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  1. i agree with those statements...we should meet!
  2. Thanks, Ms. Chawsee! i very much agree...and await Your paddles and straps...
  3. Although i wish a spanking radar existed, it doesn't for me and apparently not for anyone around me. A spanking radar could sure help and possibly lead to some associations and experiences. We've had a topic about wearing some outward symbol to indicate our interest, so i'd guess that most don't have the radar. Congratulations to those who have it and can sense fellow spankophiles. That must be a great blessing! Consider it a gift--i think those who have it are among a very few with the gift. It had never occurred to me that gays can detect other gays at 50 paces--interesting concept. Too bad spankos don't give off and detect the spanko vibe!
  4. For me, as a spankeeeee, i'd choose, if i may be so bold, our most celebrated Spanker...Ms. Chawsee! With paddles, and wide, leather straps... ...apologies to the guilty celebrity!
  5. ammon

    Acts of submission

    ...i'd guess that it could increase sting some...and for me, shaving seems to also show and increase submissiveness. How do Ers feel about it?
  6. ammon

    Acts of submission

    Have you noticed much difference in the pain or sting level from being hairless? Does it make you feel more submissive than otherwise?
  7. i'd guess that a lot more males want and need a paddling than Women...and that it's more important to the males to receive the paddling than it would be to Women... Since men are constantly on these kinds of forums seeking paddlings, it's likely that the men aren't getting paddled at home...
  8. SassyLittle...i hope You knew i was only passing along an article! i didn't come up with those ideas, and shouldn't get credit (or blame) fort them. Thanks...
  9. Yes, i’ve been in gym locker rooms after paddlings. The first time, i went the day after a serious paddling and clearly was still very red, marked, and probably bruised. i tried to keep my bum close to the locker or locker door, and walked to and from the showers with a towel wrapped around me. After that, i didn’t exercise as much caution. Generally, i think, men aren’t prone to look much or comment on each others’ anatomy. So i just acted natural. Another time, i went to the gym right after a good paddling (a different gym in the same franchise), and handled it the same way–a little discreet the first day, but not really afterward. The locker room wasn’t super crowded then. Had someone commented, maybe i could have just remarked, “yeah, a friend paddled me.” That could have led to embarrassment, teasing, telling, or worse, or possibly another paddling. A few months later, my Wife and i ran into a gentleman and his Wife at Walmart. He recognized me from the gym and commented that he’d seen me there several times, and asked how things were. Although he didn’t mention anything about a crimson bum, i really wondered if he remembered that or not. Unfortunately, i didn’t recognize him then or later. On the other occasion, i ran into some work colleagues on the gym floor. Oh well. Nobody commented on my very red, sore bum either time, as far as i knew. And another time, i arranged to meet an acquaintance at a gym and pool recreation center. In my bag, i had a couple of paddles. We waited until the coast was fairly clear, and changed in the family dressing room. He paddled me briefly before and after our swim. Overall, it was a good meeting and we enjoyed getting acquainted. On another occasion, after i left the open shower area and returned to my locker (also an open area), i turned around and glanced about the room. i didn’t have my eyeglasses on then, but i was sure I saw another gentleman in the shower with a very red bum. I only saw it for a second, but thought someone must have spanked or paddled him. Still, these occasions were quite rare.
  10. i think a couple of good paddles and a broad, thick, leather strap complement each other very well. The paddles can provide a deep, thuddy experience that will continue to hurt long after the paddling, and the strap can provide a very serious, sharp sting. Ideally, a Spanker would enjoy using both kinds of implements for a good paddling session.
  11. Since You’ve mentioned this before, Ms. NewEr, it sounds like You want to try it, and maybe You should try it. i agree that You may wish to reserve it for special occasions. Although i can’t comment on how well a punishment paddling right after a release may correct behavior, i can offer a few perspectives from my viewpoint. Keep in mind, though, that a punishment paddling with all excitement entirely removed may result in resentment rather than in remedying behavior, if that is Your only reason to paddle. As indicated above, a paddling on a male right after a release intensifies and multiplies the effect. Without doubt, Your spankee will focus on the punishment after a release. Though i've never experienced this, i'm certain it's true. After a release, i have no desire whatever for any kind of spanking or paddling (or anything!). Still, i'd like to submit to it under the right circumstances (which are evermore unlikely!!!). The ideal circumstances would include someone who has quite seriously applied paddles and straps to me on several occasions. W/we would have established an approach and an outcome. Surely i would know what the paddling sessions feel like, emotionally and physically. Then, we would both agree, as an experiment, that a paddling and strapping session should take place immediately after a release. We would both commit to that, and having committed to it, neither of us would back out. The release would be embarrassing, humbling, and maybe even a tad humiliating. After the release, i would really not want to submit to the paddling. We would have agreed that the session will be just as serious as the previous sessions, and a bit more and a bit longer than previous sessions. Having committed to the experiment, neither of us would back out--we would go through with it--completely. (On the other hand, i could still consider a paddling after a release, even without the ideal circumstances and history described above.) i think the experiment would indicate how much the paddling really hurts, how serious it really is, and how committed we (the paddler and i) are to paddling. i'd like to know how both of us felt afterward, and how it was different than other sessions. my guess is that i wouldn't want to repeat the experiment very soon afterward. i'd prefer to endure a similar, or increased, session to compare the two emotionally and physically, during and afterward -- for a similar paddling and strapping. i have a deep-seated need for serious paddling, day in and day out. In that context, i'd appreciate the opportunity to have to submit to the paddling even at that moment when i'd have no interest in it. i'd be submitting to a paddling quite similar to others i would have received previously, although slightly increased to ensure that it was not less than previous sessions. So, although physically it would be quite similar, i think i would feel different physically and emotionally. i'm curious what it would feel like and how well i could submit, and how much additional persuasion the paddler would need to provide to get me to the end. i feel like i submit to paddling and strapping, but after a “release,”, i'd need a significantly higher level of submission than without the release. It would be a challenge, and afterward, i'd likely be glad i met the challenge and learned the differences between the two settings. For me, allowing, or asking, someone to paddle me and cause significant distress, all the while i'm completely undressed and vulnerable while the paddler is completely clothed, requires that i submit--a lot. Accepting how much it hurts requires a lot of submitting. So, imagine the level of submitting after the "release!"
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