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  1. hmmm....nobody mentioned that a submissive should accept a paddling in the Dominant's place, if the Dominant errs... i've always wondered about that....it's a little controversial!
  2. Wow, you are very, very fortunate if Christy is going to paddle you! i am glad Christy is still active here; hadn't heard from Her for sooo looong! Thanks, Christy!
  3. Straight Guys Into Male Spanking

    cool pic...guess i'd prefer the Spanker completely dressed...
  4. Are you a Submissive?

    Doesn't a spanking relationship inherently involve some dominance and submission? Even if only for a session, or two, or three...or...
  5. What about, if you found a roommate, and things were working...for the most part...and then you both found out spanking could be part of your sharing an apartment together? This never happened to me, but i would have welcomed it. Sometime after college, i shared a two-bedroom apartment with another gentleman. We met through a college apartment exchange, hit it off well enough, and rented the place together. We didn't do a lot together, but were friends. i think he could have easily added paddlings to get me to do way more than my share of domestic duties...i often wished he had...but nothing ever close happened. However, such a situation could be a possibility...i think i'd welcome it...or at least trying it!
  6. Spanking Bench Project

    or, the spankee could bend over a sofa, or bed...could be the side of the sofa, or over the arm of the sofa, if appropriately padded...
  7. Anyone in UT?

    We're here, maybe few and far between...except...not sure anyone relishes spanking a male!
  8. Utah Spankee Drought

    Rhageon, i'm not sure i understand well...You are listed as a SpankER, but... You regret that dearth of Female spankees in Utah, but wish you could help out the many males here? i'm not sure which males you would help--male spankers or male spankees? Would you ever spank a male? Thanks...
  9. Spanking for its own sake

    Interesting topic. Four men have spanked me, and so far this hasn't happened (the Spanker getting his member out and forcing my face down on it). i've always been clear that for me, the paddling isn't about sex, that i'm straight, and so on...sometimes even in a follow-up conversation once on-site together. One gentleman, although clothed, wanted to thrust his clothed member into my backside, and ordered me to relax--he never talked about anything, just ordered me to relax. i refused to relax, and so it couldn't happen (i think it made him paddle me harder and longer, which was, well, okay). He had given me a ball gag, so i couldn't say much, except to sort of utter, "yes, sir." He had offered restraints, but i had not accepted those. Nevertheless, the paddlings continued, and he provided a severe paddling, which i had agreed to. He said afterward that i was one of his top 2 hardest paddlings ever. It was severe, it was scary. i began to try to form an exit plan in my mind. However, i was completely naked, as i have always been, for every paddling. As i was thinking about what the exit plan could be, the spanker advised that these would be the last 10 or 20. So, i felt i was okay at that point, and even glad to take those last 10-20 really hard strokes, knowing it would end. Overall, i was glad i got the paddling, and it worked out okay, with no sexual relations or contact. i'm curious, though, about the mention of just walking out the door. For me, i've always been completely naked, usually with my clothing somewhat separated. i think most gentleman would stop paddling if needed, but i'm not sure about the one mentioned above. i just think, if a normal, average, fit male were serious about paddling me, it could be quite difficult to just get up and walk away. A few things make that a challenge. One is that i'm in a submissive position, with the paddler usually standing, kind of like, over me, and could possibly hold me in place. Another is that while getting paddled, i'm not really feeling powerful, or like i could do something (unless absolutely necessary, and with a lot of resoluteness). i usually just feel like i need to accept the paddling. A third is that i'd have to get out of paddling position, get up, get dressed, and get out the door. But, maybe this would all become easier if the Spanker stopped to push my face down on his member...but he might still have the paddle in his hand...and use it! Anyway, it would be physically awkward. For the paddler mentioned above, i was working out of state on a project. i had to go back later, and contacted the spanker again, and agreed to a paddling just as severe, or perhaps even more so. However, he became more intent on using restraints. With all that had happened, i was reluctant to take that risk. So, that is one of only two times i didn't take advantage of a paddling opportunity. Another opportunity that i decided against was a gentleman who said i could fellate him afterward, but it wasn't totally required. i advised that i'm straight, and a paddling isn't about sex for me. He said okay, but he still wanted to fondle me, or hoped i wouldn't resist that. That seemed more than i was comfortable with, so i declined the paddling, which promised to be long and severe (which i had agreed to). However, if ever i'm in that area again, i might check with him again, but make some very clear ground rules, which, if he doesn't wish to agree to, will result in me declining the paddling. (i so hate to miss a paddling opportunity, and they are so rare!) i also always hope, suggest, and request that the spankers stay fully clothed. For me, that is part of the power dynamic, the dominance and submission. That may help minimize the potential for sexual contact. i think we always need to set clear expectations about sexual contact before meeting. In your experience, however, even that didn't seem to work. i'd be curious to learn more about how you and others have handled the situation, what has happened, and so on. i think many of us could learn, and maybe be better prepared. Please post again!
  10. What female celebrity would you like to spank you?

