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  1. for me is straight otk bare for a proper hairbrush spanking
  2. The most embrassing spanking for me is the diaper position everything on show and watching the cane or brush slam down is the ulitanate embrassing thing for me I also lose control and kick and squirm ect
  3. Hi as I from the uk interested in cultural differences in spanking we in the uk don’t traditionally have a woodshed for spankings and paddles so just wondering if there is a uk eqvilant of being taken to the woodshed?
  4. Agree I can’t see the point of corner time it is silly and babyish you know you have been well spanked you don’t need time to reflect on what you have done you have just been spanked for what for what you have done it’s just Dom’s playing mind games with you! Maybe some Dom’s think I need a spanking for saying that!! May be I do but I won’t do corner time?!!
  5. Interesting topic I am not very imaginative when being spanked as I tend to only get hard disciplinary spankings I am very aware of the spanking or caning I am getting and how hot sore and red my bottom is going to be I am acutely aware of the pain and try to absorb it my method to deal with the pain is very physical as I tend to wriggle kick squirm and yell ect so I don’t zone out and let it wash over me as for corner time I think how need to rub my stinging freshly spanked bottom not shrug this has answered the question but interesting topic
  6. Yes I agree I fear a real disiplinaraine spanking but I need it?!
  7. Yes you are right spanking does hurt more after sexual release I suppose I am embrassed to tell my spanker what could happen when being spanked?
  8. I suggest you use a wood clothes brush have him over your knee bare his bottom and give him the sound spanking you think he needs he will feel it I know have been there hot red sore bottom!
  9. Yes I too use a towel over the lap of my spanker just in case of a happy accident! Also often tell the spanker this may happen
  10. I hate being spanked on the under curves sitspots I know the question was where do I like to be spanked but my spanker. Does not give me the choice often?! This has me wriggling squirming and lose control esp when hairbrushed in this matter have also had the cane on the under curves as well but that’s a different story?!!
  11. Just curious to know whether any body has used zoom for spanking curious but nervous to try it how would it work would the spanker be directing the spankee to self spank! And is it legal? Presumably the zoom people know y are on zoom at any given time scared but curious any views?
  12. My most embrassing spanking has not been the situation so much as the position being spanked as a adult in the diaper position with a clothes brush left me wriggling squirming and howling very embrassing!
  13. I have been soundly hand spanked mainly on top of be thighs and bottom crease before an implement is used
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