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  1. I just relocated to eastern Tennessee - near Knoxville. I enjoy giving and receiving non-sexual spankings. I am open to playing with women and men.

    1. olderguy


      Welcome to Tennessee. I'm still fairly new to Knoxville myself, but find the entire area is a nice place to live.

  2. Sounds like a great college to work with - (kind and supportive) also sounds like she would be a good mentor/disciplinarian -- (slapping your writs). A hard subject to approach, but who knows?
  3. It has been different situations for me depending on the spanker. Some haven't cared while others had specific ideas of what type of underwear I should or should't wear. I like wearing nylon or satin panties while being spanked. Some spankers (both male and female) didn't like that. Some did like them and others seemed to be neutral about it. Basically it's not a big issue with me if we are on the same page about other aspects of the spanking.
  4. Set short term and long term goals. Start small. Rewards and punishments can help.
  5. Altron_2005, Have you thought of looking for a spanker/mentor that can host? Either on here or look into munches in your area.
  6. I can relate to how you feel. I wish you luck with your search.
  7. Some people cry and some don't. The most important thing is communication and trust. Hopefully you have discussed limitations and boundaries. For me it is important to know the the ER has my best interests in mind and is doing it to benefit me and not just to severely beat me. I expect it to hurt and would be disappointed if it didn't. But punishment spankings aren't meant to be cruel, however they are meant to be serious. Strict, but fair. Hopefully your ER is experienced. I find that my endurance is higher when I am getting punished. But I hate feeling guilty about something and welcome the punishment when I know it's deserved. That puts me in the right space mentally to receive the punishment spanking. Also, as I mentioned before being punished by someone I trust is important. I hope it goes well, Eric
  8. I like they way it feels. If there are psychological reasons I haven't thought too much about them.
  9. I don't get specific brands. I like certain material - nylon and satin are my favorites.
  10. Good luck with your search. When you do find someone communication and trust are very important.
  11. I have been spanked many times by men and it was strictly spanking. I am not sexually attracted to men at all. I love spanking and enjoy it with people who are into spanking. I think it is important that both people are on the same page about their feelings and the type of spanking it is.
  12. Bedtime spankings are my favorite! I love going to bed with a sore, spanked bottom.
  13. I like the sensation of wearing them and getting spanked in them.
  14. It can be a difficult subject to talk about with people outside of the scene. It's hard to know who is into it or receptive to talking about it other than on a site like this or at a spanking party. But you are not alone. That's one of the great things about this site. Definitely keep communication open with your wife - not just about spanking but about everything. I have been married for 20 years. My wife isn't into spanking but she spanks me because she knows what it means to me. This was a result of a lot of conversations and both of us wanting to understand each other's feelings on the subject. I will be glad to talk more if you want to send me a PM.
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