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  1. Directing a Self Spanking

    If it helped you I would say keep doing it. I prefer discipline in person but if that is not available I have found that someone directing the self spanking works better for me than me than trying to do it completely on my own. I agree with Poison's response - it depends on both people. I hope it goes well for you.
  2. I wish I was closer. I live in the Inland Empire (Southern California).
  3. Novice in California

    Welcome to the site - it is a great place for advice.
  4. Hi Torc87, The only advice I can give is what worked for me. I met the right person when I wasn't looking for a relationship. I had been in and out of relationships that didn't work. I hadn't been in a relationship for a couple of years and in that time I became okay with not being in one and decided I would rather be alone than be in a bad relationship. Ultimately I wanted to be in a good relationship and have now been married for 18 years. I think it is okay to be into spanking and discipline although that can make relationships a little more difficult if the other person is not into it or does not understand why we we like it/need it/want it. I found that honesty and communication is important (not just with spanking, but with everything). Safety and trust, I feel, is important in any type of relationship. If you trust someone it makes sense that you would feel safe with them. It can be very reassuring to be around someone you feel safe with. I would say from reading what you said, the safe feeling came from the trust you had felt with them not necessarily from the discipline. I think if you received spankings from someone you didn't trust you wouldn't feel safe. My thoughts are don't rush into a relationship but don't avoid one either. If you meet someone take some time to get to know each other and see if it goes in a positive direction. I hope this helps.
  5. I agree, but it is a wonderful feeling when sitting down is difficult after a spanking! For me having trouble sitting is a wonderful reminder of what happened.

  6. Who needs a spanking for Christmas?

    None for Christmas as the holidays are a bit hectic for us. I will probably get a couple of New Year's spankings - one for my behavior this year and the other to promote better behavior next year.
  7. Questions for spankees; shame and moving on

    Welcome to the site. It is wonderful to know that there are like minded people and to be able to communicate with them. There are a lot of good people here with good advice.
  8. Stress relief spankings?

    I find spankings are a great form of relief for stress. I prefer a harder spanking. During the spanking I don't think of whatever has me stressed out. All I am thinking of the spanking I am getting. When the spanking is over I feel better - probably because of the endorphins and/or because I love the stinging sensation of a spanking - even if it goes past my usual limits.
  9. A Re-Introduction

    Welcome back.
  10. Spankings are non sexual to me. I have been spanked by men and women. I have also given spankings to both. For me, the important factor is that both parties are on the same page with what type of spanking it is. If both people are into spanking and there is trust and communication I find it to be enjoyable. That being said, everybody has their own thoughts on the subject and I respect that.
  11. Spankermachine.com

    I am wondering if anybody has purchased a device called Spanker Machine? I have seen it demonstrated a on Spanking Tube video. There was a link to the website: www.spankermachine.com. I have not seen any reviews of the product itself or reveiews of dealing with the company. There is not contact information listed on the website such as a phone number or physical address of the company. Has anybody had any dealings with the company of been spanked by the Spanker Machine? The cost is low and the item is small. It could be worth it if the company is legit and the device effective.
  12. Mainstream Spanking for Charity - The Auto Raffle

    Sounds like a great fundraising idea. Let me know if it comes about, I would love to help support a charitable cause!
  13. Hi, I am in the Redlands area, if you discipline men as well as women please PM me. Thank you.
  14. I am married and my wife is not into spanking. I enjoy both giving and receiving. When we first met she told me she didn't want to get spanked but would spank me. After we were married for a few months she informed me that she didn't want to spank me. After a few talks she suggested I have someone else do it. Once I started looking she changed her mind. I don't mix sex and spanking and did not with her. But she felt it might lead to sex with the spanker. We had more conversations about it. She started spanking me again but didn't like doing it. After more talks I decided I did not want her spanking me because she wasn't comfortable with it and I didn't want her doing something she wasn't comfortable with. She decided that I should go get spanked because she didn't want me doing without something that is important to me. She also realized that I am not looking for sex just spanking and she trusts me. I have since been spanked by women and men and have given some spankings as well. The reason it worked out for us is that we had many conversations about it and came to understand each other's feelings on the subject. Also, both of wanted the other person to be happy. We have been married 15 years and we are happy. Our arrangement has been working.
  15. Upcoming Disciplinary Spanking

    Glad you had a good first session.