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  1. Christy, i'm very glad You are still active here (and hopefully in spanking!) !
  2. Just another thought...removing all the spankee's clothing is sort of like stepping out of real or normal life for a time, and maybe setting aside some preoccupations, pretenses, and worries. For a moment, the spankee can be vulnerable, and has to trust the judgement of the Spanker. As the Spanker looks over the spankee, both understand the increased power exchange. Incidentally, my thoughts are from the perspective of a male spankee, and the perspective of a Lady spankee is likely quite different. i'm curious about the perspectives of Spankers on this and the comment right above this one. CFnm = Clothed Female, naked male CMnm = Clothed male, naked male
  3. Agreed...for me, being totally without clothing, and the Spanker completely clothed, means a lot for the spanking session, the relationship, and for me. Being totally unclothed adds to the vulnerability, the power exchange, respect for the Spanker, submissiveness, embarrassment, control, and more. It helps us know and remember who we are, and know and remember our positions. It sets the scene and the relationship, and seems most memorable. It leaves nothing to hide, and adds to the emotional aspect of a paddling and strapping. CFnm or even CMnm sets the atmosphere. It adds to and improves the control of the Spanker, and makes the purpose clear. Undressing for (or by) the Spanker, and/or at the Spanker's order, strips the spankee physically and emotionally, both of which add very significantly to the atmosphere and experience. And then afterward, dressing with the Spanker's permission maintains the atmosphere. Also afterward, Spanker and spankee know exactly what happened and how it happened, and the control, lack of clothing, the paddling and strapping, have all evolved and improved the relationship. i'm not sure what it's like for Spankers, but getting naked and submitting completely bare to the Spanker and the implements is very meaningful to this spankee. i think that often, both the Spanker and spankee know what took place, and that it could (and hopefully will) easily take place again.
  4. With all due respect, m Ms Chawsee, i love that attire!!
  5. Ms Chawsee, as usual, You are stoking the ragng fire of need and yearning among us for a serious paddling from You! You are a blessing to mankind. Hmmm, "meet & spank..." What a clever and adventurous (but scary) idea. Thank You for all You do and all You are!! -- You know i can't thank You enough!
  6. Perhaps at my own peril, the sooner, the more often, the more frequently, the longer, the better!!
  7. Hi, Ms. Vanilla... Thanks for sharing Your experiences and challenges with us, and for Your courage to embark on new experiences. You mentioned that Your partner isn't ready for You to spank her yet, and that she gets some spanking, or likely paddling if she has bruises, from others. Getting accustomed to spanking and paddling someone likely takes time, practice and experience. Maybe Your partner isn't comfortable trying to coach You into the spanking and paddling dynamic. She may not want to direct you in what to do ("top from the bottom??). In some ways, you can learn about the dynamic in our forums here. Still, You may need some experience to reach a place where You can help Your partner and address her needs. Would You consider spanking others? Likely many would offer to help You become a real Spanker, if You can consider that. Some have learned a lot that way and become very serious disciplinarians and Spankers with the experiences. And some discussions, with Your partner, and with others, may help You understand the dynamic you may need to develop. You mentioned that you feel similar to ERs who don't want their ees to have another Er. But how many ees ever have that option--the option of being the only eeee in an Er's life? Seems like that could be a consideration for You. As You develop, You may be able to develop a spanking relationship with Your partner, and You may also find out if this is a dynamic You are okay with--if You really can be a Spanker, and whether You can enjoy paddling others. So, maybe an unorthodox approach, but it could work for You. We hope You keep us posted on how everything works out. Good luck in all You do, and may You have a fruitful spanking relationship.
  8. Love the honesty... That is a profound insight...that spanking, or being spanked is a kind of sacred territory...that would be a great discussion. Admittedly, i'm biased on whether someone (and especially You, Ms. Chawsee!) should spank outside men. From everything we've read and heard from and about You, You keep this well under control. Receiving a spanking might stir sexual feelings in some men, although maybe these men deserve some credit for keeping their feelings in proper bounds? And i think You get to know the men You spank before You meet them. For me anyway, a serious paddling tends to eliminate sexual feelings, and about all i can think about is the paddling and strapping (if that!). Regarding inappropriate bonding, i sense that You control that, too, as would responsible spankees. Spanking participants would normally and typically address relationship status, expectations, and limits before meeting. They may re-address those areas during meetings and throughout the spanking relationship. Respect for, admiration of, and liking another person need not violate sensible boundaries. When, or if, the respect, admiration and liking evolve beyond sensible boundaries, the participants should recognize that, identify problem areas, and discuss it honestly. The result may be to limit interactions as needed, or if required, discontinue activities. Completely foregoing the value and benefits of (un)pleasant spanking interactions seems like going too far, like maybe going beyond the mark or target of sensible interaction and behavior. That step might be appropriate for some persons or in some circumstances. Some things, like smoking, for example, we should avoid completely (in my view). Other things, just as an example (that may not be entirely fitting), like eating, we have to do. Yet, we should strive to eat properly, for nutrition, health, sociability, and enjoyment.
  9. Sounds great to me....i've even offered several times...without success... i think it would be an honor to help someone that way... i wonder how we would feel about each other afterward?
  10. i really appreciate this site and all the Child of Light and Mystery Man do to maintain the site. i'm also experiencing serious chat issues...long lag times, glitches that require refreshing often, and then not being able to get back into chat. i've been trying to get back in for around 45 minutes. It's distracting when we're in the middle of fun conversations!
  11. We look forward to updates with details from you on 9/20/2022! Thanks for sharing these events.
  12. How do you get spanking started at a birthday party?
  13. The whole paddling need and scene makes no sense to me. i also really need paddling, but very much dislike the paddling while it's taking place--but knowing i really need it and so, need to continue to submit... Likely part of it is being overdue for paddling and strapping, although even when it happens, i know i'll continue to need it...
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