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  1. SassyLittle...i hope You knew i was only passing along an article! i didn't come up with those ideas, and shouldn't get credit (or blame) fort them. Thanks...
  2. Yes, i’ve been in gym locker rooms after paddlings. The first time, i went the day after a serious paddling and clearly was still very red, marked, and probably bruised. i tried to keep my bum close to the locker or locker door, and walked to and from the showers with a towel wrapped around me. After that, i didn’t exercise as much caution. Generally, i think, men aren’t prone to look much or comment on each others’ anatomy. So i just acted natural. Another time, i went to the gym right after a good paddling (a different gym in the same franchise), and handled it the same way–a little dis
  3. Ms. RubyRedd, You've articulated what You seek very, very well! i hope it works out great for You. You deserve the best!
  4. i think a couple of good paddles and a broad, thick, leather strap complement each other very well. The paddles can provide a deep, thuddy experience that will continue to hurt long after the paddling, and the strap can provide a very serious, sharp sting. Ideally, a Spanker would enjoy using both kinds of implements for a good paddling session.
  5. Since You’ve mentioned this before, Ms. NewEr, it sounds like You want to try it, and maybe You should try it. i agree that You may wish to reserve it for special occasions. Although i can’t comment on how well a punishment paddling right after a release may correct behavior, i can offer a few perspectives from my viewpoint. Keep in mind, though, that a punishment paddling with all excitement entirely removed may result in resentment rather than in remedying behavior, if that is Your only reason to paddle. As indicated above, a paddling on a male right after a release intensifies and mult
  6. Thank You, Miss Chawsee! The sooner the better; the more the better, the more often the better!
  7. Miss Chawsee, i'd welcome Your hard and fast paddlings...and the slow and hard ones, too! Congratulations on Your spanking escapades. i'm certain they were pleased with Your work...please continue! Glad to see You've returned... All the best to you, Miss Chawsee!
  8. This is probably the podcast mentioned above: https://www.spankopodcast.com/episodes/
  9. Another reason to seek a spanking and paddling is to submit. See this article: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32486920/ and: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/myths-desire/202006/the-sexual-science-masochism-and-submission and: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/myths-desire/202006/the-sexual-science-masochism-and-submission and: and: and:
  10. For me, i always feel less stressed after the paddling than before or during the paddling. It's a good, calm feeling. Stress relief paddlings, like all paddlings for me, should be very serious, punishment paddlings and strappings.
  11. Thanks, Mr. Cavsalltheway. i hope we've provided some helpful suggestions. If you've talked with him several times already, and you have references from others, likely you have a comfort level and know enough to decide if he is an acceptable spanker for you. i'd guess that most men who get paddlings from men do so because like you, they cannot find Women to spank them, and finally decide to try it. The spanking need can be very compelling, and often overrides our preference in partners. So, you are concerned that you won't like it at all? hmmmm.... a few thoughts about that: 1. You
  12. Hi, NewEr, Thank You very much for the response and questions, and being okay with me suggesting another take on Your topic of paddling after a release. i hope the comments do generate thoughtful discussion. Although the opportunity for me to go through with the situation under discussion is very unlikely, and scary, i'd definitely submit to it. Why not start lighter than normal since the paddling will clearly be way more effective than i can anticipate, as You pointed out? Thank You for the opportunity to think about that and try to answer. Several reasons come to mind, and here are
  13. Mr. Cavsalltheway, since you've been posting about accepting a spanking from a guy for quite awhile, i think it's safe and accurate to say that you definitely want it. But should you do it? Only you can decide. We can tell you pros and cons, encourage safety, and cite numerous experiences. i've thought about responding previously, but this can be a touchy subject--and you are clear evidence of that. Apparently, you wonder what you really are, and what others may think of you if males spank or paddle you. i think you need to resolve those things for yourself. SN has had, over the years, many, m
  14. This topic has generated many interesting thoughts, ideas, and approaches. For me, getting a paddling is serious, and it always really, really hurts. i'm always a little nervous, even a little scared about getting the paddlings. Nevertheless, i always seek them! Because it's serious, and it's going to hurt, it's not sexual for me right before, during, or after the paddling. Even undressing in front of or being undressed by a Woman who is about to paddle me leaves me scared and nervous, and limp. i seek the paddlings for it to hurt a lot, and for the "power exchange," to submit to the paddling
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