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  1. I was 11 when I first self-spanked. I had been a spanko my entire life but didn't really understand it. At that time it was a full obsession. it was mostly what I thought about. I was also being sexually abused. For me, self-spanking was my coping mechanism. It was my form or cutting or self-sabotage. The first thing I ever used was a thin paddle I had bought on a school field trip. I was so desperate for a release of the internal pain. I laid into myself really hard till I was exhausted and couldn't do anymore. From then on I used whatever I could get my hands on that I thought would hurt the most to rid the emotional pain. I was self-spanking nearly every day. I would plot out when I could hide away and bare myself to spank. I hid implements in my room where ever I could.
  2. Are you able to travel? I am three hours from Chicago but would be hapoy to help.
  3. There are many spankers in Michigan. If you need help send me a message. I know a couple of male and female.spankers aside from myself.
  4. I have asthma too. I always keep my inhaler with me whether giving or receiving. Ive never had a spanking trigger sthma but have come close. All i had to do was tell the spanker i was having trouble breathing and we stopped till i could breathe better. All that should be needed is open communication. I would never push a spankee to any unsafe place either. If they have issues we stop and work through it.
  5. Yed we do. We have the same issue from spankees. It doesnt take long to read a profile and about me page before contacting someone. As a rule i don't reapond to anyone until i have looked at there profile. It is also good advise to not assume that because a person is a spanker that they are just going to spank every random person who messages them.
  6. Becka


    That does look vicious
  7. Becka


    As long as it isn't me. I am the good one.
  8. Stricthohcple is in Traverse City. He ia really good at what he does and always willing to talk about spanking.
  9. SJE

    Poke poke in a nice way lol I'm safe my bottom is in Arizona my only problem is you do directed self spankings so I'm gently poking you lol 

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    2. SJE


      I take back my poke dear sister Becka it must of been this heat lol I would never be naughty enough to earn a visit from you.But I'll help you visit Minnie lol

    3. Becka


      I have told you several times now that poking me for pretend on a website is not going to get you in trouble with me. Only way that would happen is if i told you mot to and you still did. Please stop going on about it.

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  10. Poke poke poke😁😏😈

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    2. Becka


      I happen to stay fairly busy with life. Lol

    3. SJE


      Come out come out Michgal from underBeckas chair lol don't you want Beckas gift to you lol

    4. michgal.k


      I'm actually hidng behind the sofa. lost a few pounds so its an easier fit and by the looks of the dust bunnies, she doesn't look back here often:behindsofa::rofl:

  11. I do feel that it can be a form of self harm and is a coping mechanism. I was sexually abused by three different men as a child. I began self spankings when I was 11 as a way to release the inner pain without leaving visible evidence. It made me feel clean for while. It did become an addiction for awhile till I was able to find a disciplinarian in real life who showed me that it was love I really craved and spanking used as true discipline is a display of love. I have known a few others from here as well who self spank as a self harm technique
  12. There are a few female spankers here. I personally only spank women and there are a couple more here who do as well. I know there are at least four of them just in Michigan, including myself.
  13. Honestly, I think the about me page would be more accessible if it were a tab at the top of the page and not hidden. Most users don't know there is an About me section on profiles. I have my role here listed as a spanker on my profile. But in my About Me specifically state that I spank only women. Yet no one knows that because they don't know to read the About Me page. Or possibly add more information to the main profile so we can set more specifics.
  14. SJE

    Hi Sis Becka lol I think Michgal gives you and Sis Mary a run for yr money

    1. SJE


      Hi Sis Becka you might want to look on Michgals page lol

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