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  1. Please remember all of the other things that really make life worth living, and can make life wonderful. Strive for healthy relationships and healthy activities. Nature is also a great healer for many; some outdoor activities may do wonders. And check with a therapist if you can.
  2. Wow, well, that is a possibility...and i'd love to meet You!
  3. i fully agree with the comments quoted above. i would not send a photo over the internet or in any digital medium (except to family members, who already have plenty of photos!). The person receiving it could use it for any means, or distribute it. This could include true or untrue embarrassing information, extortion, blackmail, unwanted and undesirable attention, or all of the above. We may even think we know someone, and it can turn out differently (just ask divorced persons!) On the other hand, no doubt thousands of photos have been exchanged with no adverse repercussions. Most people may well be trustworthy, and a photo can help the persons feel better acquainted. And, some people have a gift for reading others and their intentions. Still, be careful if the person feels creepy at all, or insistent on a photo. Another consideration might be what could happen if your photo gets used improperly--would that have adverse results professionally, publicly, or personally? i've received a number of photos, and much appreciated them. i would never distribute or publish those photos in any way, ever, nor would i ever use a photo for any purpose other than just to see what someone looks like and appreciate the person. i've met in-person several persons that i first met on the internet. Descriptions have been sufficient for us in each instance. On one occasion, a photo was required, and probably from a legitimate source. That meeting never took place. Safe places are also important.
  4. i agree that You need Your own spankee(s).... ...if only distance and geography weren't such barriers!
  5. Only if she is a spanking witch! Please let us know how effective these options turn out to be, and your progress. Seems that life could be a lot simpler without these needs. But, wouldn't other complications just take their places?
  6. An article i recently posted -- "The Appeal of Spanking...and submission..." discusses and compares the feelings spankees have with those of persons participating in sports, athletics, meditation, and so on. Spankers also receive benefits, according to the article, for giving a good spanking. Spankers need to focus and acquire spanking expertise...as someone would in a number of other leisure activities. Some benefits are the resulting relaxation and recreation and clearing of the mind. Most of us probably believe spankers realize a number of additional benefits, though!
  7. We've discussed the draw of spanking in several threads, but interest in why we seek spankings and who we are seems ever present. Many have said they have no idea why we seek what do. i recommend this article: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/00224499.2020.1767025 The article on the appeal of being spanked, from practitioners of masochism and submission. Although peppered with data driven and current psychological understanding, the conclusions are principally based on analysis of comments and surveys of practitioners. We don't always understand ourselves or know all of our own triggers. Still, the analysis of the comments provides important information and considerations. Much of it confirms conclusions already reached in discussion forums. Although the article is from "The Journal of Sex Research," and intended to discuss masochism and submission, the topics coincide closely with the spanking needs discussed in our forums. Sexuality is not the focus of the article. The concepts and conclusions, i believe, apply to much of the spanking among group members. i think that often many of the origins of and reasons for spanking overlap. That is, spankees may not have only one origin and one reason for the need for spankings, but several origins and reasons may come together, with one or more of them being more salient. The article is about 10 pages of narrative, and well written. The research, results, and conclusions appear reasonable. Please comment on what you agree with and disagree with from the article, and any additional thoughts. While the article uses the terms "masochism" and "submission," remember that academia considers spanking a subset of BDSM, even though most of us likely never thought of it that way. i hope you enjoy the article! Happy spanking!
  8. ...and the aura of paddling in the air? i wonder what the proprietors, other guests, and future guests might think if they had any idea of the wonders of Chawsee filling the rooms?? Could the spirit of spanking pervade the cabins after Your departure? Thanks, Chawsee
  9. i haven't seen the video, but i'd be delighted to help You recreate the barn spanking scene, bending over blanketed hay bales... Or whatever...
  10. ammon

    Montana -

    Miss Chawsee, a private audience with You would be a magnificent honor! However, even sharing a time would be magnifique. i've never experienced a paddling with anyone but a Spanker present though, so i have no idea how that might affect a session. Ideas?
  11. ammon

    Montana -

    Wow, i hadn't even thought that far ahead....Miss Chawsee, You are always ahead of me! No doubt, though, i'm always waiting for Your paddlings...i was then, and am even more now! What are You doing reading my mind, anyway?? However, why not paddle both of us? Let's not leave anyone out...and watching is Not enough! Thanks, Miss Chawsee!
  12. ammon

    Montana -

    i'm impressed!!! Thanks for doing that...and telling us about it... You are a great blessing to mankind!! (wish i were there!!)
  13. Yes, those cabins look cozy and comfortable and inviting for paddling sessions. i, too was thinking about how cold Your woodshed might be in winter...but then, both Spanker and spankee might warm up? Indeed, paddling seems to be a portable sport (could we call it that??)...and versatile...and inviting in some mysterious way...
  14. ammon

    Montana -

    Yes, She is very teasing!! ...and alluring... and a lot more!
  15. ammon

    Montana -

    As long as the paddlings aren't teasers!
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