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  1. I have never cried when spanked as an adult though obviously it hurts not sure why? People react differently I tend to have very physical reactions to the pain I kick squirm wriggle clench and move a lot maybe it’s a reaction not to cry not sure? My physical response is indication to my spanker that I have had enough?
  2. I have been caned with short thin cane junior cane over the knee it hurts
  3. A spanking is not a proper spanking if not on the bare bottom I get it on the bare and when disiplining the spankee does not always have the choice?!
  4. Most of my spankings are disciplinary and always on the bare bottom I am of the view a spanking is not a spanking unless on the bare bottom!
  5. In my opinion the paddle with holes should be higher then 7 it should be at least 10! I find it very very stingy!
  6. Sometimes I am not referred to by any phrase or name! Very clinical it’s you get over my knee now?!! Then I know I am in trouble !!
  7. Interested in Am123 suggestion uk spankers and spankees meet after lockdown London prefebly don’t want to organise it but interested?
  8. I don’t actually get any scolding when being spanking my spankers let’s the bath brush and cane do the talking!!
  9. I sometimes dream about the most recent spanking I have received but not quite the same thing is it?
  10. Think i may have mentoned this before but i can give more deatail ! for me it is the short thin cane think its called the junior cane given OTK very old school and traditional it has me sqirming kicking clenching putting my hands in the way anything to stop the cane beating my bottom when i get it on my sitspots the yelling starts! maybe i need a lesson in control! but i know i have been properly disiplined i dont get it that often but enough!
  11. Just to start the new year off anybody had their first spanking / caning of the year yet? Maybe a bit early? Not time to be naughty yet? Too early ? Or maybe not?
  12. I got my last real spanking more than a spanking actually real disipline session before lockdown in March in uk bath brush and and thin short cane otk! Enough for a few months marks took a long time to fade!! I need that form of disipline again very soon so need a hot bottom!!
  13. Hi Stephen it’s real tears again I keep replying to your posts your going to get bored of me talking about my spanked and caned bottom?!! In answer to where I got the Otk cane from I don’t know think it’s just what you call a junior cane which works for me when applied otk?!
  14. Mine is the wooden spoon and the short thin cane made for otk I hate those implements as I get both not at the same time! One or the other bu both are given bare bottom otk. Both have me wriggling kicking and yelling and one very hot burning bottom!
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