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  1. As I don''t know you from anyone, I will not assail your motives. It would be truly wonderful if you extended the same courtesy to others that you have never met. Your advice to anyone seeking a discipinarian is certainly well taken. However, when you turn that advice into a personal attack and affront to others that are sincerely answering one''s post, you stifle the free exchange of ideas and the general fellowship this board would seem to have been created to foster in our community. I hope that others view the arrogance and pomposity of your post in this instance and others with the same disdain that I do.
  2. I would be happy to help you with you spanking needs. I am a 49 year old male who lives in the Colorado Springs area and travels along the Front Range frequently. I would be happy to meet you someplace public, say for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, to discuss your need for proper discipline, etc. A no obligation meeting. Otherwise, feel free to contact me to discuss further by e-mail at (tracker at elpasotel dot net). With my best regards, john
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