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  1. Send her a m. Click on her name, go to her profile and send her a message that way.
  2. I am so happy you joined rootybeard! I know you will make some friends, learn,grow and have some fun here.
  3. Welcme to the site. It's nice to see you here and I hope to read a lot from you both.
  4. Good Morning my sweet friend.

  5. Nothing like the smell of a fresh hot DOUBLE anchovie pizza delivered right to your doorstep. 😏😘😈

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    2. michgal.k


      Time to go brat in PM😝

    3. michgal.k


      Looks like another sleepless night. Guess I'll go online and see what other interesting things can be shipped through the US mail. 


    4. michgal.k


      And round three should be arriving in two days :poke:

  6. Each couple is different. I am sure not all use chastity . Some may use it only for certain things. Each couple has to decide what works best for them. Trust is major on both sides. You need to trust her to be consistent, she needs to trust you not except the consequences as she sees fit.
  7. FLR is honestly the only way I will get involved with a man for all the reasons you have written about. Very Good Blog entry!!
  8. The mportant thing is that you are doing better.hugs.
  9. So happy you are back with us. Thank you for the information too.
  10. Welcome to the site. Please be safe. See the thread titled Motherly Guidance. It has very important information to help you stay safe.
  11. Are all the brats hiding today?

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    2. SJE


      Sis Mary I'm actually being good Michgal does enough for 2 ers lol I like my bottom white too

    3. michgal.k


      Stage two complete. Need to be in Michigan for stage three.😏

    4. michgal.k


      Then again, maybe not. Did a lot of research last into what can be shipped. Vietnamese centipedes! Who knew, and WAY BETTER than spiders! 

  12. So many new implements hmmm. What to do what to do.

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    2. michgal.k


       Okay, so you're blaming me for you not being able to handle me? Well, that excuse is nothing if not original. 

    3. Ms.Mary


      Oh Handel I got you is not a problem. Come Here!

    4. michgal.k
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