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  1. That depends on when I find mail from a willing lady spanker in my inbox. Zack Quiller // Eugene, Oregon // gimp.over.your.lnee@gmail.com
  2. I wish Michelle Obama would pull me over her lap and spank me by hand. Her strong arms give me butterflies in my stomach.
  3. Nice emotional detail in this story. You're good at letting readers into your head space.
  4. I could kick and scream Against your leg lock, But the burning in my ass Would only move into my thighs As your strokes became harder. Besides, being under your control Makes me feel more secure, Your love as strong As the iron muscles in your thigh Pressing against my legs. Zack Quiller Eugene, Oregon gimp.over.your.knee@gmail.com; text messages to 541-972-3406
  5. You may be able to induce an orgasm before the spanking begins, but I bet he still loves the gentle upward pressure of your thighs against him.
  6. Double pleasure here: for sure: the burning of the man's ass by the woman's hand, but also the pleasure of the man over her lap as his groin nestles into her thighs.
  7. A hand spanking from Chawsee would make me feel something and shock me out of my emotional lethargy, but I don't think I'd feel humiliation. Feeling her palm burn my ass would light a fire in my soul.
  8. I love experiments involving impact, friction, and heat.
  9. I would love to submit to an endurance test to see how long a hand spanking from Chawsee I could take. xo
  10. The pandemic has me crazy-lonely for a woman's touch, and there's no better woman's touch than a hand spanking a hard one.
  11. My favorite videos are the ones where I would most like to take the place of the person being spanked. Here's an example: https://www.spankingtube.com/video/103103/her-greatest-hits
  12. To be spanked by a lovely barmaid with strong, tattooed arms. I'm not sure why tattoos on a woman's arm are an extra thrill for me, but they are. (So obviously I would want her arms to be bared while she spanked me.)
  13. My spanker has to undress me because of my disability, and that makes my surrender to her sweeter.
  14. Would love to get in line behind luvspanks for one of your ass-blisterings (free or not).
  15. The value of my comments may be limited by my small sample size: one adult spanking. My spanker undressed me completely, so my first thoughts were the very pleasant ones associated with my groin settling in as she laid me over her lap. When she started spanking me, I was at first shocked by the pain, which seems silly. Processing the pain dominated my thoughts as the spanking proceeded. Processing the ambiguity of the pain also: pain as signifier of her aggression, pain as signifier of her affection, pain as signifier of my trust in her, since I'm physically disabled and couldn't have escaped her if she had willed otherwise. Like others have mentioned here, I experienced the dueling thoughts of "When will this stop?" versus "Can't this go on forever?" Finally, I thought of wishing to have double vision, to be able to lie across her lap while simultaneously viewing the rhythmic motion of her right arm as her right hand delivered blow after blow to my ass. Maybe I'll have more thoughts to report if I can increase my sample size.😈
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