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  1. GOING TO PUT A HALT ON THIS GAME FOR NOW. All pages since Sept 1st will be restored shortly and then we will get an accurate number and begin from there.
  2. 150 I DON'T need a spanking....I'm such a good girl!
  3. I'm here, but we really need 3 EEs to bring the count down.
  4. This new rule may piss off a few people, but EEs have taken over the game and their is no fairness. Some of the last games ended in 4 to 6 pages. We are going back to an old set of rules. We enjoy keeping this going for a bit and bantering along the way. Use some strategy and make sure at least one or two of your teammates are around to post if the game is stalled. One person can cause the other team to take over if they randomly post and open it back up. READ THE RULES!!!! So this is how it works, we start at the number 100  - Spankee's minus [2] - Spanker's add [2] Switches do whatever you feel like at the moment. EEs win when we reach 0; ERs win at 200. EACH PERSON MUST WAIT FOR AT LEAST 2 PEOPLE TO POST BEFORE POSTING AGAIN. It doesn't matter if you are an EE or ER. This is to help keep 2 people from taking over the game. NEW RULE: TO TRY TO KEEP ONE TEAM FROM RUNNING AWAY WITH THE GAME....WHEN ONLY ONE TEAM IS POSTING ERs MAY ONLY POST 4 TIMES BEFORE THEY HAVE TO STOP AND EEs MAY ONLY POST 3 TIMES BEFORE THEY HAVE TO STOP. Meaning if Tactile and Tate are posting overnight then they can each post 4 times back and forth (a total of 4 posts each), following the above rules, until an EE posts. EEs may post 3 times back and forth (a total of 3 posts each), following the above rules, until an ER posts. ***I KNOW SOME WILL THINK THIS IS UNFAIR, BUT THERE ARE MORE EEs WHO PLAY THAN ERs.*** For everyone's sanity and ability to keep up, you must wait at least 3 minutes between your posts, regardless of how many people post in between. WATCH THE TIME AND WAIT YOUR 3 MINUTES!!! Both teams will have to fight for this win. It has been suggested that each person post a comment, a quote, something witty, etc with each number they post. I will leave that up to you. Have fun!! PS.....Please do not post in your clubs, etc trying to get new players so your team can win. I remove those posts when I see them. This is all for fun and banter. If one team jumps way ahead I usually post in chat trying to get the other team some help.
  5. I'll start a new one. It would be nice to make one last as they use to and be more about the fun and banter than the winning and competition. I suggest everyone really read and understand the rules and not just post willy nilly.
  6. @needanAuntief4FI get what your saying. There was a thumbs down type reaction in the past and it was a nasty mess. It caused all sorts of arguing and drama. The best thing to do if you don't agree with a post is to ignore it and move on. If someone must reply then state your point of view respectfully. It's a better way to start a more friendly debate than an all out argument.
  7. I know it was changed many years ago before current site owners took over. There were a lot of arguments, fights, nasty posts, etc going on when someone didn't like the reactions they were getting to their posts and comments. Members were constantly going after other members and it was causing a lot of unneeded drama on the site. Unfortunately this is the internet and although this is an adult site, not everyone acts like an adult so the reaction system was changed. It is visible for staff only because everything is visible to us.
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