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  1. In addition, MsTrista is listed as a male in his profile.
  2. or, better yet, in Utah! Wow, you are in demand all over the country, sir!
  3. Thanks for the question, Mr. Gravano. Yes, there was fallout. Immediately after the paddling, i jumped in the car and went for a long drive, felt like i had to get away! i was probably in shock, at least emotionally. But during the long drive, i realized she had given me what i had asked for. i had a very deep pain and burning, which lasted several days. My bum was swollen and welted. But, i returned home, kind of glad for it. The serious burning and swelling lasted several days, and the soreness and bruises more than 3 weeks. While i was gone, my ex- called our clergy person and talked to him, and then met with his wife. That was really, really embarrassing for me. i think my ex was very startled when i left the way i did--for a couple of hours. And, she didn't like the idea of paddling me, overall; thought it was wrong. As "luck" would have it, our ecclesiastical boundaries changed shortly after that. She told the next ecclesiastical leader, too, and i had to have a conversation about it. i suffered some ecclesiastical fallout from that. i suppose our marriage was never very strong. Although i didn't really feel any differently about her, and actually appreciated her more than before, she moved out within a few months, then filed for divorce. It was a very ugly divorce, for me (not for her). We had no children or property, so that was good. When she moved out and filed, we had been married around one year. She had already threatened divorce several times. The paddling subject sort of came up in the divorce proceedings, in court, in front of the judge, and others. She claimed to have chronic fatigue syndrome. Possible, but doubtful in my mind. She may have had something. The divorce stretched out over 20 months, mostly by strategy of my ex and her attorney. It was awful for me, and i lost a lot. A few years later she remarried. Then, she divorced again, and then remarried again. Perhaps the sad part was that sometime during the third marriage, she overdosed on a common opiate (likely prescribed to her), ending her time in mortality. i don't believe any of that, except that she didn't want to stay married to me (although she tried to get back together), had anything to do with having paddled me. i studied her behavior during the time, and felt she showed signs of psychosis. Unfortunately, we had had a whirlwind romance, and had married within around 2.5 months after meeting. i had never even met her parents, nor she mine--both were out of state, till our wedding day. i think you can see a lot of red flags. i saw a lot more red flags, but didn't recognize them for what they were and so we married. Now, i'm not the ideal husband by any stretch of the imagination. Y'all can see that by my posts! Nevertheless, i had my first date with the Woman who would become my Wife on the date that the judge finally signed our divorce decree (i waited!!). We've been married for over 20 years, plus we dated 4-5 years before marriage. Marriage is no picnic, and we've had rough times. But, we've stayed together (so far), and we love each other. No real spankings this time. i hope she puts up with me for a long time--forever! hmmm, too much information?--sorry.
  4. Cool, AfterGeometry, now if only you wanted to spank males!! i like that attitude--Spankers Spank, and spankees get spanked! However, i added a "like" to several comments in which Spankers have taken a spanking--very interesting perspectives. i had a similar question all the while reading these posts. Do Spankers think that a spankee experience is similar to the spankers' experience? And, how has having had a spanking changed you as a Spanker? Has it made you want to spank more, or less? harder, or softer? Longer, or shorter? Do you think you know what a spankee feels, physically, or emotionally? how has that changed you? Zhal, interesting dynamic. Please let us know how it turns out!! --thanks in advance. This is a cool topic, and thanks to all the Spankers who have responded. Seems like most of the time the responses from Spankers are sparse! Thanks!
  5. This is a great discussion, informative, precautionary, understanding, and more. Gravano posted the elizabethburns.com website, which was interesting and fun to read...if you haven't yet, check out the testimonials page on her site. i still consider myself a novice, since in 40 years, i've really only had around 20 paddlings and strappings. Some were quite awhile ago, so the "really excessive" part may have dwindled a bit in memory. i'll mention three, and you can decide if any were excessive. An ex- paddled me very seriously and severely, but it was her first time paddling anyone. i had asked her to paddle me several times, and indicated it needed to be hard. She didn't really want to, until one day she was angry with me. I still have the 3/4-inch thick, 9-inch by 7-inch bread board, into which i had drilled five small holes, with which she paddled me. i had previously had two or three very hard paddlings, but this one was way more serious. Although i couldn't count swats for anything in my life, together we later estimated over 200. She swung using both hands/arms, locked straight out, and it was a long swing. i was standing, bent over our bed, which rested on 32 inch high blocks (we were young and needed storage space in our basement apartment). i jumped with every swat, and was able to get part of a quilt into my mouth to bite on--hard! After over 200 severe swats, she stopped; i took the opportunity to stand and pull up my pants, and, kind of screamed something about whether she wanted to kill me. That was how i felt, and how it stopped. i was sore and bruised, and went through a rainbow of colors, for over 3 weeks afterward. i don't think i had ever, then or since, hurt so much, and for so long. This paddling may have been excessive, but i recovered okay. Another was a paddling from a "gentleman" i met on Craigslist. He had several paddles and straps. We discussed a paddling in several/many emails, and i agreed to submit to a quite serious paddling. i was working out of state at the time, and also had almost a 2 hour drive to get to his apartment. The discussion at the session was minimal. He ordered me to strip and bend over the side arm of the sofa, which was sufficiently high. i have no idea how many swats, but it was a lot--really a lot, and every one was quite hard and serious. The "gentleman" had put a ball gag into my mouth to keep me quiet (i had mentioned biting on an athletic