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  1. Have heard the phrase don’t lay a place at the dinner table he won’t be sitting down he will be having his dinner on the mantle piece
  2. got caned daily! i was once caned hard 2 days running then could not sit for three you are tougher than me!
  3. Spelling mistake meant someone meaning anybody
  4. Why y embrassed hair brush could be for anyone you could buy it for Simone?
  5. Go to a a kitchen shop various shapes and sizes say you are interested in cooking not spanking! I bought a bath brush from boots assistants smiled and I went bright red they may have guessed it was for my bottom not for the bath as long as y pay money they don’t mind
  6. There cheap buy them anywhere you can buy them anywhere in the uk where I am! From! Great for the sitspots!
  7. There is nothing wrong with the good old fashioned wooden spoon especially when applied to wet bottom ! Also as a variation of the traditional wooden spoon have had a spanking with a silicone spoon mine happens to be bright red to match my bottom when used! This spoon really hurts I got extra as I could not help kicking a wriggling and clenching when applied bare over the knee!!
  8. yes often see my ealier post the threat of the cane otk helps me to control myself
  9. wow thers a few naughty bottoms here that dont know how to behave when being disiplined thats why we need it!
  10. hi re the above question i am very much like Tiff i kick Squirm kick wriggle put my hands in the way anything to resisit the wood hairbrush bare bottom over the knee its sometimes a battle of wills who is going to win me or my spanker often the only thing that makes me control myself is when i am told if i dont settle down the cane will come in to play the short thin cane made for otk the thought of getting that otk on my sit spots which has happened! forces me to eventually to submit to the hairbrush spanking which is bad but not as intense as the cane otk! yes i can be a challange when being spanked re disipline!!!
  11. just curious did the above ever happen to anybody it did with me sometimes gave mum letter to say i had been caned at school she had a rule caned at school spanked at home! also seemed unfair to me? being punished twice for same offence? otk with hairbrush on top of the cane welts? kicking wriggling squirming howling! YES!
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