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  1. My spanker is also my boyfriend. I am his submissive, but I only use Sir during a serious talk or a punishment/discipline session. He's not big on titles and doesn't require me to call him Sir, but during serious moments he does expect respect and calling him Sir goes along with that. I actually prefer to call him Sir. It's just my nature.
  2. Username change requests can only be posted in the Ask the Staff forum. Follow these steps: 1. Search for your new username and make sure it doesn't already exist, is 15 characters or less, and is alphanumeric (only letters, numbers and spaces). 2. Have a reason you want to change your username. 3. In your username change request, include a) your new username from Step 1 and b) the reason for the change from Step 2. 4. Submit your request by posting a request thread in the Ask the Staff forum. NOTE: Only you and moderators will be able to see your request! No one else will be able to see it. Your request will be ignored if you don't follow the above instructions. Username change requests will be considered and replied as soon as possible, but sometimes it might take up to a week. Do not ask for it to be addressed sooner. Staff may choose to deny requests if repetitive or frequent.
  3. Happy Birthday.....Hope some of it was spent over your special lady's knee. Hope you had a great day!!

  4. Click on your profile name, Click account settings, then click on ignored users on the right hand side of the page. Add the person's name to the ignored list.
  5. I talked to my OB many years ago when I was pregnant. He advised being very careful in the third trimester. He said No weight on my stomach and no hard impact play. He suggested hands and knees or hands on the wall. I'd stick with hand and leather at this point. Congratulations!!! So happy for you and hubby!!
  6. Type in your name, etc into the search. It's located on the top right on a computer or the bottom right on your phone. Look for the magnifying glass.
  7. I don't know if I would classify spanking as a legit therapy, but it does help different people in different ways.... especially stress relief. A therapist/counselor is needed for true mental health needs. Spanking alone will not modify behavior. The person needs to want to modify their behavior, actions, goals, etc. Someone could beat the hell out of me and it wouldn't change a thing unless I wanted it to. Spanking gives me the push I need, an emotional release and guilt relief when I mess up. I'm straight and have never been spanked by a woman. I've always been curious to feel the difference.
  8. I agree with Droo....instead of calling out another member because you don't like or agree with what they posted....ignore it....report it....move on. There was no reason for all the negativity and back and forth bickering. Remember, we are all adults here.
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