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  1. Looking for a vote.... Some members are ready for this game to end and some want to see it continue until COVID is more under control. End in February at the one year mark or keep going? Or start another game where we can battle it out and slowly keep this one going at the same time?
  2. It sounds like you have a good handle on what works for you during times of grief. Each individual will be different. I too am grieving right now. I recently lost someone very close to me....the last of a generation. My family is gone now except for my brother and I and our children. I'm having a very hard time dealing with it. I can't really cry, I haven't come to terms with it. I just can't process it yet. I am going through many of the things you mentioned. Spanking has helped me with grief in the past, but I need things a certain way. A quick, fast, hard spanking would tip me over the edge. I would be frustrated and angry. It would make things worse for me. I couldn't be spanked by a random Mentor, etc. It would have to be someone I am emotionally attacked to. My boyfriend. I would need comfort and love along with spanking. Laying across his lap over the bed, starting out rubbing my bottom along with light spanking. Slow spanking ramping up periodically. A long, slow drawn out process. A process that would help me let go. It wouldn't miraculously fix everything, but it would help me to begin to get in touch with my feelings. It would take me to a different level and help me to get out of my head. If nothing else, it would give me feelings of love and security and I think that's what I need the most right now. Anyway, this is what I would need while grieving.
  3. Love these!! So cute. Happy New Year.
  4. HI and welcome. As others have said, please read the safety section as you get started and be careful. There are some wonderful people here, but this is the internet and a few undesirables come through as well. Your age alone will have men messaging you like crazy and making all kinds of suggestions and promises. Be very careful in your selection and get to know someone as well as you can before meeting them...in public...for the first time. Hope you enjoy and find what you're looking for.
  5. Happy New Year and welcome back!!
  6. Hi and welcome. Even though you aren't looking for a spanking partner...definitely look through the safety section...as DaChief said. This can be a very good place to find friends and support. The forums are full of useful information. If you have any questions feel free to post them or message us directly. Hope you enjoy it here and find what you are looking for.
  7. I tried staying out of this post as Droo and CoL handled it nicely, but the more I read, the more disappointment I felt in this community. SN is a place for all of us to come to talk about and share our spanking needs, to discuss or share our spanking fantasies, to ask for advice, etc. It's supposed to be a safe place. A place we can feel comfortable with discussing our needs and not worry about judgement and ridicule or attacks by other members. Instead I am saddened and ashamed. The OP is new here and this was his first post. Did he find any security or welcome in the responses he got? No, he got ridicule, humiliation, judgement and more. Yes, he could have been more clear by stating this as a real life desire, role play, age play, etc. Being his first post he did quite well in stating it was an ADULT he was seeking, but everyone seemed to overlook that for the most part. I saw the words icky, disgusting, incestuous, pedophilia and non-con abuse. Not one poster gave this guy a chance to respond and clarify, they leapt on their bandwagon and tore him and his post apart. I guess everyone thinks that is ok because his desire isn't their desire. It's sad because the ridicule, judgment, etc came from some long time members who should know better. We are a community of mixed beliefs, desires, wants, needs, etc in that thing we do. It's rare you are going to find someone who wants the exact thing you do. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but they are not entitled to ridicule, attack, placing a label on someone, etc. I know many here think they are all knowing when it comes to the spanking world, but I can tell you that all of us have a lot to learn, especially when it comes to others and their desires, wants and beliefs. Maybe you don't realize how common it is for ADULT children to be spanked by their parents, Aunts, Uncles, etc. It happens more than you know. I'm not talking about non consensual, I'm talking about adult children who ask for it because they don't know where else to turn or they still feel the need for it, etc. This does not make the parent a pedophile...it is not incest. We are talking about a spanking...not sex. I say this because I know 2 individuals in this situation. One is a male who went to his Mother/Father and asked them and they agreed (after he lost his spanking relationship) and another is a woman who told her parents about her lifestyle and what she was searching for. Both parents agreed to help her until she found something safe. Kudos to those parents for not making their adult children feel ashamed, humiliated, etc. I agree with many, this wouldn't be for me, but if it works for someone else and it's consensual....who am I to judge. Stop and think before you post in someone's thread. Don't go throwing accusations around when you have no proof. Try to remember that we are all adults and we all deserve some respect. If you don't like something you read...move on. Keep the labels (pedophile, incest, icky, etc) to yourself. If it goes against site guidelines or you are unsure if it's allowed....report it....just as Col and Droo suggested.
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