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  1. I cum often when spanked otk with back of wood clothes brush
  2. Happy new year. just interested to know anybody had their first hot bottom spanking of the year yet? Bit early for uk members? Not even 8am yet? But any due discipline today?
  3. very well written lpved it next installment please
  4. AS i said i ask my spanker to put a towel over his lap i give him the towel or if i beig spanked or caned over a chair bench etc i put the towel on it agred by my spanker
  5. As I often get hard discipline spankings with the strap or brush over the knee my spanker spanks me over my pants as a warm up first then takes my pants down and the real spanking starts as a fire starts on bare bottom!
  6. I am a bit obsessed! A few triggers for me when I go in to a chemist( uk) and see hairbrushes or kitchen shops and see wood kitchen cooking spoons ect I think how would it feel and my reaction if being spanked bare bottom over the knee? Hard wired spankee?!!
  7. I would love to stay at a hotel like that I so need that strict discipline
  8. My spankings are often punishment spankings prefer real not that in to fantasy discipline
  9. How do people explain if at the Docter’s for a medical and they see an obvious spanked bottom do you tell them it was consensual or tell them you just fell over and hurt yourselve?
  10. Love the charts how many people reach number 10???!!
  11. i interesting question i am not sure about other males but i tend to get hard disiplinarary spankings and i suppose as a relitive small thin male tend to have a low pain tolerance and feel every slap/stroke . i am definetly not stoic when being bare bottom spanked otk. i kick wriggle squim clench and yell and resit a sound spanking people may think i am being a brat on purpose and challanging my spanker i am not this is a naturall reaction to me being spanked not sure if my reaction is male female thing or i am just spanked very hard!
  12. I love the idea to be spanked in public a big turn on for me! But in reality could be embrassing and I would probably Be nervous and scared
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