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  1. Count is at 178 from what I can tell. @OhRedhead needs to wait for 2 people to post before posting again. Now....176.
  2. Phone numbers are not allowed in posts. I've already removed your phone number from one post and hidden another. Also, please do not add your photos to threads. Add them to your photo gallery in your account. Read our site guidelines so you are aware of the rules for posting.
  3. @Child of Light chat is still a mess. Constant refresh. Messages not sending or disappearing. Chat room not opening, etc
  4. I rarely drink these days. An occasional light beer. I seem to enjoy different types of teas and my water as I get older.
  5. READ THE RULES!!!! So this is how it works, we start at the number 100 - Spankee's minus [2] - Spanker's add [2] Switches do whatever you feel like at the moment. EEs win when we reach 0; ERs win at 200. EACH PERSON MUST WAIT FOR AT LEAST 2 PEOPLE TO POST BEFORE POSTING AGAIN. It doesn't matter if you are an EE or ER. This is to help keep 2 people from taking over the game. NEW RULE: TO TRY TO KEEP ONE TEAM FROM RUNNING AWAY WITH THE GAME....WHEN ONLY ONE TEAM IS POSTING ERs MAY ONLY POST 5 TIMES BEFORE THEY HAVE TO STOP AND EEs MAY ONLY POST 3 TIMES BEFORE THEY HAVE TO STOP. Meaning if Tactile and Tate are posting overnight then they can each post 5 times back and forth (a total of 5 posts each), following the above rules, until an EE posts. EEs may post 3 times back and forth (a total of 3 posts each), following the above rules, until an ER posts. ***I KNOW SOME WILL THINK THIS IS UNFAIR, BUT THERE ARE MORE EEs WHO PLAY THAN ERs.*** For everyone's sanity and ability to keep up, you must wait at least 3 minutes between your posts, regardless of how many people post in between. WATCH THE TIME AND WAIT YOUR 3 MINUTES!!! Both teams will have to fight for this win. It has been suggested that each person post a comment, a quote, something witty, etc with each number they post. I will leave that up to you. Have fun!!
  6. Is there any punishment that works best in deterring your behavior? A spanking? Something else? A particular Implement, promised, that will make your brain say, I will be good because I don't want that? His disappointment hurts my heart so that would be my biggest deterrent. I'm not talking about little things like bedtime, but the things that deeply matter between us. There have been a few of those and I hope never to see that look in his eyes again. Although my boyfriend doesn't use it, being grounded or restricted from something would drive me crazy. I hate any kind of restriction. I had a partner years ago that would ground me and I would have taken any punishment over that. Whatever I was grounded from or restricted from was what I wanted or what I wanted to do most at that time. As far as implements go...it's the delrin cane, the lexan naughty stick and the large paddle with holes. If I know ahead of time he is going to use those I will try much harder to tow the line. Those are the implements that cause butterflies in my tummy. They get through to me better than anything. I'm not fond of any implement in his hand, but those three are the worse.
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