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  1. Omg! Your sure get spanked good been there rubbing my bottom thinking about the oak paddle on my bottom I would not be stoic?!
  2. Wow don’t think I could take a switching I would lose it completely kicking wriggling ect
  3. I have been spanked standing up lots of rubbing and moving a sort of war dance also have been caned like this as well!
  4. I just think about the pain when otk being spanked with the bath brush and when will this be over?!
  5. When spanked and sometimes caned otk! I have been known to orgasam but I tell my spanker before hand and that reduces the embarrassment! A towel over the knee works it usaly happens when I squirm kick and wriggle also what implements are used bath brush does it for me! But as we know a spanking is a lot more worse after cumming!
  6. hi was wondering ever tried spanking on zoom it scares me a bit very publc? just curious how would it work?
  7. I live in the uk and the hairbrush of my choice is a wood one called Mason and Pearson hairbrush. They have been around for years. You can get them from the chemist the more old fashioned ones independent chemists not high street ones like boots. Failing that a bath brush from the body shop. Both very effective used them both and had them used on me!!!!
  8. So do I I think about spanking a lot but sometimes after a very hard spanking I am thinking when on the bus ect and general going about every day things, I often think does everybody know I have just had my bottom warmed? And wonder what their reaction be if they knew??!
  9. Meant to add and very occasional role play and fun!
  10. For me definitely mostly disipline and punishment and
  11. Yes I agree I have sometimes cum before a spanking ans it hurts a lot more
  12. Clothes brush and wooden spoon as a spanker as a spankee short thin cane when given over the knee
  13. Tennis players they no how to use fore hand and backhand?! Getting a bare arse strapping from them would have me jumping and rubbing my spanked bottom!
  14. This is probably not that relavant to the above topic but on occasions I have been told I can be bratty? I sometimes argue with my disiplinaraine about the need for a spanking I have been told I can be a challenge ? May be I need to feel the burn of the rubber strap on my bare bottom ?
  15. After a hard spanking I often want another one soon I need to be spanked hard and often and caned I need to feel the sting for a day or two!
  16. Just for a bit of fun and me being curious does anybody remember if employees where ever spanked at work? In years gone by esp in the uk? or was it just a myth that employees got this kind of discipline if I ever had the choice of being spanked or dissmissed I would take the spanking !
  17. Yes I have been paddled bare bottom otk but not recently what you got was tough mine never as bad as what you described hope you recover soon
  18. I unfortunately I live in the uk but if you ever want a bit of role play?
  19. I have never cried/teared up when spanked/.caned but what I tend to do is react in a.very physical way maybe as an effort not to cry not sure? i responde to spankings ect by being very vocal shouting kicking squirming putting my hands on the way and general resisting discipline could be a reaction not to cry ? deep psychological stuff here?
  20. Thanks for the reply I will try to avoid the loopy John and keep to brush and cane though as a spankee may not get the choice!!!
  21. i can relate to the above as well self spanking does not work for me i need to go otk and told i am going my bare bottom proberly spanked with the cane or hairbrush till i am squirming and kicking not to mention yelling! hard to achieve this when self spanking?
  22. What is the loopy John like the idea bare over the knee but ha img read the above not sure I could take it I would be wriggling squirming kicking and howling the bath brush and cane is bad enough for me I completely lose control and get more cane when I resit so loopy John sounds worse than the cane or bath brush deep down I would like to try it but too scared to try it?!!
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