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  1. i wouldn't guess that he needs to be older. As you suggested, naked for a younger man for a serious paddling could be even more embarrassing, humbling, and painful than from an older man. i'd guess that a paddling from a younger person would increase those feelings and realizations. The effect of the often referred to power exchange would increase the embarrassment and humbling feelings. Additionally, i'm guessing that a younger person would generally paddle more, longer, and harder, and with added gusto and endurance, than an older gentleman. Normally, though, opportunity is the key factor rather than our choice of age. Also, how many younger men have any inclination to paddle an older person? Given the choice though, i'd prefer the younger paddler. Thoughts?
  2. ammon

    Love at home

  3. Thanks, Child of Light! We love the site (but not so much the lag time).
  4. We wouldn't want any of Your leather implements to start cracking from lack of use, Ms. Chawsee! To help You keep those implements supple, i could submit to Your serious paddlings, although i might be a bit less willing when we start... However, no doubt You have a very long line in need of effective paddling and strapping?
  5. Ms. Chawsee, i humbly request all of Your implememnts! ... Owieeeeee!
  6. Well, yes, of course it's only research, Ms. Chawsee! Whatever else could it be? Yes let's tweak the position...and practice, practice, practice!!! Ouch!!!!!
  7. i think the position is doable for male spankees, although testicle vulnerability would be a concern! i'd be willing to try about any position You'd like to try...with safety considerations...
  8. Ms. Chawsee, You have a very impressive and colorful history. You've done so much! Maybe that's part of what makes You a confident and fearless Paddler. Who wouldn't want sessions with You? i hadn't heard of an Airstream Bambi...but googled it just to see it. i hope Your Airstream travels bring You my way! Good luck in all You do.
  9. Thanks for the comments and response. The PM says that TopSpanker left the conversation. Maybe we'll bump into each in another way sometime. Good luck!
  10. Thanks for the comments and response. The PM says that TopSpanker left the conversation. Maybe we'll bump into each in another way sometime. Good luck!
  11. Thanks, Mr. TopSpanker. If you can find the KSL article that you mentioned, i'd appreciate reading it...i wasn't able to find it. Also, i sent you a PM.
  12. Can you cite sources for your information? i live in the same state, and what you stated certainly hasn't been my experience. To my knowledge, i've never met anyone into spanking in Utah, nor have i even heard of anyone outside of Spanking Needs.
  13. Has anyone ever seen, or found your spanking implements? Any reactions? Any questions or comments? Many, many years ago...my vanilla ex-wife and i occupied a small apartment. Overall, She wouldn't paddle me...until one day She was upset. i wasn't in the mood for a paddling, but She asked me then if i wanted a paddling. Although i didn't, i retrieved a 3/4-inch thick cutting board, 9" x 6", into which i had drilled 5 small holes for easy air flow, and had wrapped it's handle and affixed a leather lace to go around the paddler's wrist. Following very long, quite severe paddling in the living room and then in the bedroom, the paddling finally abated. i dressed and left for a short time, and she also departed for a short time. During that brief time, the maintenance crew stopped at our apartment for a repair. They normally accompanied maintenance with an inspection (a little invasive, i felt). When we arrived home, the paddle was still right out in the open, and even positioned as if ready for use. To me, at least, it was all very obvious what had transpired. Fortunately, nobody ever asked anything about it or said anything about it, but no doubt they saw all the evidence and knew. Otherwise, the paddles stay in a closet, but would be visible if someone looked. Over the years, from time to time, they have waited for use right behind a bedside nightstand. When the question comes up, i'll have to think fast, but the real use of the paddles will likely be clear. Have you ever packed your implements in your baggage for airline travel? Either checked baggage or carry-on? Years ago, i often had that paddle (and maybe more) in the bottom of my checked luggage...just in case an opportunity ever arose. Fortunately, i guess, nobody ever asked about the paddles.
  14. how often do you use your implements? -- never; i'm very spankee! how often would you like to use your implements? -- see above in what ways would you like to use your implements? -- see above where would you like to use your implements? -- see above how many implements do you use in a session? -- see above how often do you want someone to use your, or his or her implements on you?? --- hmmm, 2 times a month? how often should someone use those implements on you? for how long? -- maybe 45 minutes each session? where should someone use the implements on you? -- bare bum only! -- living room, family room, bedroom, upstairs, downstairs, at a cabin?? ..somewhere discrete? how many implements should a spanker use on you in each session? -- As many as are available and within the hard limits...like, no whips, no canes...no cords... Should spankers use every implement on the bare? -- Yes, definitely always on the bare!
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