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  1. On two occasions Two young girls in which one wanted to be spanked and have her friend there for safety purposes. Her friend asked me to spank her but on her panties which was fine with me. They were both thrilled that there was no pressure just a light spanking. A wife that I spanked and actually showed her husband how to do it.
  2. Good morning to all my fellow Florida spankos and spankees. Reach out an say hi and let’s chat.
  3. Very real honest and safe
  4. I am extremely interested in being spanked naked to change my me negative behavior patterns. I like my bottom spanked very hot red and burning and on fire.  I don't want it black and blue or any bruising.  If that happens my wife will have an issue with what I am doing.  Send me an email or contact me ony post here!!!!!!

  5. Please reach out to me and tell me what you want and need. Pleasing others is “what I get out of it”. So may ask that question
  6. Looking for some South Florida Friends
  7. Any south Florida folks here?
  8. Reach out to me anytime mikeb1961@gmail.com 

  9. Hello My name is Mike and I used to have an ad on here I guess its all gone. I spank for fun and discipline, any age, I love what I do so reach out. Mikeb1961@gmail.com
  10. I am a 58 year old male living in South Florida. I have many years of experience with spanking. I can provide any level from pink to purple. I live in a private gated community in Lake Worth Florida. I am happy to chat with anyone interested from newbees to experienced. I have solid references as well. I do not charge for this.
  11. no I dont think so. I looked her up and it says she is from Michigan
  12. Hi all. I am back and available for spankings agin. Please contact me if I can help anyone out. Those that know me know I am safe and real... Mike
  13. Hi it has been awhile do you want to try this again?
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