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  1. Hi there I m strict and can dish out very harsh spanking I'm from calif I'm 38 sngle
  2. Yes trisha get toknow persons wellfirst any way I could help with your mentoring
  3. Well what have u beeen bad lil grl with I'm strict with everything but fair for instance I would set rules foryou to obey and warn u. If u break them u get punished and sent to corner I ground to motuwashing bed times curfew spank for seeding lying text drive etc give lines essays
  4. Hi nicloe let's chat I can help u to I do all of wha u asking message me jason_thais2000@yahoo.com
  5. spanker36


    It was totally stupid when u knew better u need a sound spanking otk blisterd butt til ucant sit for amonth young lady I would give uthat
  6. Welll iwould love to young lady I'm in socali to let's chat I'm in palm springs imverystrict and an give u what needing
  7. hi katie id love to help I'm in usa though
  8. Message me I d love to helpu
  9. Let's chat id love to be your online mentor goodgrl
  10. Imimalso verysingle to spank for discpline to I'm from california
  11. Mentoring imstrict and can help u be better let's talk
  12. Is that la california or lousiana I'm in california that spanks
  13. Iwuld love to take u otk why u neeed spanking young lady I'm 38
  14. Basicly same as if u where to have real one somene to punish u and to care bout yu etc help with goals etc
  15. To give them time to think bout what they did and to calm down after spanking why is that your mentor friend hadu do
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