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  1. I'm back. Not been on in months!

    1. goodboy_will


      Hi Angel or Miss Cassie, and welcome back to the site.  I hope all is well with you?  Have a great time here, and I hope you find what you are looking for.

    2. Vox


      Hi 3/4 😊

      I'm new here so we haven't met, but I've been on the forums and in the chats quite  a bit, so I hope we run into each other. Welcome back!

  2. It's been awhile but I'm back.

    1. mSpank


      Well then welcome back!!

  3. I will reply after the holidays. I'm got a lot going on. I hope to chat with everyone in a few weeks. MissCassie
  4. I'm trying not to crack up here! Seriously tho, it's hard to find people but if you're diligent enough it's worth it. MissCassie aka angel
  5. I'm not the least bit confused. I already have someone that gives a good spanking! So while I'm sub to him I'm Domme to everyone else. MissCassie ~angel~
  6. Listen, I do travel. I do spank. The guy in El Paso has an account on here but he is a disciplinarain for women. Very strict! Any spankees in Texas? I would love to send you his way! lol People think my toys are bad this guy has a wicked looking rubber paddle! I know he is good with a quirt! Don't know what that is look it up! Very, very, effective at least for a disrespectful sub who had an attitude! ~angel~
  7. Oh as far as a reminder I got cold ginger root up the bum! Lol I think he liked that a little too much lol Even made me sit on his lap, lol, what a sadist he's turning out to be! lol ~angel~
  8. I found out that the Doctor office has me now seeing the PN. I saw my Sir and tho there was no spanking we cuddled and snuggled. I feel so much better. ~angel~ MissCassie
  9. I am looking for a spankee. My boy I have now is part time I could use someone I can connect with full time. MissCassie
  10. Wasn't offering just stating a fact. I can't be spanked. My ER doesn't play well with others lol MissCassie
  11. If you want someone to spank you will either have to move your ass or take your ass and travel! I know that's not always possible or that simple. I happen to live in a state like Michigan that is filled with plenty of spankos! OHIO! Lol. For those that don't know I'm a switch. Right now I spank but only have one Spanker. He doesn't share so don't ask. I do know of one spanker in El Paso hehe. ~angel~ aka MissCassie
  12. I seriously doubt you were spanking women at 13. MissCassie
  13. Define Drama? I think I'm getting old cause I don't seem to have all that "drama". I'm in Cincinnati. I'm a switch with a Dom and a boy subbie. I have little patience for BS if that is what you mean by drama. ~angel~ aka MissCassie
  14. Ineedspankedbadly, All those ideas we already do we are looking for more physical that doesn't leave marks. Until next week that is then my butt is his again. One thing about this is he realizes how much of a spanko he is lol. ~angel~
  15. Jayman515, That's why I'm asking for other alternatives. In one of my reply posts I did make it known its been four weeks since my Sir has spanked me. Now it will be going into 5 counting this week. I'm asking for other ideas to tide us over until he can do a proper spanking. ~angel~
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