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  1. Welcome, great to see another Wisconsin member. Sent you a note.
  2. Hi trep, Glad to see another Wisconsin person on the site. Let me know if you have any questions. Go Pack, Steve
  3. STEEEEVVVVEEEEEE in chat ;)

  4. Congrats PonyGirl, Sounded like it was what you were looking for. Hopefully it gives you what you need. Steve
  5. I think spankee_simon makes some good points PonyGirlWi. I think I would take the advice. Hopefully the mentor that your chatting with doesn't see this post. Might be bad news. Sir
  6. Looks like your on now. I'm in I.M. yahoo

  7. I see your on but looking at something else. Usually I'm on later in the evening 9:00 to 10:30 ish. I'll look for you then. If you get this message and can suggest another chatroom or some other way to communicate let me know. I'll leave the same note on spanking needs for you and check back on both sites at 9:00 or so. Steve

  8. Hi beth your on and monitoring your comments?

  9. Beth,

    I'm on right now if you get this.


  10. Left a note for you. Welcome I believe your find what your looking for on this forum. Let me know if I can help out.


  11. PonyGirlWi, I do live in southern Wisconsin close to the border. Would love to chat a little about my experiences and see if it matches what your looking for. I've mentored a few girls who have done well and made some improvements in their lives. I would hope that my help has made a difference. I like to meet with girls that need help, set some realistic goals and monitor those. I do you spankings as a motivational tool and respect all levels. I prefer the old fashion but time tested OTK hand spankings, along with corner time to make sure it sinks in. Would love to chat more if your in
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