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  1. Welcome to this site Chicago Lady, I hope the best for you, Once this Covid is over you might want to go to a Spanking event (Party) there a lot of fun and its a nice way to meet others. Theirs a couple right in your Windy City. Also Texas and Vegas. and many more Cities, Best to you always.
  2. Looking for a female who wants and needs a spanking. I`m experienced and can spank at all levels. I am good with someone new. I`m discreet and always enjoy meeting you first in a very public place to see how we connect.
  3. Hope your staying as cool as you can  SJE...Its been really hot in Arizona


  4. Now, let me tell you, I didn`t put this message just to find someone Spank , I just kinda think the Heat took all the females Spankees out of Arizona for a while. Yes Really, Actually I`m taking a Poll. For a Spanking Project I`m doing,,,,.LOL..
  5. Thanks and so nicely said Jon, Have you ever thought of starting a dating service for spankers? Hell I`d join.
  6. Nice Looking, Fun, Creative SWM 57 Are you Looking for someone Experienced and safe? ,Lets meet.
  7. Fun, Nice Looking, Creative , Looking for Female Spankee in Arizona.
  8. I`m really sorry to here. Thanks for letting us know.
  9. Hello, I`m a Nice looking, Fun, Creative Respectable Spanker who is looking for just one Nice Female Spankee. I like to host and enjoy going out to nice dinners and hanging out at my pool and spa. I have many interest , Hope I hear from the one special person. Females ONLY.
  10. I have been so discrete over all my spanking interest over the years. I have gone to many spanking events and vacations with spanking friends.I keep my special friends away from my vanilla friends and family. I don`t think theirs any need to tell anyone in my public life about this. Why take a chance and tell someone? It could turn the other way, in a bad way. I am so glad I have kept quiet over my special interest. I might have missed out on a few dates if I was to be more open, but over all I`m glad.
  11. Happy Birthday and Thanks to the founders who started ALL this. NOW lets have a Party, One reason why I do like this site its ONLY SPANKING. Its not a bunch of Leather Clad Tattooed BSDM people, Not that there bad people its just that I`m not one of them. I`m a very Main Stream, Vanilla ,Hard working guy who has a Spanking Fetish and this group here seems to cater to people like myself. So lets have a big Party . I would enjoy meeting all of you. I`m single and would really enjoy perhaps meeting my other half whos enjoys having her cute bottom Spanked. I hope we are all discrete so we ac
  12. Hi, I`m in Arizona and Would like to meet a Female Spankee whos fun, happy, Attractive and likes to be spanked. I`m discrete, Fun, Happy, and a lot of vanilla interest. I`m good with someone new, I can spank at all levels. I`m very understanding and Fair , If your in the Phoenix area , Lets meet.
  13. If you truely really want to be spanked please Be safe, make sure you use a Safe word, Meet the person in a Public place and get to know the person. Act on your guy feelings. Spanking is wonderful and this first time should be a very nice experienced for you. If you have any questions let me know.
  14. Hello I`m an Experienced, Successful, Single Spanker, I`m a lot of fun, Yet Strict. I`m caring, Private, Discrete and Safe. Hope I hear from a female spankee who might needs direction in her life.
  15. Hello, I`d like to get in touch with you,,,,

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