sock or cloth, but he advised me it would be the ball gag). The ball gag strapped around my head to stay in place. i turned down the offer for restraints. The swatting was very long and very hard. i began to wonder what i could do to get out of it. We had not discussed any safewords (which i could not have uttered anyway) or signals. i started to try to figure out an exit strategy, but remember, i was completely naked. i didn't think there was much i could do. This gentleman had a lot of experience paddling mostly young men in their 20s. Finally, as i was trying to figure out what i could possibly do, the "gentleman" announced, "These will be your last 10." And he did his best on those last 10. However, when he announced that, i knew i could stand just 10 more. i even thought, maybe it should be a final 20 (or 25?). i dressed, and he advised me, "You've been paddled significantly before, or you never could have taken this." He said it was one of the two most serious paddlings he had ever delivered. Although it really hurt, i was glad to know, sort of relieved in a way, that even he thought the paddling was extensive. Again, i had marks for 3 weeks, but wasn't as sore or seriously bruised as the paddling described above. Another wasn't excessive at all, really, but started to feel like it...mostly because of one of the paddles. i've accepted paddlings with broad paddles (as described above) and broad straps. i request no canes or whips or anything narrow. In this paddling, he used the bread cutting board described above, and a paddleball paddle, and another "paddle" that he had made. His was narrower than say, a fraternity paddle, not like a cane or regular belt, but narrow (in my book!). He delivered several rounds of each paddle in succession--that is, several swats from each paddle immediately followed by several swats with the next--i think 10 swats with each paddle. First was with me kneeling over a couch, then standing and bent over the back of another sofa, and the third position was kind of bent over, bracing myself against a wall. So, we rotated between those positions a few times. This gentleman was a gentleman. i said that we should probably stop (because that narrow paddle of his hurt so much really sinking deeply into my bum!) He said, okay, just a few more with his paddle, to which i easily submitted. After another 4, possibly 5, swats, harder even than the others, he stopped. i've always regretted asking him to stop. He never wanted to paddle me again, mostly because he was interested in additional activities that aren't really part of a paddling punishment for me. i was marked and sore for less than 2 weeks. Anyway, sorry it got long, but those were my experiences with paddlings that started to become excessive, and what i did and didn't do. i must be a little unbalanced, because if i could, would repeat those experiences, you might even say i long for them. So, maybe they weren't excessive? Part of the challenge for me is that paddlings are very rare, so i always request serious, punishment paddlings. And, having seen some internet photos, a lot of spankings and paddlings have been more severe than my most serious paddlings. i always request that if any blisters develop, that the paddling stop. i've been blessed--none have resulted in blisters, permanent scars, or bleeding--and i do not want any paddlings or whippings or whatever that would cause blisters, scars, or bleeding. My bum has been welted, butt that heals. i think a lot of communication before the paddling is important. i've tried to do that, but, you be the judge of the results!
  6. The most serious, severe paddling i've ever had came for something i didn't do, and i told Her i hadn't done it, but She wanted to paddle me anyway, i guess thinking i had done it. It was a horrendous paddling, more than i could take, actually. However, i got a paddling, which i always need, and now, i wish i could get it again--not for anything super terrible that i've done, but because i just really need paddling. So, i'd accept it, to be submissive and show submission, to submit, to show Her dominance, and to get the paddlings i need. Now, if it happened all the time, say a couple of times a week or more, it could get to be too much. Basically, at least for now, if a Woman (or even a male) wants to paddle me, i accept it.
  7. i believe that clothed Spanker and naked spankee is the very best way! Adds to embarrassment, vulnerability, and a lot more!
  8. Mr. Luvs2spin78, you haven't mentioned whether you are interested in males or females or both, and whether you wish to spank or paddle or be spanked or paddled... Also, some dates may help...and whether you will have a place... As you can see, many of us are interested! Go Salt Lake Spanking!
  9. ammon

    How many States?

    i've been to 38 states and the District of Columbia, i have missed 12 states and all our territories, someone has paddled me in only 3 states. The states i've visited: -Washington -Oregon -California -Idaho -Utah -Nevada -Arizona -New Mexico -Colorado -Wyoming -Montana -North Dakota -South Dakota -Nebraska -Kansas -Oklahoma -Texas -Minnesota -Iowa -Missouri -Arkansas -Florida -Alabama -Tennessee -Indiana -Illinois -Wisconsin -Michigan -Florida -Georgia (Atlanta airport) -South Carolina -North Carolina -Virginia -Maryland -Pennsylvania -New Jersey -Connecticut -New York i have not visited 12 states: -Maine -Vermont -Massachusetts -Rhode Island -New Hampshire -Delaware -Kentucky -West Virginia -Mississippi -Louisiana -Alaska -Hawaii Now i'd like to know who has spanked, or been spanked, in all 50 states!!!
  10. " I have yet to find a male who can tolerate a spanking with a wood bath brush." i volunteer to try...haven't had the bath brush yet...
  11. Just curious about a few things... -do they celebrate April fools' day in Serbia? did you see the date of the post? -was this a fantasy or a real question? As a possible answer, i think for a lot of people, the spanking is part of a power exchange, and part of Dominance and submission. So, part of it may have been a power trip for your "master." And for you, it highlighted your submission. The activity emphasizes your respective roles.
  12. The couch could be a great place... It would be easy to just drop trousers, bend over, and get paddled!
  13. Arousal and action are different... Maybe you weren't paddling hard enough?
  14. Many of us have heard of subspace... Is topspace real? Do many experience it? What is it like? What does it take to get there? How do you feel about your sub, when you are in top-space, if that happens (or if it doesn;t)?
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