd guess that for a paddling and strapping to motivate, the spankee would likely have to desire improvement in the areas under discussion. For lasting improvement, i'd think the paddlings should continue regularly and consistently. A single paddling could improve motivation and behavior in the short term or even possibly medium term. But, soon it wears off. In that sense, a good paddling is very beneficial, whether it's a one-time or infrequent paddling, or if it's consistent over time.
  2. i was in a restaurant recently, the Saturday afternoon before mothers' day. Nearby to where we sat was a young couple, probably very late 20s or early 30s. Just before they sat down, She planted a couple of firm swats on his backside. Nobody seemed to notice much, but they intrigued me. It didn't seem unusual at all, even in conservative Utah, at least not to me. They seemed like a completely normal couple in every way. i thought it was wonderful!
  3. Thanks for the heads up on closing Cane-iac! Hopefully someone will take their place, or purchase the family business. What a unique thing to have for a family business!
  4. Spanking court could be an option...A few times when the highway patrol or police pulled me over, i would have really preferred to just have had a paddling on the spot, instead of a ticket... Could we do that?
  5. Thanks, SomethingRandom, for the link to an excellent article by Hermes Solenzol, apparently a UCLA professor and neuroscientist researching pain, with spanking experience. The author describes differences between stingy pain and thuddy pain, how it may be related to pleasure, and what causes redness, heat, and bruises. The author advised that "bruises in the skin are not something to be worried about. However, bruises in the muscle do not heal that easily and should be avoided." He pointed out that spankees should feel safe, or in a safe environment, for spanking activities. An additional important observation the author made in discussing the nerves that lead to specific areas in the brain is that the pain branches into "the cingulate cortex, an area that has an important role in motivation." We've often discussed whether spanking can improve behavior. This may help explain why a good paddling helps us improve, and why it likely needs to take place regularly. i've always felt that sound paddling helps me in many ways.
  6. Once, i heard a mom say to her offspring, "I'm going to burn your bum!" -- meaning give a spanking. i wished She had said that to me instead; i would have appreciated it!
  7. You may also wish to check out the helpful effects of oil or water. i don't think it makes much difference for me, but i hope to try many more times! See this topic:
  8. Fun question, SelfSp12. my bum has always heated up (often quite a lot!) with paddlings, whether someone helps, or i've had to do it myself. Additionally, the heat typically stays for several days. The heat may depend on the seriousness of the paddling, on your own genetics, implements, or your own reactions. The heat is a nice, continuing reminder of the paddling, and lets us know it was real. i wonder how many spankers check out the heat afterward? How many actually comment on it?
  9. SN has a photo gallery where you could post the pictures, if they aren't copyright protected. No doubt, lots of spankees would enjoy the photos.
  10. Mr. Wish, i didn't know that Women "tops" often sported wide leather belts; that's new to me. If true, it would be a great way to identify Them. i think, though, that the wide leather belt is much more of a fashion accessory than any statement about her willingness to spank males. Your observation that They are Spankers may be more of an understandable wish than reality. We've had forum topics about how spankos can recognize each other, but this observation hasn't come up yet. i'm all for a way to identify fellow spanking enthusiasts and spankophiles! Please enlighten us with more information on these observations.
  11. i'm not sure how i ran across this topic again, but as a follow-up, i did get a locker room paddling at a community pool in October 2017. We used a family changing room, so it was basically private. Unfortunately, it was only about a dozen bare-bottomed swats, before and after a swim, with quite a serious paddle. i had hoped for much more, but it was a fun experience overall (even though the swats hurt). i haven't thought much about locker room paddlings since then. Nowadays, i think i'd be hesitant about it. i'd still very much appreciate meeting Miss Bam again, though! Also, Naughty Little Boy quoted me above, but added the second paragraph--which were all his words. Check my original, first post and you'll see. Normally, i try to correct spelling errors before posting, i don't use a ping-pong paddle (although one spanker used a ping paddle among many other implements), i don't use "all caps," and i avoid cutting.
  12. A follow-up question might be, How many young Spankers would enjoy spanking, paddling, and strapping older spankees?
  13. Great attitudes! We need more spankers with attitudes like these. Maybe if more people would discover how fun it is to spank someone? Many willing spankees would very gladly accommodate these attitudes.
