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About Me

I am a 51 year old Mother of two adult sons. I have 2 grandsons ages 6 and 8 and a granddaughter who is 3 years old. I am a very family oriented person. They are my life. Cooking and baking are my passion. I spent many years training under 2 award winning Chefs. I love new recipes and collecting cookbooks. I also love the outdoors. Water and nature calm me so I spend a lot of time at the river, waterfalls, lakes, mountains and the beach. I love to walk and go hiking. I also enjoy reading, journal writing and writing poetry. I am on a new quest these days to eat clean and healthy and to exercise more.

I've lived a complicated life, mostly through no fault of my own, but I'm finally getting it together again. I have been told many times that I am a pain in the butt...imagine that!! I'm not fond of rules, have a few bad habits I need to break, I love to argue/debate (in fun!!), basically I'm a smart-ass, but fun-loving. Chat with me and you will learn that first hand. I also have my very serious side and I take my chosen lifestyle very seriously.

Speaking of arguing...I have no problem with it in a fun or debate style, but will never argue in anger, when there is a problem, etc. I don't believe in it. I went through 15 years of marriage without a single argument and now I have been in a 10 year relationship without one. Arguing solves nothing and usually makes matters worse. It leads to the immature name calling, blame, etc. It's much better to walk away and head to neutral corners until everyone calms down. It usually takes two or more when there is a problem and things should be solved through discussion and understanding. 

I'm a somewhat complicated person. I have a hard time expressing myself (due to life events). I didn't know how to cry and let go for a very long time, but someone has been helping me work through that. I have some fears...I have a past full of turmoil...but most of it is fading away. I'm trying hard to find the old me again...or maybe the new me!! Life is too short to let the past control me or affect my future. 

I am fairly unemotional to most people...I can hide very well. I don't cry (in front of people) for any reason. On the outside...I always have a smile on my face....you will never know what I am thinking unless I want you to know. I have an amazing ability for blocking and hiding things and moving on....or mentally separating myself from stressful or painful situations. I can shut down very quickly.

In the past I was very affectionate and loving. I was more outgoing and brave. I use to love life to its fullest. Things change. Slowly, but surly it's coming back and I owe it to an amazing man/mentor in my life. He has given new meaning to my life. He has helped me heal more than he will ever know. I can't imagine my life without him. I love him with all of my heart and soul!!

I am an extremely honest person (when and if I open up), I tell it like it is. I can be very open in the chat room and on the forums. Some actually say I'm a mystery. Maybe...Although I don't mean to be. If you want to know....just ask. In the past 10 years I have really opened up about my submissive lifestyle. I have told all my closest friends and most of my family. Both my sons are aware of how I live. I got tired of hiding it and decided I wanted to be myself around everyone.  My home is very spanko friendly. 

Just looking for friends and an interesting chat here and there. There aren't many subjects that are taboo with me. I do have a wealth of knowledge about the submissive lifestyle and I'm more than happy to answer questions and share what I know. I've been in the lifestyle for 33 years. I love meeting people in real life once I get to know them on here. I have met over 35 people from here and many have become good friends.

FYI...I will always treat you respectfully, but will not call you Sir, etc. I have my "Sir" in my life. You may be an ER or A Dom, but I will not fall at your feet just because of our roles!! I submit to one man only!! I don't trust easily....and I hate BS and drama!!

Don't let my screen name fool you. I'm not that shy in real life (not anymore)...only in crowds or around new people. I used that because I was too shy to say much when I first came to this site. Now I have no problem running my mouth. Especially if I am passionate about the subject!

I AM A SPANKEE/SUBMISSIVE. THERE IS NO NEED TO ASK ME TO MENTOR OR SPANK YOU!!! THE ANSWER IS NO!!! I don't mean to seem rude, but I am asked this almost daily. Some tell me I sound Dominant, but it's not Dominance...it's passion!!

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