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  1. Ms Dieve in Houston and Ms chris (mentioned above) are both excellent!
  2. Agree with PonyGirl. 100% fantasy.
  3. You are lucky you are still married.
  4. My boyfriend often cums from being spanked over my knee The harder the spanking the better. Spanking is very erotic for both of us!
  5. Good luck! I was very lucky. I met my first spanker now my mistress and dear friend almost 3 years ago. I met my sub boy, also dear friend, 2 years ago. What a life!!!
  6. I am a switch. Love doing both mmmmm!
  7. My boyfriend does orgasm during OTK frequently (when allowed).
  8. Any medications that could have, as primary, or a side effect thining your blood?
  9. I read all three (painful). I thought it was a poorly writen romance novel.
  10. What PonyGirl said! Excellent advice. Exactly how I got a 4.0 average in post Grad school. The fact is you have to put in the time. Always do More than is expected of you in your classes. Remember the rewards for doing well. A good education gives you, to a large degree, the freedom to have the life that YOU want. A good education gives you choices! Good luck!
  11. I think there are many female spankers both lifestyle and pro. I (lifestyle) just love to spank! My Ms is a pro and she is very talented and loves her work! Mmmm! I have a wonderful and sweet male,ummm,friend that loves to be spanked!I am a very lucky woman! Keep looking BobC! We are out there! There are sites that are more geared towards F/m.
  12. Very nice! I just love stories! Mmmmm
  13. How can spanking not be erotic? Please tell me. If I am spanking someone ass or getting mine spanked it just so Mmmmmmm! So damn hot! I love the vulnerability and I love the power transfer. Oh yes!
  14. This is easy. Always get more education! Always. Working in a dead end job gets you nowhere. You may make a little money but not enough to save. Than it's gone with nothing to show for it. Get a degree!
  15. On my way back to Texas from Florida. Had a great time!

    1. jena


      I would have loved to. Ididn't know you were in Florida. I was in Sarasota.

    2. spanker36


      Hi jena how was your trip I'm a spanker from california spanks discpline

  16. On my way back to Texas from Florida. Had a great time!

  17. OK I am no longer a spanking virgin. Now to find a woman to spank this ass on a regular basis in between visits from my ex husband!

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