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  1. i often cum when spanked due to all my kicking squirming and wriggling when spanked over the knee with bath brush
  2. Why do spankers say no rubbing after or during a spanking? Rubbing a hot bottom is the natural thing to do after a sound spanking? The spanking is the punishment not whether you can rub your bottom or not you have been disciplined why should spankers care what you do after you have been spanked?
  3. The pillow is a great idea depending how hard you are spanked? But will muffle some of my crys! I am spanked hard?!
  4. Sometimes a disciplinarian I sometimes visit has a ritual with me she has me hold out my hands to strap them as she knows I sometimes attempt to rub my bottom when over her knee not a ritual as such more like a warning this is what you will get if you attempt to put your hands in the way during the spanking with the strap then back over the knee to finish the spanking I am a slow learner!
  5. I got it in this position just over a week ago hard with the wood hair brush was held firmly but still struggling and attempted kicking and squirming and clenching bottom still sore the expression can not sit down comfortable for a week was true! I I forgot was I yelling you bet I was!!
  6. i would love a sound spanking in public
  7. Hi interested to know how people keep the noise of a spanking down if in a shared bloke of flats or house sharing etc loud music? Especially in summer time windows open neighbours know you are getting a spanking?
  8. I agree a plastic shower brush hasme kicking and squirming and howling very intense I am a soundly spanked hard!
  9. Hi I am from the uk boots the chemist sells wooden bath brushes and hairbrushes which I have used and have had them used on me! You just have to not be embrassed and think I bet the assistant knows it’s not for his hair! Once o got a smile from the cashier did not say anything but I bet she knew it was for my bottom and her work was smiling as well?
  10. Hi just curious to know if friends family and work mates know if you are regular spanked? With me my brother knows and sometimes I get funny looks when sitting at work some staff joke and say you ok? Looks if you have had your bottom spanked? They say it jokingly but I go. Bright red! Once I overheard a female member of staff say to her co worker bet he is look how embrassed he was? Just interested if any views or comments
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