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  1. So much azz packed in there that you can barely see my thong peeking out!
  2. Guess it's time to finally break my silence. In my experience, I have not witnessed the different spanking views/passions along gender or sexuality lines. With the persons I've interacted with, I've noticed that there are fewer and fewer people who are spankofiles like many of us. However there are many more people out there who see spanking as a very minor part of their sexual agenda. Over time, I've noticed there are many more people in the latter category, possibly due to the more mainstream nature of spanking in today's world. Or at least that's my 2 cents worth...
  3. I have that same brush, but no one has ever used it on me, especially like that! 😞
  4. Love your choice of profile photo!


  5. One of the best school paddling videos ever!
  6. Now, back in AL and Atlanta. Soon to be spending time in Detroit!

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