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  1. Kiss Of The Moonlight You looked at me when no one gave me the time of day You trusted me when others never gave me a chance It’s a moment of greatness Words don’t even express it A fragile moment turned upside down Un-hope gone astray Ridiculousness spread far and wide Choosing the right words can repair it Kiss of the moonlight Tender lips gone awry Hugs thrown into complete chaos Never intended but happened just the same Fanned the flames of pure intensity No interruption is allowed Keep your paces steady One absolute step at a time Stars pierce the moon lit sky All the city lights can’t compare to the star light Too many days have gone by Things have been wasted too far for too long Kiss of the moonlight Feel the heartbeat of a true love No matter the distance you are never really apart You are always together no matter what You gotta take your time It can’t ever be rushed That is the best that can be expected That is all we can ever do We have to be better to each other Doesn’t matter if the people around us agree or not Stand tall and proud of what we stand for That is the best that we can be Kiss of the moonlight Bask in the knowledge of what is right Never fret if people don’t agree The ones that support us will be at our backs Written by me Poet2007
  2. im confused on the pattern now
  3. on my orders respectfully no
  4. 46 im her bro tate no bed time for sje
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