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  1. Hello Randy: thanks for the courtesy of a reply. Yes I do get involved in online correction in those situations were both participants find it useful. Let’s continue this conversation on my private email account (counsel33a@yahoo.com) and we’ll see what we might have in common. Y2s
  2. Hello there: By way of introduction, I have been a member here since 2006. Because of the current Covid -19 conditions worldwide, I am forced to rely on electronic communication, at least until the situation is attenuated somewhat. About ME: I am a late middle- aged retired university professor. I am a father, and a grandfather several times over and I live in the University District of Columbus Ohio. (GO BUCKS !) For many years I have assisted young men or women to understand and accept “This Thing We Do”. YOU: you are a young man or woman, of legal age whereever you may be, who has a burning desire to get back to the way life was in simpler times. Perhaps you recall those times when you got a little bit off track and mom or dad had to step in to help you return to the straight and narrow. Perhaps it was a time when you stay out long after your curfew and then experienced that sinking feeling in the pit of your tummy as you wondered what would happen when you got home. Maybe they would be asleep —or heaven forbid — they would meet you at the door and you knew-- you just knew that you were in for a difficult hour or so. It could’ve been the paddle, or mom’s well worn hairbrush; a freshly cut switch or--no, not that! —Dad's well worn leather belt. In any event, you begin to immediately regret your indiscretions. We have all been there, done that, and sadly lived to regret it! But the memory, oh the memories, linger on forever. My role as a virtual mentor is to help you come to grips not only with the memories, but the behaviors which caused you such anxiety “back in the day“ I have access to a number of communication protocols, including FaceTime, Skype, and several of the newer technologies. If this sounds interesting do drop me a line either here or on my personal and private email account (Counsel33a @ yahoo.com)and we can discuss and even correct those destructive behaviors. Yes2spanking
  3. Good morning, Jessie: I apologize for just noticing your posting. I rarely get on S/N these days. Welcome to Columbus. I am a retired university professor, Late middle aged, and live just a few miles north of OSU. I’ve been involved in “this thing we do”for many years. I would be more than happy to fulfill your long term desire. If you are interested in communicating perhaps it would be best to use my private email address which is Counsel33a@yahoo.com. I look forward to chatting with you further if you are at all interested. Take care. Jack (Aka “yes to spanking”)
  4. Thanks! Developed a LTR here that lasted six years—so it CAN happen... y2s
  5. Hi There: You: a Spankee, 18+ to 80 years of age who wants to experience that “ certain feeling“ that you experienced when you realized you were late for curfew or had a note from the teacher which mom or dad needed to sign to get you back into class. You knew there would be a scolding; maybe even a grounding, and if you were particularly unlucky — well, the scolding would be the least of your worries. You remember those scary words, “The only thing you understand is a good whippin’, isn’t it? Go to your room right now and prepare yourself! “ Ourlives were all different--yet our lives where all the same. .. Me: I am a late middle aged retired university professor, 70+ ,as well as a dad and grandpa several times over. Because of recent age-related physical limitations, I must now limit my activities to online meetings, either by private messages, text, email, Skype, or other platforms which we might have in common. If you would like to participate in a surrogate parental relationship please drop me a private message on this service and we will see what develop. I’ve had numerous excellent relationships with This Thing We Do over the past 50 tears or so and enjoy continuing, even if it is only in a virtual environment. Thanks for reading. y2s
  6. Good day: retired university professor in Central Ohio very competent in the areas you discussed. If interested, reply by private message. Y2S
  7. Indeed! You captured the intent perfectly. Thanks y2s
  8. I have been a member of SN since 2006. I am also a retired university professor with about 25 years in the classroom. About a month ago there was a posting “any teachers here?“. The 0P was looking for a simulated college classroom environment . That posting got me thinking ... There are many folks who, for a lot of different reasons (geography, disabilities, or social limitations etc) are unable to participate in anything more than self spanking. That is unfortunate. I wonder if the concepts of the “ virtual university classroom” on an appropriate site would resonate with many spankos. We could expanded to include virtual sororities, fraternities, or the even the “detention room from hell“. The possibilities, being virtual, are endless. Role players could represent evil nuns, retired reformatory house parents, or whatever else would fit the scenario. Skype, iPhone’s FaceTime, or other platforms seem to make this possible. Is there any interest out there? Let me know, and if there is significant interest, we’ll see what can be done. Y2S
  9. Hi. Retired university professor and member of this forum since 2006. Contact me via private message and I would be happy to fill that role you have described. Email also works fine and is checked more often than the private mail here. yes2spanking. / counsel33a@yahoo.com
  10. Retired professor near OSU campus,experienced Mf andMm, partial to parental role play etc. PM if interested. Kevin. Y2S
  11. Hi. Columbus here (close to the OSU campus.) Retired professor. And where might you be, if I might ask? Y2S
  12. Retired OSU professor. Really. Msg me if you want to explore further. Y2S
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