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  1. Poet2007
    If I Leave No Traces
    Where can I run
    Where can I travel
    Not sure where else to go
    I seem to be stuck in the middle of nowhere
    My road seems to go nowhere
    But I know success is coming soon
    So hard to try and wait for it
    But here patience is the key
    If I leave no traces
    Will you come looking for me
    Or will I be forced to live alone
    Is it forever my fate to be this way
    Will you search for me through the mountains
    Will you dive deep into the oceans for me
    I ask myself these questions just wondering why
    I can’t say for sure if I know these answers
    It drives me mad that I don’t really know
    But I’ll be content in the meantime
    Not going to over dwell about it
    The answers will present themselves in time
    If I leave no traces
    What will it take to get you back at my side
    Will it take more than a dozen roses
    Would I have to fall to pieces for you to see
    Will I have to write you a letter just to know
    Then if that’s what it takes
    Is it going to take the stars to fall
    My mind goes mad awaiting your answers
    Our love will see us through
    Not going to fret over the unknown
    We are in this together
    Better than we could ever be apart
    If I leave no traces
    I know you will search through the mountain tops
    As I know you will dive the deepest oceans for me
    This is the way for us
  2. Poet2007
    Hello everyone, my name is Poet2007, im looking to get back into the online discipline arena once again, I do mean online only because that is what I am comfortable with. if you are interested, please feel free to send me a message here, or if you just want to chat that is fine too. I urge you to look over my rules carefully on my personal page here so you understand what I expect of an ee, thanks yours truly Poet2007.
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