  14. Thanks, Mr. SkipNC. i'm glad that Spankers, or some Spankers, get enjoyment and stress relief from spanking. That spanking someone benefits the Spanker, or even is pleasurable for the Spanker, benefits everyone (the Spanker enjoys spanking, the spankee gets spanked, they both feel better, and the attitude adjustments help everyone around them). Maybe that could help foster more spankings? i wonder if that could develop any kind of bonding between Spanker and spankee? Do spankees bond to Spankers much more than Spankers bond to spankees? i've always hoped that giving me a paddling helps the Spankers in some or many ways, and that the Spanker enjoys doing it and may even feel some catharsis. A lot of spankees might submit to paddlings just to help the Spanker.
  15. Some of us need a lot of spanking, paddling, and strapping! Maybe she was like that. Great history, Mr. Longtime spanking. Thanks for sharing it with us. Perhaps many need what she needed, and never find it.
  16. Hi, Mr. Shane, i very much enjoyed your comments, understanding, and suggested scenarios. Your interest in this dynamic, from a Spanker's point of view, is very rare but quite welcome. Some time ago, i responded to the email address you provided, but maybe you rarely check that email. i appreciated your thoughts and reaching out that way. Thanks!
  17. That experience, and the determination with which the spankee wished to carry it out, shows that a spanking is about a lot more than just a very sore, stinging back side. And it's why considerate, thoughtful, determined, and even skilled Spankers are in great demand. Now, if only some need and demand for spankees existed!
  18. Wow, very courageous of your spankee, at that time, in that location, and in that condition! Shows that she was very serious about the whole spanking experience. That must have been early 1970s? How did you meet these several Women?
  19. Wow, Mr. SpankingBanker, sounds cool---you have a close neighbor to spank, and another who comes to you regularly for spankings. Thanks for spanking those who need and want it, being available to them, and being open about it. More people willing to spank those around them could improve the odds for spankees, and maybe even improve mental health, outlook, and behavior. How many do you spank, sir? Keep up the good work!
  20. Thanks for the clarifications, Mr. Dmirk. She was a very courageous spankee, being spanked in front of others. And you were bold to initiate the spankings when others were watching. How did the roommates react--to her, and to you?
  21. Thanks for the clarifications, Mr. FtWorthOtk. Glad you loved spanking someone! What about it did you like most? What did you feel like?
  22. i think Will Smith is in dire need of a very serious paddling for his conduct, behavior, and language. The academy awards group seemed to agree? Maybe Jada Pinkett and others could help with that?
  23. Thanks, Mr. Dmirk. Sounds like you spanked both your college girlfriend and her roommate? Wow; exceptional. i agree, at least as an inveterate male spankee, that spankings should take place bare bottomed. Thoughts? bare bottom spankings in front of others?
  24. We've had discussions and posts about how and why spankees benefit from spanking experiences, and additional discussion is welcome. But discussions on how and why giving a spanking benefits the Spanker have been very rare. Can we discuss the benefits to the Spankers, if any? How does spanking someone help you? What do you feel like before, during, and after giving a spanking? And, spankees, feel welcome to discuss the same questions from the opposite points of view. As an inveterate spankee, i'm always scared when i go to a spanking session. i'm about to shed all my clothing for a fully-dressed spanker, and accept a paddling and strapping. i never really know how hard, long, and serious it will be, or how i'll be afterward. During the paddling, all i can really think about is all the swats and how much it hurts. Afterward, i feel calmer, and glad about the whole experience. Generally, i'll be sore and maybe bruised for a couple of weeks, and remember how intense the paddling was, and how much i needed it. Somehow, i always need a paddling and strapping, and getting it is a benefit. Still, i wonder why i need something so out of the ordinary, that hurts so much, and that can be embarrassing and humbling. Many have reported long-term spanking associations. What contributes to the length of the relationship? What keeps it going? Or, conversely, what might diminish or stop the relationship? What's the likelihood of, and benefit of, a long-term spanking association? What are the benefits of short-term, sporadic, or even one-time paddlings? How long do spanking associations last? How does spanking change the relationship? Okay, enough questions. i really look forward to your responses!
  25. Fun and interesting experiences, Mr. Longtimespanking. Sounds like accountability for grades must have helped your college friend a lot, and lasted throughout the year. Interesting family traditions and varieties of spankings, too. And, wow, how wonderful that you met a spanking friend over 40 years ago and still continue to spank her! Amazing. That is a long friendship, and a long spanking relationship, and very admirable. That you were spanking her, bare bottom, within minutes of meeting her, and have continued the spanking and friendship for over 40 years evidences how bonding and important spanking is for many of us. My guess, though, is that very few of us ever experience anything like it. How would you say the relationship and spanking has benefited her, and you? i haven't seen your other posts mentioning this wonderful friend...re-post or post links, if you like. Thanks
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