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  1. To be spanked by a lovely barmaid with strong, tattooed arms. I'm not sure why tattoos on a woman's arm are an extra thrill for me, but they are. (So obviously I would want her arms to be bared while she spanked me.)
  2. My spanker has to undress me because of my disability, and that makes my surrender to her sweeter.
  3. Would love to get in line behind luvspanks for one of your ass-blisterings (free or not).
  4. The value of my comments may be limited by my small sample size: one adult spanking. My spanker undressed me completely, so my first thoughts were the very pleasant ones associated with my groin settling in as she laid me over her lap. When she started spanking me, I was at first shocked by the pain, which seems silly. Processing the pain dominated my thoughts as the spanking proceeded. Processing the ambiguity of the pain also: pain as signifier of her aggression, pain as signifier of her affection, pain as signifier of my trust in her, since I'm physically disabled and couldn't have escaped her if she had willed otherwise. Like others have mentioned here, I experienced the dueling thoughts of "When will this stop?" versus "Can't this go on forever?" Finally, I thought of wishing to have double vision, to be able to lie across her lap while simultaneously viewing the rhythmic motion of her right arm as her right hand delivered blow after blow to my ass. Maybe I'll have more thoughts to report if I can increase my sample size.😈
  5. Like luvspanks, I am physically disabled, and when I leave home I must use a wheelchair for mobility. I paid for a spanking once, in 2008, from a woman who was a massage therapist and photographer (we have since moved to different cities and lost contact). It was an amazing experience. She was a very kind woman, but a powerful spanker, and my ass was bruised for a few days after my spanking. Now, I'm not wealthy, and a spanking is a luxury I can afford only infrequently, but I would pay for a spanking again if necessary. In fact, I'm looking for a spanking now, for stress relief. I could go to a headshrinker, but that wouldn't do me nearly as much good as going over the lap of a strong woman with a hot hand.
  6. I live in Eugene, Oregon. I'm very lonely for physical affection from women. I'm especially lonely for the skin-to-skin contact that comes from being across a woman's lap while she beats my bare ass with her bare hand. I want to experience the power imbalance of submitting my physically vulnerably body to a trustworthy woman with really strong arms.
  7. I'm seeking a tender woman who can give harsh spankings. I'm physically disabled, so you will have to undress me and help me into position across your lap. But my disability doesn't mean you must hold back. I want a full-strength spanking from a strong woman who will burn my bare ass with the palm of her hand. I love women of all races. E-mail to gimp.over.your.knee@gmail.com or text messages to 541-972-3406 Zack Quiller Eugene, Oregon
  8. Looking for a woman with strong arms and large hands who will take me across her lap and set my bare bottom ablaze on these chilly nights. I want a woman who pushes limits and spanks hard, but who is affectionate, not brutal. E-mail to hellonwheels@tygo.com
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