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  1. I’m pretty sure this experience won’t be happening for me any time soon. So I’ll just appreciate your experiences and stories! thank you!
  2. Probably both. But most likely my wife and I receiving. Together, perhaps side by side, but for sure in the same room, or possible assisting.
  3. So I've seen a few videos on ST.com that have me very interested in a "couples spanking". My wife and I don't regularly spank, but I'm obviously still into it. The videos are of a couple getting spanked by another man and usually there is some fondling and humiliation included in this. Anybody have any experience with this, or know of any other videos or sites with more of this content? Thank you!
  4. This is a great thread! I'm desperate ALL the time. I'm basically in the same boat, but married. My wife isn't vanilla, but right now kink or sexual "play" isn't her top priority. Raising the kids is. Don't get me wrong, that makes me love her more. But it also breaks my heart that I can't talk to her more about my needs.
  5. Is the chat app working? If so, is it Mac compatible?
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