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  1. I'm glad to see this game got picked up again!!! Fun and Games
  2. Having a very off day both physically and mentally. The tiniest thing makes me want to cry and I detest crying. I wish I could fall asleep and wake up when it's over.

    1. Anna2594



      I completely relate. Give yourself some grace. Things will get better in time (shitty advice but it always hold true) ❤️

    2. Correctmeplz46


      Hugs - Hope your feeling better! 

  3. Nothing unusual there!!!
  4. Then you guys would end it in two or 3 posts.
  5. Don't end it!!! This was supposed to last through the virus.
  6. Stop posting and let us catch up!!!
  7. You have to wait for 2 ERs tp post. Count is 162
  8. You just posted to unlock them? We discourage one time posts just to unlock a particular team Hope you continue to play.
  9. I better not answer that....it could land me in hot water!!! Haha!!
  10. There is a few of them!!!! 130
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