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  1. Hi Lillyfawks, thanks for adding me as a friend. Let me know if you would like to chat some time.

  2. 43 year old single English male (great accent), looking for partners for spanking therapy. Able to host in my comfortable clean apartment. Enjoy giving spankings to help with weight loss, credit cards, laziness and other bad habits or just for the fun of it. Open to reciprocation too. I am clean cut, well spoken and pretty good looking, your looks and age are not important to me. Patient approach with beginners and a firm hand for the experienced.
  3. Now moved to Pasadena. Would love to hear from anyone in the spanking community around here.

  4. Not exactly and introduction because I have been on the board for a couple of years now. However, I recently moved from Minneapolis to Orange County California and would love to hear from any members in or visiting this area. I also regularly visit Minnesota and Moline on the Illinois/Iowa border, very pleased to hear from anyone in those areas also! Max.
  5. Recently moved to Laguna Hills in Orange County California. Would love to hear from any other members in this area.

  6. I will be visiting Newport Beach, CA the week of July 12th and would love to hear from any ladies looking for discipline from an English gentleman. I am an experienced spanker and have references available. I would love to hear from you regardless of whether you are looking for strict discipline, a beginner who needs a slow, patient approch or if you would just like to meet for coffee to discuss our favorite topic. Check out my profile and contact via the board messenger.
  7. Great post Spankyboy. I totally agree, when done right spanking is a therapeutic experience for the spankee. I think this is what I love about this site, it focusses on positive disciplinary style spanking without the ick factor of sexual fetish sites. Even though many spankees will not leave a spanking with quite a smile on their face (tears are more likely after a good caning or paddling), I think most will walk away feeling relieved and with an overall better sense of well being. Max.
  8. I will be visiting Moline the week of July 5th, would be very interested in meeting up with any members near this area. Able to host in a comfortable, discreet setting. If you are looking for some consequences for past misdeeds or bad habits I am experienced, strict spanker, kind but firm. If you lean more to the dominatrix side of things I am sure there are a few things I have done in the recent past that warrant some correction. Look forward to hearing from you, contact via board or at max.hunter65@yahoo.com.
  9. Hey there and thanks for the welcome :)

  10. Hi from a fellow Minnesotan!

  11. Welcome to a fellow Minnesotan!

  12. I wouldn't say you make a lousy writer at all John. Great to see a true gentleman posting, good luck in your hunt. Max.
  13. Hi Max, I hope all has been going well for you.

  14. Spanking therapy offered by an English ex-school teacher for help with weight loss, lack of exercise, quitting smoking, poor credit card and poor study habits etc. No sex, equal opportunity spanker of females and males of any (adult) age, weight, creed or color. Experienced, references available. Available in any location within the Twin Cities metro.
  15. This is an interestng topic with some great posts. It is very challenging if you are married and your partner does not have the same need to spank and/or be spanked as yourself. For a non-spanker it is very hard to understand what level of discipline a spankee needs and to oversome their natural tendency to not want to hurt their partner. To the non-spanker, it is just pain which they may not feel any need for. Spanking is something which has to be intuitive and I think very hard to teach. Another issue is that, in my mind at least, a marriage should be an equal partenrship. In a spanking relationship one partner has to be submissive to the other's dominant which changes that balance, all be it for a temporary period. For that reason it is so much easier to be spanked by someone other than your spouse.
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