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  1. I miss talking to you my friend :)

  2. Sorry I missed your message in chat. Hey!

  3. Miss talking to you my friend :)

    1. RIspanko


      Been a long time since I have seen P doesnt even answer emails

  4. Pushed to the sidelines one too many times This is my breaking point Enough is most definitely enough I should have said something many times before This is where I finally say something Broken windows isn't the same thing as broken hearts Find the strength to keep on standing Do your best to make a stand You don't have to fall from the pressure Trapped by the pressures of today Hoping for a much better tomorrow Wondering if I can even make a difference in this world Going to do my best and give it a good try Things can be better Just hold on to the hope th
  5. You come crashing down Your life just turns to dust Thought you’d be further than you actually are Life got crazier than you ever thought possible This is what happens when you don’t look before you leap Eyes forward and you’ll keep your path straight Can’t get distracted otherwise opportunities will be missed This is the path you must take Speed of love is coming around the corner Be careful or you might just miss it Stand tall and be true to yourself Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks because they’re not you
  6. Kiss Of The Moonlight You looked at me when no one gave me the time of day You trusted me when others never gave me a chance It’s a moment of greatness Words don’t even express it A fragile moment turned upside down Un-hope gone astray Ridiculousness spread far and wide Choosing the right words can repair it Kiss of the moonlight Tender lips gone awry Hugs thrown into complete chaos Never intended but happened just the same Fanned the flames of pure intensity No interruption is allowed Keep your p
  7. im confused on the pattern now
  8. 46 im her bro tate no bed time for sje
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