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  1. Hi spankedblonde, Welcome to the site. I have chatted with some cool people on this site and have been spanked by someone I met on here. You are wise to want to talk on the phone first as well as correspond before actually meeting. Good luck in your search.
  2. I always do that at the end of the year or the beginning of the new year. There have been a couple of times when I actually got to do it on Dec. 31. This year it will be Tuesday or Thursday before I will get spanked twice - once to atone for 2020 and the other as an incentive to do better in 2021.
  3. Switch E


    Welcome to the site and Happy New Year!
  4. That is a great idea. One of the main reasons I like to be spanked is because I hate feeling guilty about something. A ggod spanking - given by someone or self spanking can relieve the guilt and allow me to focus again. Spanking is like a reset button for me.
  5. I love birthday spankings. Mine is coming up next week.
  6. I hate having my butt rubbed during a spanking. It diminishes the stinging sensation - which I love. I actually ask that the spanker not do that - in fact that is one of the things I mention before we even get together.
  7. I am not sure what sin you are committing. You are not fornicating or committing adultery. Figure out what sin you feel you are committing and look it up in the index of the Bible. Read what the Bible says about that sin - if there is one you are committing. I am a Christian. I have not read the entire Bible - yet, but it is my guide to my behavior. If you have specific questions feel free to PM me - I will try to answer questions.
  8. A sense of humor is a good thing to have - it helps to break the ice so to speak and is almost necessary the way life goes sometimes.
  9. I like having consequences for my actions. They help keep me centered and help me make better decisions. Spankings - when given by a good disciplinarian who understands the need for discipline spankings - are a positive form of punishment for me. Without consequences I feel guilty - which I hate - so then I try to justify my actions. I would rather have a quick punishment by someone who tells me it is my actions they don't like or approve (as opposed to not liking me or being disappointed in me, or staying angry at me). The spanking is like a reset button.
  10. Welcome to the site. Glad you are getting the spankings you need from people you know and trust.
  11. Welcome to the site! There are a lot of cool, supportive people here.
  12. Hello Strapping Young Lad. Welcome back. Music and spanking are two of my favorite things. Very cool that you make spanking implements.
  13. Hi KellyRedHair, I hope your heath issues get resolved quickly - hang in there. I wish you success in your search for a female disciplinarian. In my opinion, this is a good site with a lot of supportive and understanding people.
  14. Welcome to Tennessee - when you get here.
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