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  1. Hey.  Haven't seen your name in forever!

  2. I love visiting Boston and the Cape. Does that count?
  3. I think it is a relatively new thing they have implemented to stop multiple profiles.
  4. This!!!! There really are a lot on there, I know of a couple of local girls who have had scary experiences. Also, the site is so big the owners know and don't care.
  5. That's a really scary experience, sorry it happened to you. I agree with SmackSmack, you shouldn't have to leave the site because of one bad apple.
  6. If you read the original post, then look to the profile information to the left, you will see conflicting information. I think that's why CC posted what he did.
  7. iSpanker

    New Mexico

    Anybody looking to make a spanking friend here in lonely old New Mexico? 39yo experienced spanker looking to make friends with those of similar interests.
  8. I'm in New Mexico too :)

  9. Hello...I am in new mexico

  10. I think the problem is that we have so much distance between towns, coupled with a a considerable lower population than the East Coast. I'm about 3-4 hours from every border in my state. If I were on the East Coast I would have a million people within an hour of me and the odds of finding compatible spanko's would go up.
  11. Just curious to know if there were any deserving ladies in New Mexico who are also members of this website.
  12. Just like to say Hi from New Mexico. I'm a transplanted Brit now in the heart of New Mexico and wanted to say a quick hello to everyone. Been a member for over a year and just now saying hello.
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