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  1. WHEN the bottom is hot and bright red and the spankee is struggling a bit eg kicking and crying real tears they have then been spanked soundly and enough for the present until next time
  2. HI KAREN MY name is Paul 63 years old from london nice to see y on yhis site if y ever want to talk about y disipline needs feel free
  3. I am rubbing my bottom just looking at the picture!
  4. Hi adult male spanked often but I need to learn control as I kick wriggle squirm do anything to resit a a a sound hairbrush spanking over the the knee need to learn control? How would y disipline me ?
  5. Any body wants to chat about my disipline or theirs happy to do so
  6. I am happy to to chat re my disipline and yours I am a very soundly spanked and caned fairly often
  7. for me i totaly lose it when after being hand spanked otk i get the short thin junior cane otk esp on the sit spots and i literally find it hard to sit comfortably for a week!
  8. Agree with the above comment diaper position very humiliating and highly effective have been spanked and I sometimes spank in this position
  9. For me a spanking otk is proper disipline bare bottom with back of wood clothes brush I kick wriggle squirm and howl I know have been soundly disiplined
  10. Have heard the phrase don’t lay a place at the dinner table he won’t be sitting down he will be having his dinner on the mantle piece
  11. got caned daily! i was once caned hard 2 days running then could not sit for three you are tougher than me!
  12. Spelling mistake meant someone meaning anybody
  13. Why y embrassed hair brush could be for anyone you could buy it for Simone?
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