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  1. Why do spankees always want and need paddlings and strappings? -- Simple -- we are spankeeeees! We have an inherent need for spanking and all that comes with it. We always want a spanking, paddling, or strapping -- or probably, all three. We like the dynamic of the spanking session; we like submitting to the spanking. As mentioned, too, the paddling needs to be serious, long, and ideally it would be frequent and regular (for many of us, anyway!). Sometimes, a paddling can satisfy for a few days, several days, or maybe even weeks. Getting one can sort of quiet the need temporarily. A
  2. An interesting article on "spanking therapy" A Beginners’ Guide to Spanking Therapy by Gabrielle Kassel https://www.healthline.com/health/healthy-sex/spanking-therapy#what-it-is Erotic. Painful. Punitive. These are some of the ways you might describe a good ol’ bum whooping. But therapeutic? Well, that’s the idea behind spanking therapy. Below, two kink educators explain what spanking therapy entails and why people are into it. What is it? While it always involves bum bumping, what qualifies as spanking therapy is up for debate. For example, as sex worker
  3. What about some good paddling from an outside party? Could Your friend allow that?
  4. Wow! The opportunity of a lifetime! Maybe i'd say, "i'd love to find out if You can really do that!"
  5. i agree, Mr. UKSpanko. Getting a paddling is a major challenge, but during the paddling it's very simple. About all we can concentrate on is the seriousness of the paddling, the pain, whether we can continue, and what the Spanker is doing and saying. i've compared it to a mindfulness experience--we can only think about the present at that moment. It's a great relief from the complexities of our lives. And, i agree that the power exchange is very intriguing. How many of us, even if we could remove our spanking genes, would really miss this part of our lives? Can we really imagine life without s
  6. i ran across this question, What do you like about spanking?" on Quroa. The answer came from Angie Johnson, homemaker and husband tamer. Angie wrote the following: I love how this question can be answered by the spanker or the spankee. I have been in the fortunate position to have been both. My husband and I have engaged in spanking play for a long time, when we were just dating and bf and gf. We were switches at the time and as a spankee, I would love the roleplay, the rollercoaster of emotions and the wonderful sensations that spankings would bring. Over the years we found tha
  7. Tall is intriguing... How many realize that both Michelle Obama and Melania Trump are 5 foot 11 inches (+1.8 meters)? And, have you noticed their shoulders and biceps? However, even a petite Woman can provide a severe paddling, as i've learned!
  8. i wouldn't expect to be able to count swats, although it would be interesting information. i'm aware that during a serious paddling, all i can think of is whether i can continue...i realize the paddling would be very unpleasant, for me.
  9. That sounds very inviting, Mr. TopSpanker...
  10. The best reason is no reason? Or, maybe the best reason is because the Spanker wants to spank or paddle the spankee (i'm a spankeeee!) ... or enjoys or likes it? -- i've always hoped it would be fun for the paddler, although quite stinging and uncomfortable to me. i think stress relief is another good "reason," for those on either side of the paddle. i've volunteered to help stressed spankers that way, but it's never come to fruition. And times of stress seem to be the least logistically favorable to paddling and strapping sessions. Stessed times are when i most need a serious padd
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