    Lindsey Stirling (violin player and artist; look Her up on Youtube...She's the greatest) Michelle Obama (cool, calm, assertive voice, and strong shoulders and biceps!) Marie Osmond (the singer....and seemingly wonderful person) Jennifer Anniston Sandra Bullock Nichole Kidman Barbara Eden Michelle Bachman Judy Woodruff (PBS anchor woman / Newshour) Lisa Desjardins (PBS Newshour contributor) Tamara Keith (PBS Newshour, political commentary) Amy Walter (PBS Newshour, political commentary) Sarah Palin Tina Fey The Dixie Chicks (all of them!) Stevie Nicks--formerly from Fleetwood Mac... Heart--let's see, Ann and Nancy Wilson? Mailee Cyrus--she is 18 now, right? Miss Bam!! MaMa Blue Raquel Welch---one of the most beautiful Women in the world... Barbara Rhoades! (actress, can't remember where i saw her) Lucy Lawless (Xena) Renee O'Connor (Xena's sidekick, Gabrielle) Lucy Liu Ally McBeal Shania Twain Linda Ronstadt Linda Munson Beverly Johnson Michelle Long Carry Underwood All the ladies on Fox News Angela Bower of Who's the Boss? Ann Coulter, of course, political commentator Elizabeth Montgomery (bless her memory) of bewitched Barbara Streisand Lynda Carter (original Wonder Woman?) the now former Miss California!!! Carrie Prejean? Laura Prepon, the orange/red-headed goddess of That '70s Show Condoleeza Rice, of course... Hey, how about this: lots of women from high school, from places of employment, from the neighborhood, from the stores i frequent, from Church, former girlfriends... Marsha Brady Mrs. Brady and lots and lots more!!! --best of all, some solid paddling and strapping from each one!!!
  11. Well, sort of; that is, we never used that word, which i still consider vulgar, but others were welcome to spank us, though i can't remember it ever happening... Maybe i was too well behaved??? Or, maybe i need to make up for it now??
  12. Anyone in UT?

    Good; maybe we can get a date late in February on a Saturday. Let's stay in touch!
  13. Anyone in UT?

    So far, 3 of us have shown some interest...and we probably do need just a little time to plan our schedules. Let's stay in touch and make this meet and greet work! We'd still have 1/28, just before the full, blue moon on 1/31, or a Saturday in February, if Saturday is best for everyone. Thanks!
  14. Anyone in UT?

    Could we arrange a meet and greet brunch sometime? Can you suggest a place where we could have open discussions? (Maybe an IHOP, or a Denny's...?) Or, a lunch meeting? Maybe a Friday afternoon, or even on a Saturday?
  15. New Year Resolution...

    i, um, would look forward to having You try them on me.... Well, um, yes...and hopefully more paddling from Christy!!