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  1. Interesting post. I actually had a therapist recommend a weighted blanket many years ago and I had forgotten all about it until I read this. I may check into that. Thanks!!
  2. Never could fall asleep last night and I've given up tonight as well. Can't handle another night staring at the ceiling. Instead I took a midnight drive to sit by the river. If this doesn't work, I'll head to the mountain. Wanting very much to run away...

    1. foxyalfa007


      Sorry to read this shygurl........It's morning here in London and a sunny one as well.

      I hope you get some rest.


    2. bratintraining


      Spending time with your friends might help!

    3. 01ebw8235


      I am sorry to hear that hugs 

  3. Years ago it helped with cramping and irritability. Not sure why, but spanking helps me with certain types of pain, from headaches to past menstrual pain. Wish it did something for hot flashes when i was going through menopause...haha. The one thing I notice is that I am much more sensitive to the sting when i am in pain elsewhere so it becomes a love/hate thing. Relieve one type of pain and end up with another. Spanking always calms me. Doesn't really matter the situation. It can range from restlessness, to irritability, high emotions or just being plain pissed off. It always brings me down and sets things right.
  4. Welcome back and hope you find what you're looking for.
  5. Hi Hannah. Welcome to SN. Your request is very common, especially here. We are all like minded here. As others have said...be careful and honest in your marriage. Looking outside can cause problems in a marriage. But I have also seen it work very well if done correctly. Be careful in general. Read the post Power and Control in the safety section. There is some good safety advice in there. Again...welcome!!!
  6. Hi Hannah and welcome. Always nice to see someone else from the Pacific Northwest. Although I'm in Oregon I'm around if you'd like to chat.
  7. Welcome to the site!! Good luck in your search and hope you enjoy it here.
  8. Hi and welcome to the site. Good luck in your search and hope you enjoy it here.
  9. Welcome to the site!! enjoy.
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