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  1. ammon

    STRAIGHT Men Spanking need

    Since finding a Woman to paddle and strap me seems impossible, i am willing to have males spank me--and i am straight. And, i enjoy the idea of the power exchange and of submitting to a serious paddling.
  2. Cool that this post has been around since 2015, and came up again now. When i posted originally in 2015, i mentioned that one gentleman had paddled me. Now, going on 4 years later, 4 gentlemen have paddled me. None have been sexual, although i think the Spankers may have wished it had. The situation is still the same: we just can't find the "holy grail" of having a Woman paddle us, so we seek paddling from males. It's not quite the same, emotionally, but at least maybe we can get a paddling, or even a strapping. But even finding a male who will paddle another male, especially not sexually in any way, is almost as challenging. We wish more people would be open to spanking, paddling, and strapping males!
  3. ammon

    Spanking in salt lake city

    Lots of people interested...but nobody willing to meet? --maybe none of the interests actually line up? --makes for a lonely world, eh?
  4. ammon

    Spanking in salt lake city

    i'm generally available for spanking! Let me know if you are serious...
  5. ammon

    Male Spankeeā€™s Underwear

    i've never worn any kind of underwear during a paddling; i've always been completely without clothing of any kind...except for the cloth that i bite on...and need!
  6. ammon

    Is Spanking addictive?

    i'm not sure why getting paddled is soooooo addictive, but i know that it is very, very addictive physically, socially, and psychologically. Could it be personality? the need to submit? and perhaps the endorphins, that many discuss? Stress? The need to improve oneself? i think that for me, all of those, and more make it very addictive.
  7. ammon

    How many?

    Wow, we have some very impressive numbers in our group! Ten persons have paddled me as an adult, six Women and four men. I've spanked nobody!
  8. ammon

    Does (spankee) size matter? ;)

    my most serious paddling came from a Woman 8-9 inches shorter than i am, and 65 pounds lighter than i am...and eight years younger... Position can make it effective. As i knelt over a couch, and bent over a raised bed, She stood behind and to the side, and swatted me using both arms, straight out, swinging a 3/4-inch thick paddle. Wow, that hurt! After over 200 very hard swats on the bare, i really didn't think i could stand any more!
  9. ammon


    If i have a choice, i like the idea of a younger Spanker. Four of the six Women who have paddled me were younger than i--two of Them by 8-10 years, one by 20 years, and one by only several months. i like the power exchange of it...submitting to a younger person. And, the results have been remarkable!! Of the gentlemen who have paddled me, 2 have been younger, by only a few years, and 2 have been older. At my age, i'm not so sure i'd find an older Spanker to be super beneficial. i like the idea of submitting to someone younger than i am; i prefer it!
  10. Great news! Thanks much for coming back to share it with us and letting us rejoice with you. I think it's a great solution, and one I hope others are willing to try. Good luck in all your endeavors, and especially in your relationship. Just be careful to avoid any possible jealousies from creeping in. Cheers!
  11. ammon

    Public Spankings?

    "Depends on how you define public"... i met an acquaintance at a city rec center once. We went into the family changing room together, and he paddled me--not very long, probably 12-18 swats. Then we went for a swim, and after the swim returned to the family changing room. He paddled me with another 10-15 swats, so not much. We had a 3/4-inch thick, 9 x 7 inch bread board paddle with 5 holes drilled into it. So, nobody could see us, and we tried to go in and out when nobody was watching. We were fairly sure others walked by, and a that couple stopped near the door to also use the family changing room. However, we had locked the door. So, no witnesses, and not very public. Another time i was paddled long, hard and severely in the private quarters of the back of a home. Again, someone may have heard, but not seen us. i bite on a cloth, sock, or gag to keep quiet, so no screaming is heard...muffled groans, for sure!
  12. i am always glad to find other Christians in our forums, and especially other members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (SassyLou!). i have run across several Church members here, which is nice, although percentage-wise i'm sure the ratio is very small. So, in answer to your question, i have served in several leadership positions in the Church, and as a Gospel Doctrine/Sunday School teacher for adults, adolescents, and children. (No, i have never spanked anyone!!!) Once, when younger (30) a member of my congregation did paddle me, quite seriously, and an ex-wife also paddled me very seriously. Outside of those two, nobody from my own congregations has ever paddled me, although two others who were Church members have paddled me. So, yes, i think spanking and paddling and strapping happens among Church goers. i think it's probably quite rare in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, however!!!!
  13. i wouldn't say that spanking is a path to enlightenment or to God. However, spanking can help us in our lives. Spanking, paddling, and strapping can help us focus, relieve stress, remember our purposes, and feel closer to others. i think all of these can help us pursue our path to return to our Heavenly Father. A paddling isn't sexual for me, so that is partly why i feel that way. i feel like spanking can be a great help to us.
  14. i wouldn't personally consider a non-sexual spanking a sin. i think you should pray about a particular spanking opportunity, and let the Holy Spirit be your guide. Spanking might be okay, but situations may come about that wouldn't be okay. i've been spanked, paddled, and strapped outside of marriage several times. i've also turned down a few opportunities because i didn't feel right about them. Carefully consider each opportunity, seek spiritual guidance, and follow it. However, protect your marriage. If your Wife might find out, and She wouldn't like it, you better consider even more carefully. Some consider it cheating. However, if it's nonsexual, i do not personally consider it cheating, but i may be wrong--as a lot of people gladly and dogmatically assert that i am (without ever considering all the facts). I see that you are still seeking a Spanker, so i am guessing you decided that this is just fine?
  15. Encountered the following article on the euphoria of getting spanked...brief but interesting read. "Your Brain on BDSM: Why Getting Spanked and Tied Up Makes You Feel High What happens in your head when you get flogged? Scientific researchers and professional dominatrices talk about endorphins and all the other neurochemicals that make bondage so delightful." https://broadly.vice.com/en_us/article/j5e833/your-brain-on-bdsm-why-getting-spanked-and-tied-up-makes-you-feel-high Seemed interesting that a study showed that cortisol, a stress hormone, increases in the spankee as the paddling progresses, and decreases in the spanker. So, as i expected, giving a paddling can be stress relieving. Increasing levels of cortisol in the spankee indicate increased physical stress. However, the pain encourages endorphins, and so sort of a pleasure on some level. The article briefly discusses subspace, the condition in which spankees, submitting to significant punishment, realize "feelings of floating, peacefulness, time distortion, and living in the here and now." In my own experience, one of the benefits of a very serious paddling is that during the paddling, i'm basically only focused on the paddling--kind of a break from the stresses of life. Periods of stress are often when i really need a paddling. Thoughts?