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  1. wish you were in michigan


  2. That sounds like a good idea We would love to help you decide .
  3. The pic you have is GREAT !!! Dont change it, We cant understand why anyone on this site wouldnt LOVE that pic.
  4. Well its getting about time for snow.

    1. nicoleS


      Lol....snow is a four letter word where we live...it really is four letters too!

  5. A very pretty young lady !!

  6. Hi,We are an older married couple in Ohio,just South of Canton and we are both spankers. We only spank ladies and we are NOT LOOKING FOR SEX OF ANY TYPE !!! Do you travel at all? We could meet midway to get to know eachother if your interested.
  7. Hi Aliemay, We are an older married couple in eastern Ohio not far from West Virginia and we would like to meet you if your serious. We do both spank but if you just want spanked by one of us thats fine.Just drop us a note if your serious about this,we have talked with some people who dont do anything but talk.Hope to talk soon and meet to get you back on track. Hugs Mom-n-Dad
  8. Hi Amanda,its nice to see another member.If we can help you at all please just let us know.
  9. Any ladies going through east central Ohio? Need some otk time ?

  10. How would you like to double your fun ??? Would you be interested in a married couple who both spank ? Were in Ohio...come on up
  11. We have spanked a few ladies when there partner wasnt into spanking.There is no sex in the picture it was just a spanking.How could anyone think that giving someone a spanking was cheating ? If a person wants spanked by someone other than there partner it shouldnt be a big deal.
  12. I dont think they should have any say at all on what consenting ADULTS do behind closed doors. If they get into this,what else are they going to try and get into ? What part of FREE are they having trouble understanding ???
  13. Well its summer any ladies interested in meeting or talking ?

  14. We are a married couple she is 56 and he is 61 we are both spankers. We only spank ladies and we are very clean,very discreet and d/d-free. We are NOT LOOKING FOR SEX !!! We are here to help any ladies who want or need a spanking. We have over four years in spanking and we are looking for a few ladies who need our services. We are in Eastern Ohio and can travel some if needed. If its your first time or you have had years of experience we will be more than happy to talk with you.We do like to meet in person first over a cup of coffee or lunch to get to know eachother. If this is what your looking for please drop us a note,we should talk. Thank You Mom-n-Dad P.S. Please NO GUYS...LADIES ONLY...NO GUYS. Guys Will NOT GET A REPLY.
  15. We want to wish all of our friends here a Happy Memorial Day !!!

    1. Kacie


      Thank you! You have a wonderful weekend as well!

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