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  1. I'm generally pretty turned on even if I'm scared.. prior to the first swat. A good spanking makes that erection go down pretty quickly though.
  2. My wife always inserts a large plug before spanking me. She doesn't enjoy ANY anal play (taking or giving) but one night she felt in a giving mood so she gave me a spanking to end all spankings... my butt was like leather. Then she said, "do what you need to do to get ready, get a toy and I'll be back". So I stretched out a bit. lubed things up and left her a large dildo. She bent me over and gave it to me, twisting and thrusting until I literally could not walk for a while. It was amazing!
  3. For me it means that I can feel it for 2-3 days after and any marks take 5 days or so to fade (I heal very quickly)
  4. A leather paddle is a favorite... but I hate to admit that the thin cane is something I really need. I want to feel it for days and want to keep marks for a bit, and the cane does that.
  5. Speaking for me, I would certainly bend over for a male-to-male spanking. I don’t know if I’d indulge in the insertion of a plug or other anal play that I’d be comfortable with in a female partner situation? I dont know...
  6. How many here enjoy anal play before, after, or during spanking? For me, I am rarely spanked without the insertion of a plug... and I enjoy it.
  7. When was your last spanking? six weeks ago What were you spanked for? punishment and stress relief How long was; the spanking itself, the total session including pre, post, and talking/lecturing during? 40 minutes and then 5 minutes What implement or implements were used? all of them! How many spanks (total) with each implement? hundreds with the first few (leather paddle, crop, slap stick, and wooden spoon). 50-75 with strap, cane, and frat paddle. 15-20 with heavy tawse. Then she waited 20 min and gave me 10 hard ones with the frat paddle and six of the best with the
  8. my wife spanks me on my underwear with a few lower / basic implements and then makes me pull down my own underwear. She then makes me hold my cheeks open to insert a plug and then the implements get more severe and she finishes the spanking with the bare, plugged behind.
  9. I had been bothering my wife for a spanking for a few days and she was getting tired of it. Finally she had enough and told me I was going to be sorry for asking. She told me to get the implements, lay them out, get six dice, and to strip down to my underwear and wait on the large chair in the living room. She disappeared upstairs and I did as instructed, heart beating quickly… anticipation and fear. Most of that anticipation turned to fear as I saw her appear on the stairs. As she descended I heard her boots and as she turned the corner, I saw her outfit. She had donned a skin-tight “SWAT” o
  10. You and I are on opposite sides of the gender coin, in exactly the same situation. My wife won't even allow me to talk with her about my self-spanking. She wants nothing to do with it and becomes wildly emotional if I try to discuss it. I try to explain that this well beyond a simple "want" or desire of mine, it's who I am and what I need. She maintains that if I love her, I won't ask her to do it and just won't engage in the discussion at all. So, I just spank myself (which isn't nearly as fulfilling) and have begun to videotape my sessions, hoping to get guidance from someone online as to m
  11. Hi RD! We have the same unmet need. Have you found someone to spank your naughty ass? I have half the world offering to spank me.People from all over the US will and ready to drive to Texas. It's scairy. I have decided to try a woman spanking me for my first time. It sounds hot and it will probably be the safe choice. Now to find the right woman! I understans your frustration.

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