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  1. Female looking for disciplinary spanking

    Welcome to the site. I'm in the pdx area as well. Be careful and good luck!!
  2. Portland, OR 2018

    There are a few of us here.
  3. Warning

    Nope not recently, but I have gotten it in the past.
  4. Are you a Submissive?

    Exactly. I know submissive women who aren't into spanking.
  5. Are you a Submissive?

    Yes, it does, but the question was...Are you a submissive. There is a difference between being a submissive and submitting to a spanker.
  6. Lotion Applied?

    I don't get lotion put on me. He feels that if I am being punished then I shouldn't be given relief for the sting. I'm not allowed to rub either. After awhile he rubs it for me. I much prefer the holding and cuddling anyway.
  7. Spankers figging?

    My guy uses this at times for serious punishment. I never know it's coming, but we are in a long term relationship and we have deep trust in our relationship. I know he would never do anything that would actually hurt me. I have no say so when it comes to punishments, but I also agreed to that. If a spanker tried to do this and we hadn't discussed it...things would get very ugly fast. A relationship like that should never involve anything without prior consent.
  8. Hello- New Spankee

    Welcome to the site and good luck!
  9. (M)Canadian Spanker living in the Netherlands

    Welcome to the site!! Have fun here.
  10. What hurts worst on the bare?

    I hate wood...period. The cane, although very painful gets into my head the best. These are 2 implements that are brutal. When they come out I know I have really screwed up. http://www.cane-iac.com/items/leather-shack~straps/thestrap-detail.htm http://www.cane-iac.com/items/rubber~vinyl-toys/gatorskinsr-detail.htm
  11. UK switch

    Welcome to the site and good luck in your search. Be careful and read through the safety section. Post questions if you have any.
  12. New

    Welcome to the site. Take some time and look around the forums. Post questions if you have any. Many of us are here to help if we can.
  13. New from Dayton Ohio

    Welcome to the site!! Might not be rocket science, but not everyone can be a good spanker! Knowledge is great!
  14. I use the conditioner on all my wooden implements, treated and untreated. Just read the label on the conditioner and it will tell you what its good for. Lysol wipes don't take my finish off. I wipe them clean and dry them immediately.
  15. Tennessee Here

    Hi and welcome to the site!! Good luck in your search.