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  1. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


    1. Bflogirl


      Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

  2. As an ER, I was a college wrestler and those skills have helped with some who aren’t too keen to take their spanking.
  3. Hi folks, I’m in Calgary. Love to chat with other Canadians.
  4. Any Canadian spankos out there?

  5. Recently gave my first spanking in a long time. Yay me!


  6. Hi there, I'm looking to make new spanko friends. I'm a 42 year old professional guy living in Calgary. I'd love to have a naughty lady over my knee, but I'm curious about receiving as well. Sadly, I'm not very experienced. Outside of this, I love to read, laugh, and play guitar. I'm a maritimer and I've got a great sense of humour. I'd love to hear from you Cheers!
  7. Welcome! Love the Stones!
  8. Any Canadian spankos out there?


  9. Hi there, I'm Adam, 41 from Calgary, Canada. Shy, lifelong spanko with a good sense of humour. Would love to meet new friends to chat with. Cheers
  10. Looking to make spanko friends.

  11. New Year's resolution: don't be an idiot :)

  12. Oral surgery...not so much a time.

  13. Weighing the pros/cons of quitting my life and becoming a musician. That kinda day...

  14. Looking to meet new spanking friends

  15. I've earned myself a good spanking

    1. jen70727


      what did you do this time??

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