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  1. I never asked, but was threatened one time in my 30's with a spanking because I was not following my dad's advice.
  2. Hello from South Central Texas. :-)
  3. Nice looking in-shape 50's male looking for a spanker for traditional domestic style discipline in the San Antonio area that would like to meet on a somewhat regular basis. Please message me if you’re interested. Thank you.
  4. I've been spanked by a straight man for over 3 years. In that time there has never been any sex involved. He is a great mentor and friend. He retired from spanking since he injured his shoulder.
  5. Growing up with Capt. Kangaroo,  I didn't know there was also a Captain Spankaroo. I would have behaved better. LOL

  6. I'm also looking for a spanker in San Antonio.
  7. Interested if you ever make it to San Antonio.
  8. I find that too many do not want to follow through on actually meeting.
  9. We didn't have a woodshed, but we did have a barn in which my dad and I had many discussions about my behavior. He was definitely "old school" way before the old school burned down.
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